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Season 12

Episode 47

( I Want To Be With Her)

Gu Jingze instantly noticed the change in her expression.

“What’s wrong, Lin Che?”

Lin Che had one hand on her belly while her other hand grabbed Gu Jingze’s. “The baby My belly hurts”

Gu Jingze’s gaze changed.

At the side, Xue Ningshan did not believe it.

The belly coincidentally hurt at a time like this?

How convenient it was to fool others when one was pregnant.

Was she trying to take this chance and prevent everyone from watching the video?

Was she really worried about something?

Xue Ningshan immediately stood up and asked, “Does it really hurt? There’s a doctor at home. You don’t have to go all the way to the hospital. Let the in-house doctor check on you.”

Whether she was bluffing or not, wouldn’t the doctor be able to tell?

However, as soon as Xue Ningshan said that, Gu Jingze’s cold eyes already looked at him like a pair of daggers.

As if Xue Ningshan got cut by those eyes, his expression weakened.

Gu Jingze carried Lin Che and stared in Xue Ningshan’s direction. “Make way. If anything happens to Lin Che, I’ll make all of you pay.”

This sentence was powerful and thunderous.

Everyone looked at Gu Jingze’s face, which already seemed to be in the depths of hell. Usually, he was cold, but he never looked this determined. Now, he had scary energy that seemed to linger in his entire body. Like vicious currents from the deep sea, people could not help but shudder.

Xue Ningshan did not want to let go of this chance. He gritted his teeth and persisted. “Jingze, as the head of the family, you can’t always give in to her. She’s just carrying a child. It’s no big deal. You can’t leave.”

Just carrying a child?

Gu Jingze looked at Xue Ningshan.

Based on the fact that he was a senior and had some prestige in the Gu family, Xue Ningshan ran directly over there and stretched out his arms to block Gu Jingze.

With determination on his face, he seemed adamant in not letting Lin Che leave.

But just then, Lin Che’s belly hurt even more.

She clenched her hands and clutched Gu Jingze’s clothes. He could clearly feel the grip strength in her palm.

Gu Jingze looked coolly at Xue Ningshan in front of him, lifted a leg, and pushed against his chest.

He did not show restraint.

Xue Ningshan was kicked off for a good two meters before falling to the ground.

He held his hand against his chest and looked up in shock.

Gu Jingze said coldly, “Whoever dares to stop me again will definitely die without a trace.”

Xue Ningshan’s throat was numb. He wanted to say something, but only blood spewed out from his mouth.

“You You Gu Jingze, you are putting a woman before your clan member”

Everyone was also shocked.

Xue Ningshan said, “Stop them! The Xue family will not be bullied by a woman!”

He did not dare to say that it was Gu Jingze who bullied him. He pushed it all onto Lin Che.

Some relatives who witnessed this were also very agitated. They looked at Xue Ningshan and thought that Gu Jingze really went overboard.

Since there were so many people, it immediately became chaotic.

However, Gu Jingze’s people already surrounded them in no time.

Xue Ningshan’s people were also surrounded.

No matter how many people Xue Ningshan had, they were not as strong as Gu Jingze’s guards.

But Gu Jingze’s men were not small in numbers now. They stood tall and mighty as they herded everyone to the center. They did not budge.

Xue Mengqi helped Xue Ningshan up. He said angrily, “The Xue family The Xue family objects to Lin Che with our lives. We refuse to let her become the matriarch. Even if she becomes the matriarch, we will not accept it.”

He naturally did not dare to say that he would quit the Gu Industries.

The Gu Industries have never split up before. The clan remained united for hundreds of years. If he mentioned splitting up, he would be asking for a beating from their ancestors. He would not dare.

Furthermore, relying on the strong backing of the Gu family enabled all the relatives to get stronger. They would absolutely not do something that would put them on the losing end.

However, he was still furious.

He, Xue Ningshan, was kicked until he spat blood in front of so many people. That was extremely embarrassing.

Many relatives who watched also decided against Lin Che becoming matriarch.

At the hospital.

One floor was blocked off quickly.

All the doctors dashed towards the emergency room.

“The expected due date is next month. She is twenty days early.”

“Her water already broke. Everything is prepared.”

“Notify the dean and check if the pediatric department is ready. This child is fragile. Make sure everyone is prepared.”

As the expected due date was more than twenty days away, the obstetrician and pediatrician that Gu Jingze appointed could only arrive ten days later. In this unexpected event, bringing them over would still require at least a few hours. However, Lin Che’s water already broke and they could not wait any longer.

Gu Jingze stayed beside Lin Che. He looked at her and held her hand. “Lin Che, I’m here. Does it hurt?”

Being held by Gu Jingze, Lin Che did not want to show that she was weak and make him worry.

“I’m fine. You can go out,” she said.

However, as she spoke, another wave of pain surged through her belly. Her hand clenched down on his again, involuntarily.

Gu Jingze felt it and he held her tightly. “I will always be with you.”

“No. Childbirth is hideous. I don’t want you to watch” Lin Che exclaimed.

“No, I’m not leaving.” Gu Jingze took her hand and kissed it lightly. “I want to look at you.”


Lin Che exclaimed. Beside her, the doctor and nurses quickly said, ” Sir, you have to leave the room. We’re going to deliver the baby.”

The regulation here was that husbands had to leave the room. They were not allowed to stay and watch.

However, Gu Jingze looked up. His eyes were cold and he looked icy. Those watching behind were stunned.

He said, “I already said that I want to stay here and make sure that my wife and child are safe.”

The doctor was dumbfounded as he stood there.

“But But it’s our hospital rule”

“Rule? Change it now.”


The doctor wanted to say something, but the nurse quickly said, “Okay, okay. Doctor Chen, the lady needs to deliver. Watch her while I ask the director.”

The doctor had no choice but to bite the bullet and start delivering the baby.

But the hospital usually did not allow anyone else to be in here. Furthermore, for a guy like that

The doctor felt greatly pressured and was afraid of making any mistakes. He looked down and checked.

Outside, the nurse consulted the director who quickly said, “Alright, alright. If Gu Jingze wants to stay in there, nobody can drag him out. If he’s inside, so be it. Just take good care of his wife. If you want our hospital to survive, then do a good job. Otherwise, nobody can save us.”

The nurse hurried in and saw that Lin Che was already pushing hard. Meanwhile, Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and said softly, “Lin Che, does it hurt? Does it hurt a lot?”

That voice was heart-wrenching. If outsiders saw this, their hearts would be moved.


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