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Season 12

Episode 45

(Dont Try To Slander Me)

Lu Beichen’s expression changed. He quickly said to Gu Jingze, “Gu Jingze, you did this on purpose!”

While eating, Gu Jingze said airily, “Once you’re done pacifying the engineering people, we’ll discuss in detail.”

“” Lu Beichen exclaimed, “Gu Jingze, is this how you treat your brother-in-law over an engineering company?!”

Gu Jingze looked up plainly. “Without me, you guys wouldn’t be able to run it for more than a month anyway.”

Gu Jingyan was already ignoring Lu Beichen. She only glared at him and said with a firm face, “We’ll talk at home!”

“Hey, I”

Just then, Gu Jingyan saw that Xue Mengqi was sitting down.

She immediately said, “Hey, this is the main table. What’s a distant relative like you doing here?”

Xue Mengqi froze and she looked a little sour.

“I I just Everyone told me to come here.”

A relative at the side saw this and quickly said, “Mengqi was busy preparing for this banquet the past few days. This”

Gu Jingyan frowned and said, “Hey, she insisted on doing it. It’s not like nobody else would do it if she didn’t. If she thinks it’s too tough, she shouldn’t have taken up the job.”

The few relatives’ faces also turned sour.

However, they could not rebut her.

Especially since Gu Jingyan was the direct descendant of the Gu family, nobody could go against her.

It was not the same as going against Lin Che, who was a daughter-in-law. Who knew if Gu Jingze would stop liking her one day in the future? But Gu Jingyan was different. No matter what, she was part of the Gu family by blood.

Xue Mengqi usually never interacted much with Gu Jingyan and they were not close. Looking at the latter now, Gu Jingyan didn’t seem too friendly towards her.

However, Xue Mengqi also did not dare to do anything. She looked around and could only say meekly, “Yes, I was just giving it a try. If I did a bad job, I’d have to seek your forgiveness.”

The relatives watched and all pitied Xue Mengqi.

Seriously, she toiled the whole time. Not only did she do well, but she was also even dissed like this.

Xue Mengqi displayed submission. The people around asked her to go over.

The next table immediately let Xue Mengqi join them, showing their quiet support.

Xue Mengqi sat down obediently. Gu Jingyan turned around to look. She looked angry now and she unapologetically let all her anger out.

“Sister-in-law, what is going on here? Why haven’t you taken the matriarch spot?”

When she said this sentence out loud, it made everyone around them look over.

Xue Mengqi perked her ears up.

Lin Che said, “I’m still pregnant, so I don’t want to think too much for the time being.”

On one side, a relative watched. What was the meaning of this? Did it mean that she was going to be matriarch sooner or later? They have not agreed to it.

He stood up and said, “Jingyan, this matriarch position is a very important role. It shouldn’t be talked about so casually as if it’s so easy to appoint.”

Gu Jingyan laughed and turned to him. “Don’t tell me that you get to decide who takes the role, then?”


Gu Jingyan asked, “Isn’t that what you mean? When I said something, you immediately disagreed. Does that mean that only you can say who gets the role, while I can’t?”

“I did not mean that. Fourth Mistress, you cannot slander me like this.”

Xue Ningshan saw this and stood up from behind. “Fourth Mistress, we are only thinking for the Gu clan. After all, the matriarch situation concerns the entire family, young and old. Naturally, everyone is very anxious. It concerns everyone, so we are all rather nervous. We believe that we should choose someone whom everyone can respect. That is the most important.”

Gu Jingyan replied, “Senior Xue, choosing my sister-in-law would be the right option then. She is our daughter-in-law. Her son is the future successor. Of course, she is the best candidate for the matriarch role.”

Xue Ningshan said, “This matriarch role requires managerial skills. Our clan’s internal affairs are very scattered. Of course, we can’t simply find just anybody to fill the role. The person needs to have experience and ability. Her name has to give confidence among the people.”

Gu Jingyan replied, “Then, my sister-in-law is even more suited. She has experience in running a company and the ability to run it well. Furthermore, she is the daughter-in-law of the Gu family and an heir of the Lu family. She’s also a huge celebrity. Don’t tell me that all these are not credible enough?”

Xue Ningshan’s expression changed.

Gu Jingyan turned around. “Am I right, Senior Xue?”

Everyone watched and stopped talking.

They did not want to argue with her, but they also still disagreed.

Lin Che watched Gu Jingyan from the side. She was very grateful for how Gu Jingyan was willing to stand on her side at this moment.

Although it was only a few words, Gu Jingyan always held a certain position in the Gu family. Secondly, she also had her own company and assets. She had her own grounds to support her views. She did not have to submit to anybody else.

Thus, Gu Jingyan never had to think twice about speaking her mind. No matter what she said, nobody would dare to do anything to her anyway.

Xue Ningshan gritted his teeth and said, “Fourth Mistress, you’re considered married out of the family. You have no need to interfere with the matriarch issue.”

Gu Jingyan heard this and immediately turned back. “I’m married out of the family? So, you’re telling me that because I’m married out of the family, I’m like water that has been poured out and now, I don’t even have the right to be here? Is that it?”

Xue Ningshan did not mean that, but she really knew how to twist one’s words.

At this point, Xue Mengqi stood up and quietly grabbed Xue Ningshan’s waist. She had a helpless expression as if she really did not want to watch this scene.

“Forget it, Dad. Don’t say such things to the Fourth Mistress. No matter what, she has the right to be here. After all, no matter who she marries, she carries the Gu family’s blood. Bloodline says everything.”

Some people heard this and they pitied Xue Mengqi more. Even though Gu Jingyan was the fourth mistress, she shouldn’t have bullied others.

“Fourth Mistress, you carry the Gu family blood. Everyone acknowledges that, so it doesn’t matter what you say. However, there are some people who do not carry the Gu family blood. Mengqi is my distant relative and is truly related to my side of the Gu family. But some people are complete outsiders. If she has the ability, so be it. If she doesn’t, why should we trust her?”

Gu Jingyan looked at the person who spoke up. “Is a distant relative closer or the mother of my Gu family’s future successor? A distant relative can totally take the Gu family’s money and run far away, but Lin Che has absolutely no need to. That is because no matter what she does or does not do, the future successor will still be her son.”


“Enough.” Xue Mengqi looked at Gu Jingyan. “My father did indeed say something wrong, but this is also because he found out a little problem with Lin Che. That is why he is so agitated.”

A little problem?


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