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Season 12

Episode 34

(Qin Qing, Whats Your Relationship With Lin Che)

“Ha. If you say so, bring your man here for us to see.”

“Exactly, exactly. Bring him here so we can take a look.”

Lin Che stood up and said, “Forget it. I have other matters to attend to. I’ll leave first.”

“Hey, why are you being like this, Lin Che? Are you scared? Why are you running away?” Liu Yanyan lifted her hand in an attempt to grab Lin Che.

But she did not expect Dongzi to move his arm.

Feeling as if her arm was about to break, she immediately cried out in pain and jumped to the side.

She held her arm and shouted, “You, who the hell are you? Do you know who I am? How dare you treat me this way?”

Dongzi glanced at her indifferently and stepped backward.

Liu Yanyan shouted angrily, “What do you mean by this? Lin Che, how do you supervise your subordinates?”

Lin Che scoffed, “What’s wrong with my subordinates? My subordinates merely stop people from getting close to me. That’s their job.”


“Oh no.” Just then, Liu Yanyan suddenly cried out. Her stomach hurt.

The feeling was very brief. She immediately felt as if she was about to have diarrhea.

Her eyes twitched. Naturally, she understood what had happened.

She glanced at Lin Che in front of her. “What what what did you do to me?”

Lin Che chuckled. “What do you mean, what did I do to you? What happened to you, Yanyan? Could it be that you’re feeling unwell? From the looks of it, why does it seem that your stomach is feeling unwell?”

Lin Che’s face was brimming with concern. But Liu Yanyan’s complexion was beyond pale.

She was just about to criticize her again when she felt her stomach sink.


She cried out while retreating backward. She felt the urge to block her butthole.

However, with a resounding fart, she could not control the diarrhea from flowing out.

The sound was very loud. All the people who passed by immediately heard it.

Her face instantly turned beet red.

She saw the people around her look in her direction with complete disdain. With their hands covering their noses, they hastily walked away in quick steps.

She felt that she was literally too embarrassed to look at anyone. She glanced at Lin Che behind her and ran out directly with her hand covering her butt.

The people behind her laughed loudly all the way.

And the remaining two people merely found it hard to believe.

Had they not spiked her drink? Why did it now seem as if Liu Yanyan had been the one to fall into their trap?

Qin Qing only noticed it then. He looked at the three of them. “What’s going on here?”

The two women looked at Qin Qing, their faces darkening instantly. “This matter concerns us. A man like you doesn’t need to care.”

Lin Che scoffed and said, “You can ask Liu Yanyan when she comes out. Everything was her idea.”

The other two people were even more shocked.

How had she found out

Lin Che had definitely not been like this in the past. She had simply gone along with their manipulations without resisting.

Now, Lin Che seemed to be a little different.

Just then, Liu Yanyan cursed as she returned.

“Lin Che, you, just you wait. What exactly did you do? How dare you be so”

Lin Che looked at Liu Yanyan.

“What did you do to yourself? Why don’t you talk about what you did to me first? Then, you can talk about how you suffered the consequences of your own actions. Hmph.”

“You” Liu Yanyan muttered to herself, “That’s impossible. How can that be? I clearly told them to put it in your drink. How could you have found out?”

She really could not figure out how Lin Che had gotten wind of it.

Lin Che said, “If you don’t want anyone to find out, don’t do it in the first place.”

Liu Yanyan said, “Then how did you switch your drink with mine?!”

Lin Che said, “If you can bribe people, I can do the same.”

Liu Yanyan cried out in alarm, “Impossible. He agreed to it only after I gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

“It just so happened that the amount I gave him was higher than what you gave, so the higher bidder won.”

“You how could you have given more than I did?” Liu Yanyan felt that she had given a sufficiently large amount of money.

If Lin Che had given more than she had, at the very least, that would be a few hundred thousand dollars. How could she possibly have so much money?

Even if she was a celebrity, she would probably be reluctant to give someone that much money at one go.

What’s more, it was merely a bribe.

Liu Yanyan immediately shouted, “Just you wait, Lin Che. I won’t let you off. You’ll find out tomorrow the consequences of offending me.”

As Liu Yanyan spoke, her stomach started to act up again.

Her stomach rumbled and she nearly had diarrhea again.

She quickly covered her butt and ran off.

The two people left behind stayed here to watch.

In their confusion, they were at a loss as to what to do as well.

Their scheme had immediately been discovered by her and she had even retaliated by humiliating them in this way. What could they do now?

At this moment, Qin Qing finally realized what was going on.

He hastily asked Lin Che, “How did this happen? They wanted to play a prank on you earlier?”

Lin Che said coolly, “It’s alright. I discovered it a long time ago. They wanted to stir up trouble in front of me with such petty tricks. They genuinely thought I was just a kitten.”

Qin Qing was shocked.

Seeing the calm expression on Lin Che’s face, Qin Qing suddenly felt too ashamed to even raise his head.

When faced with such matters, Lin Che could retaliate in such an unperturbed manner. Furthermore, she seemed neither arrogant nor proud of it at all.

As expected, she was no longer the Lin Che of the past.

Qin Qing had the growing feeling that he could no longer hold his head high in front of her.

He walked over to her and said, “I’ll send you back. It’s still a bit dangerous outside, especially given your current state,”

He said as he pulled Lin Che closer to him.

But Lin Che still pushed him away nonchalantly. “No need. Someone is coming to pick me up.”

Just then, Qin Qing saw that Gu Jingze had already appeared at the entrance.

Upon noticing earlier that something was wrong, Lin Che had instructed her subordinates to secretly inform Gu Jingze to come pick her up.

Right now, he had already arrived.

Qin Qing paused briefly before hastily moving backward to make way.

The other two women continued to look on. Both of them were stunned at the sight of such a handsome man.

Lin Che waved at Qin Qing before walking in Gu Jingze’s direction.

Qin Qing could only watch from behind

Lin Che walked over to Gu Jingze who then gazed at her. “What happened?”

Lin Che smiled mischievously. “A perfect counterattack. No worries. It was just a trivial matter. Let’s go.”

Gu Jingze let out a sound of affirmation. He turned around and glanced at the two women left behind. A slight chill flowed through his eyes.


Qin Qing turned to look at the two women and said, “Figure out the opponent’s bottom line before you provoke her. You guys, hehe. I reckon you’ll have a very hard time tomorrow.”

Gu Jingze was so protective of Lin Che. How could he let them off easily?

He simply could not do anything since Lin Che was here right now.

As for Qin Qing, he was unaware at the moment that misfortune was about to befall him too

He turned around only to receive a call from Xue Mengqi.

“Qin Qing, come over for a while. I’m waiting for you at your house.”

Qin Qing asked, “My house?”

“Hn. There’s something interesting I want to show you. At the same time, I also want to ask you what exactly is going on.”

Although Qin Qing was getting a bit impatient right now, he nevertheless agreed.

They arrived home in no time.

Xue Mengqi sat there while looking at Qin Qing.

“What’s going on between you and Lin Che?” She placed something directly in front of Qin Qing.

They were photos of Qin Qing and Lin Che together earlier.

Qin Qing looked at them. His heart wrenched

“You you stalked me?”


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