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Season 12

Episode 54

(A Miserly Couple)

Lin Che asked from the side.

Gu Jingze said, “This is a rarely-seen piece of chicken-blood jade, but this chicken-blood jade is different from others because it’s embedded in emerald stone. This green jade has been affected by the chicken-blood jade for years and turned into a faint blue color, so you can’t tell that it’s emerald in color. You can’t tell from its outer appearance. You’ll only be able to see that it’s green if you break it. Thus, this jade is one of a kind. You can say that people like it more because it’s rare. Back then, this jade was gifted to the most powerful woman in the dynasty as a tribute to none other than the empress dowager. It was used as a metaphor to describe how she was a fresh flower in a green field with no other like her. It was later made into a jade ring that subsequently broke into pieces. But it was still placed in the museum as part of its collection.”

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze. “Wow. That’s amazing”

Lin Che immediately beamed with joy in a vain manner. She grabbed the jade pendant and smiled. She said, “Since you’re already here, don’t stand on such ceremony.”

Wait a minute

It suddenly occurred to Lin Che. If it was stored in a museum as part of its collection, then now

She looked up. “Where did you get it from?”

“Oh, I was thinking that it’s pointless to buy you anything since you have everything at home. Thus, I decided to look for something special. I went to the place with the most collectibles to look around. I said that I wanted to give someone a gift and specially asked the museum director for it.”


God knew how he asked for it.

He even went to the place which collected the most things. Of course, the museum had the most collectibles since it specialized in collecting things. But which normal person would go there to look for a present?

Lin Che said, “You, you, you. Is this legal or not? Go and return it. Return it.”

Black Hawk asked, “Why is it illegal? He gave it to me.”

“That’s impossible. It’s a museum.”

“But that doesn’t mean it’s illegal.”

Just then, Gu Jingze said from the side, “Forget it.”

He took the item and looked at the exquisite little buddha. He could tell that the carving work was not bad. The carver had probably put a lot of thought into it as well.

Of course, since it was such a good piece of jade, one would truly be wasting such a rare item if he was not careful when carving it.

He said, “That’s enough. It looks quite nice on her. Let her keep it.”

She looked down and stroked the little baby whose eyes were currently darting about. The child would definitely be a beauty. At such a young age, her double eyelids were deep and her exquisite eyes were extremely charming. Inside, her pupils were pitch-dark and sparkled like pearls. They attracted affection at one glance.

Black Hawk said, “Hehe. Ultimately, my gift is still great, right?”

Gu Jingze said, “It’s pretty good.”

“Tch, tch. You dote on your family’s little princess so much. You’ll keep it since it’s good, right?”

He probably would not want it if it was not meant for his daughter.

Gu Jingze looked up and asked, “Isn’t this something you should do as an uncle?”

“Hey, it was so difficult for me to get this. Don’t take your undeserved gain for granted.”

Although Black Hawk had gone slightly overboard, she understood his sincerity.

Now, she thought about what she could give him, but she really did not know what Black Hawk liked.

Wait. There was something that she was absolutely sure he liked.

Mu Feiran.

She remembered this and smiled at him. She said, “By the way, when are you free? We can go on a trip together.”

“A trip? That’s boring.”

“Hn. Forget it if you don’t want to go. In any case, I’m planning to ask Feiran to come along. We’ll take our children on a trip. In the past, we used to find a place to spend our vacation in every year. We haven’t had the chance to do that after our pregnancy.”

The moment Black Hawk heard Mu Feiran’s name, his eyes began to shine.

“Really? Where are you guys going to spend your vacation? Have you made preparations already?”

“Hehe. I’ll let you know when the time comes. If you want to go, remember that you’ll have to pay for all the costs of transport, accommodation, and food.”

“Hey, on what basis?” Black Hawk asked.

Lin Che said, “That’s the rule. Forget it if you don’t want to go.”


Black Hawk looked at Lin Che before looking at Gu Jingze. “Sure enough, a daughter who has wedded no longer belongs to her family.”

Gu Jingze said, “We have to leave our money for your nephew and niece. We must save up.”

Black Hawk chuckled. “Your money is enough for them to spend over several lifetimes. Stop talking about money to fob me off. Alright. I’ll think about it and look at my schedule.”

Lin Che knew that this meant that he had agreed.

She smiled mischievously. Then, she leaned against Gu Jingze and said, “Don’t you think I’m becoming more and more hardworking and thrifty in running our household?”

“Yes, indeed.”

Black Hawk looked at the married couple lividly.

“This isn’t being hardworking and thrifty. This is what they call cheating other people, hmph.”

Lin Che went online to look at places that they could go to now.

There were many places that were suitable for them to spend their vacation. Since they were bringing their children with them, they had to consider what the children would like too.

She chose a few places and was planning to discuss it with Mu Feiran. Now that the child had been born and Mu Feiran was done filming, they could probably go out and roam around together. Right now was a good time.

That night, she went online to play games again. The moment she went online, someone located her and chased after her.

Before she could even react, the person who had located her and chased after her flew directly downwards. At one glance, Lin Che saw the other party start setting off fireworks on the spot. The fireworks momentarily flew around her and a few sentences immediately appeared on the screen. “Player [Enchanting Islet under the Moonlit Night] has set off one set of [Perfect] fireworks for player [The Hope of the Entire Village]. All players in Changan are rewarded with double experience points for one hour.”

“Player [Enchanting Islet under the Moonlit Night] has set off one set of [Love You For Ten Thousand Years] fireworks for player [The Hope of the Entire Village]. All players in Changan are rewarded with double experience points for one hour.”

Numerous lines of similar words immediately appeared in succession. At once, Lin Che’s vision went blurry.

What the hell? Li Mingyu. What was he up to again?

“Li Mingyu. You’re messing around.” Lin Che looked around and asked the other players.

These fireworks were bought with money, though they were not expensive. However, not many people in the game would randomly set off a bunch of fireworks for no reason either. Because after setting the fireworks, all the people in the same city would obtain double experience points. Thus, many people would come to this city to benefit from it when they saw a player set off fireworks.

At the moment, Li Mingyu was still setting off fireworks. Someone had already shouted in that world, [Enough, enough. I have enough for 24 hours. Tycoon, continue setting off fireworks tomorrow.]

Someone else said, [Wait for me. I’m in the middle of a huge battle. I’m going to Changan soon. Wait a bit for me before you continue setting off fireworks, tycoon. ]

While everyone was worshipping the rich man, Lin Che was currently chased around and pestered by Li Mingyu.

Lin Che asked, “Have you gone mad, Li Mingyu? Do you want to die?”

Li Mingyu chuckled. “Is it fun? Aren’t the fireworks pretty? They’re my presents for you.”

“Get lost!”

Because of what he was doing, her terribly embarrassing name circulated in this world for a long time.

But Li Mingyu was evidently still not planning to give up. He kept setting off fireworks and persistently did so. The players in the world immediately started speculating.

[Who’s the new tycoon? Is he planning to set off fireworks for the whole day? ]

[Tycoon, please be my sponsor. ]

[Who’s The Hope of the Entire Village? Why is the tycoon so doting on her? ]

[Shit. I just saw the top player on the wealth ranking, “Riding On The Wind Across The World,” get squeezed out of first place. “Enchanting Islet under the Moonlit Night” is currently in the first place. ]


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