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Season 12

Episode 48

(Strangle Her and Her Child)

Lin Che shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt”

“You’re lying. You’re already sweating.” He touched her forehead and his fingers brushed her hair aside. He caressed her cheek and said, “Let’s not have any more kids Just this time. It’ll only hurt for a while, okay?”

“Yes, yes. Let’s not.”

Seriously. It was only at this moment that they would have this thought.

Gu Jingze also started to regret it. They already had Niannian. Why did they have another now?

It caused her pain. So much pain.

Until his heart trembled.

“Okay, we won’t have any more kids. Once this is over, we’ll go out and have fun. Where do you want to go?”

“I want to go to the North Pole.”

“Okay. We’ll go to the North Pole.”

“I want to see the Northern Lights.”

“Okay. I’ll take you.”

“I want to stay in a house with a glass roof.”

“Okay. I’ll take you.”

Gu Jingze kissed the back of her hand as he stayed right beside her.

Outside, people were going in and out. The nurses who went out were so touched that their eyes were brimming with tears.

“Mr. Gu is really so nice to his wife. He kept saying not to have any more kids. How heart-wrenching.”

In normal wealthy families, many favored males and children over wives. The more children there were, the more rewards there would be. Children were completed treated as tools.

But Gu Jingze was unlike those people.

“You see? The more handsome the man, the nicer he is to his wife.”

“He’s so rich and he’s so doting to his wife.”

“Watching them makes me so envious.”

However, Lin Che simply could not deliver. Her water had already broke, but the baby was not coming out. Her dilation was only four fingers wide and did not go any further.

The doctor was anxious.

Gu Jingze turned back to look at the doctor. His gaze made the doctor feel as if he was going to die.

Gu Jingze watched Lin Che suffer for almost an hour with no progress. He looked up and asked strictly, “What is going on? Why is she still in pain?”

The doctor’s face turned white and he almost wanted to cry. “Sir, well, her cervix is not fully dilated. We are also monitoring it at all times. If there is no progress and if this persists, we’ll have to do a c-section.”

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and wanted to speak. Lin Che quickly tugged his hand. “It’s only been a little while. Be patient. Some people can be in labor for a whole day.”

If he kept this up, the doctor might die of fear.

Didn’t he know that his presence here made the doctor more nervous?

Gu Jingze said, “A day? No way. Let’s do the c-section.”

Lin Che shook her head. “I still can hold on a little longer. Let’s wait and see. When I had Niannian, I was also in labor for a few hours. It’s okay”


“As long as the baby is fine, I can still bear this little bit of pain.”

However, he couldn’t bear it.

Looking at her like this, a day felt like a year.

But even so, he still respected her wish. If she wanted to hang on, he would let her.


There were people already dealing under the table.

Lin Che’s sudden labor caught many people off guard.

However, some who were prepared continued to move into action.

“Lin Che still has not delivered. If nothing happens, we have these needles. Just one can completely suffocate Lin Che and the baby today. She might not be able to survive.”

“What drug is this?”

“It’s a miscarriage prevention drug. It’s been used a few times overseas. It’s very useful during pregnancy, but during labor, it will prevent the cervix from opening and cause the body to stiffen. The baby won’t be able to come out and could possibly die in the womb.”

“Okay, use it. Increase the dosage. Gu Jingze is inside now while it’s chaotic outside. He might not be able to notice.”


In the dark, the group of people quietly entered the hospital.

The white space was mixed with darkness, making the already nervous hospital atmosphere feel even more crowded

Meanwhile, in the lounge.

Lin Che was still in excruciating pain. She exclaimed, “Gu Jingze, I can’t. It hurts a lot. Why don’t you go out? Don’t bother about me”

“No. I’m not going out, Lin Che. I have to watch you.”


What use was he to stay here? She did not want him to become too anxious if he continued watching.

She experienced labor before and she knew that this looked very scary.

She did not want him to witness it.

However, her belly hurt so much. Why hadn’t the baby move at all?

She gritted her teeth and endured the pain. The doctor heard her yelp and walked in anxiously again.

The few people monitored her belly to see if the baby had any movement.

“Sir, we might have to induce labor. The cervix is not opening. We don’t have a choice.”

Lin Che nodded. “Do it.”

Gu Jingze gazed at Lin Che deeply and nodded. “Do it.”

The doctor quickly sent someone to prepare the supplies.

Gu Jingze watched as a person came in to switch out a drip bag for Lin Che.

He stared at the person and looked at the yellow medicine bottle. After placing it down, the person took the original antibiotic drip bag. Gu Jingze watched as the yellow medicine was just about to be inserted

“Wait.” Gu Jingze grabbed hold of the doctor’s wrist.

The male doctor’s eyes shifted alarmingly.

He stopped the man. “I didn’t see you just now.”

The man said, “I I’ve always been around. You probably didn’t notice.”

“No. You never came in before. You’re lying.” Gu Jingze’s eyes narrowed as he grabbed the bottle and threw it away.

Lin Che froze and watched Gu Jingze drag the person directly to the treatment table at the side.

Gu Jingze never forgot a face. He knew exactly how many people there were and how each one of them looked like clearly. He would not be wrong.

This man was absolutely not included.

The man froze. Seeing as he had been discovered, he simply pulled out a gun and aimed a shot at Gu Jingze.

“Gu Jingze” Lin Che shouted with strength that came out of nowhere. She immediately sat up.

Gu Jingze’s eyes were sharp and he was quick. He avoided getting shot in the most critical area, but the bullet still managed to hit his left shoulder.

The man saw that he missed. However, Gu Jingze’s white shirt was already stained with fresh red blood.

The man then aimed the gun at Lin Che.

Gu Jingze lunged at the man and grabbed his wrist.

The gun fell onto the ground. The man hit Gu Jingze at his gun wound.

Gu Jingze remained silent as he locked the man down with his body.

Just then.

There was a loud bang above his head

Gu Jingze only felt the person below him twitch.

He froze and looked up.

Lin Che held a gun in one hand. She trembled as she looked at the person.

That shot was from her.

Meanwhile, the person already stopped breathing. He was killed with one shot.

Gu Jingze pushed the man away. Lin Che also seemed to have used up all her strength. The gun fell from her hand while she took a few steps back.


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