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Season 12

Episode 52

(Don"t Disturb Me When I"m Playing Games)

“Gu Jingze, I want to eat an apple.”


“Gu Jingze. Get me some milk.”


“Gu Jingze, I want to go upstairs and lie down.”

“Let’s go.”

“Gu Jingze”

The room was constantly filled with Lin Che’s voice and Gu Jingze’s movements.

Outside, the maids were discussing amongst themselves. “Sir is really treating Madam better and better now.”

“Yes. He’s so good to her that it’s terrifying. I don’t know what exactly Sir is thinking.”

“It’s frightening just looking at it. I’ve never seen Sir like this.”

Hearing the maids speak, Lin Che walked in and saw Gu Jingze still reading some documents. He looked up only when he heard her. Then, he glanced at her and said, “Sit for a while first.”

Lin Che walked over to him. She had been waiting for him to come and see how she was doing once he was done with his work.

She looked up and asked, “Gu Jingze, is there something wrong with you?”

Gu Jingze asked, “What’s wrong with me?”

While Lin Che was speaking, he suddenly pulled her into his embrace.

She blinked. She casually put her arm around his neck and sat on his legs while moving about restlessly. Her confinement had just ended, so he still could not touch her. Now that she was rubbing against him like this, his gaze darkened by a few shades.

Lin Che asked, “Why are you so good to me?”

“Why are you suddenly asking me this?” He looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

She responded, “What’s wrong? I’m just curious.”

“Could it be that I treated you badly in the past?”

“Uh. That’s not the case either. It’s just that you’ve been behaving even more strangely recently.”

He shook his head, exasperatedly. Then, he pulled her hand to him and pressed it to his lips briefly before saying, “Is a man still considered a man if he doesn’t have a stronger urge to dote on his woman after seeing her in pain because of him?”

Lin Che’s heart twitched.

He said, “I just want to treat you better. That’s all.”

Lin Che asked sweetly, “So, so you want to treat me better only because you feel guilty?”

“” He continued, “How can you call that guilt? It’s because I genuinely care about you.”

“But you spoke as if you wanted to treat me better only because you felt guilty after I went through the pain of childbirth.”

“You’re misinterpreting my words.”

“I don’t care. That’s exactly what you meant.”

“It really wasn’t”

“Then, what’s the reason?” Lin Che pouted and asked, her arm hooked around his neck.

Gu Jingze felt vexed as he looked at Lin Che, who was behaving coquettishly. “Because I love you.”

He leaned in close and spoke gently into her ear. His voice was as charming as that of a spirit calling out to her. Her heart immediately melted when she heard it.

She had deliberately twisted his words because she wanted to hear him say those words.

It was truly difficult to hear him say the words, “I love you.”

It seemed that he had said it only a few times because he did not like expressing himself like this either.

But now that she had finally heard it, she felt as if she had been briefly electrified. The palpitations emanating from the bottom of her heart moved her deeply for a moment. She smiled sweetly when she looked at him. Her flirtatious behavior also manifested in her expression. He sensed that he was nearly unable to control himself from pinning her down onto the bed and ravaging her completely.

But he could not do it at the moment.

Gu Jingze brushed lightly against her ear and clutched her shoulders while caressing her all over.

His large hands lingered about her upper body, making her feel limp all over. When she looked right into his mesmerizing eyes, she truly felt even more strongly that she was about to let out a whine.

This Gu Jingze was seducing her again!

Lin Che quickly jumped off the bed and huffed at him. “I won’t mess around with you anymore. I’m going to take a look at the baby.”

Lin Che had not been to the company. Meanwhile, Mu Feiran had just wrapped up work. Lin Che had not officially appeared in front of the media yet. But she heard from Mu Feiran that people had already started sending her many scripts right after filming for the first season had ended. They wanted her to see if there were any scripts she liked. However, she did not look at them as she did not want to be so busy at the time.

Lin Che let her do as she wished. If she wanted to act, she could act. If she did not want to act, then she did not have to act. Anyway, Mu Feiran had enough money to spend right now. She did not really want to work so hard to earn money either.

But Li Mingyu subsequently called her to ask after her. He said that he had prepared gifts for her. It reminded her that she had promised to produce a game with him but that they had yet to start on it.

Lin Che saw that the gifts he had sent her were all luxury goods. They looked incredibly expensive. After flipping through them for a long time, she found many that little girls would definitely like. So, she decided to keep all of them for Shiyuan to play with in the future when she could.

Since Li Mingyu was so generous towards her, she could not be too miserly either. She quickly went online to search for games, to look at what games people liked to play these days.

The e-sports industry was a nascent industry at the moment. When she searched online, she found many types of games. But the most popular type was still the online real-time strategy games where she could choose her character. But after playing for a long time, Lin Che just kept dying. Thus, she gave up after a while. Thereafter, she saw that there were action roleplay games and immediately started playing them.

She downloaded the game with the most online plays, the game that seemed to be the most popular, “Land Under Heaven.”

The game was set in something like a fantasy world. People had to level up, survive, work in teams to defeat monsters, and live in the fantasy world. Players could experience various things in the game. They could immerse themselves in the fantasy world and be even more invested in the game.

In particular, the combat moves were not simple and it was pretty difficult to execute them too. The various sects served as very powerful checks on each other as well, so there was slightly more equality in the game.

Lin Che played for a few days. She had been in a constant state of fighting on her own and leveling up.

However, Li Mingyu called her to ask, “What are you up to?”

Lin Che said, “I’m playing games.”

“Oh, you’re so free.”

“I’m working. What do you know? Know yourself. Know others and you will always be a winner. I have to play before I can know what’s the most attractive thing about games.”

“Alright, then I was wondering why you weren’t around the past few days. I missed you dearly, so I wanted to know what you were doing to the point where you even forgot about me. I feel at ease, knowing that you’re working hard for the two of us.”

Why did his words sound so strange?

Lin Che had only one thing to say in response. “Get lost!”

Li Mingyu was about to say something when she immediately cut in, “Don’t disturb me when I’m playing games.”

The moment Li Mingyu heard this, he asked furiously, “What game could be more attractive than me?”

“Any game is more attractive than you,” Lin Che attacked him without hesitation.

Since Li Mingyu was pestering her persistently, she had to tell him.

After all, the two of them were planning to produce a game. So, no matter what, it was only right for her to share her thoughts with him after playing games.

Upon hearing this, Li Mingyu asked directly, “Which area? What’s your username?”

“What are you up to?”

“I’ll play with you.”

Lin Che said to him, “Land Under Heaven, Telecommunications Area 13. My name is ‘The Hope of the Entire Village.'”

“Wait for me~.”

Li Mingyu only reacted after a long time. “‘ The Hope of the Entire Village’? That’s a terrible name.”

She said, “What? I’m the hope of our village. It means that our village is relying on me to make it prosper.”


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