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Season 12

Episode 44

(Who Is Watching This Mushiness)

Everyone looked at Gu Jingze in surprise and at that instant, they all thought one thing: He was so handsome

“Look at how he’s carrying Lin Che. So blissful”

“Just see how he dotes on his wife. He doesn’t even care if there are people around. He’ll carry her because he wants to.”

“She is pregnant and he doesn’t complain about her weight.”

“Oh my, he’s in great shape too. He’s not even breathing heavily.”

Of course, some people sighed in the back. They felt that this generation’s family head was being too soft.

Wouldn’t it be better if he was more aloof like Gu Xiande?

“This Lin Che is so not understanding. She’s so heavily pregnant and she still made her husband carry her.”

“Exactly. When we had our kids, we did everything ourselves. This is her second pregnancy too. Is she that precious?”

Gu Jingze naturally knew that these people would have such thoughts. However, he absolutely refused to care.

He let Lin Che down beside the table. When she was on the ground, she heaved a breath and patted her chest. She looked at Gu Jingze. “Was I heavy?”

“Yes,” he said. “I had to be very careful with each step.”

“Why did you still carry me?”

“Because I’m carrying my world in my arms. Of course, you’re heavy.”



The people around them almost puked.

Was this something Gu Jingze would say?

But they heard him with their own ears. It was not fake.

Was the head of the house so obedient towards Lin Che?

This was too mushy

And Lin Che could accept such words.

Looking at her behavior now, it seemed like she was already used to it.

However, they really could not stand it. They continued staring dumbfoundedly. They felt as if their ears were damaged. They could not believe what they heard.

They really could not accept it. Was this the harsh, curt, cold, and ruthless CEO they knew?

Clearly not.

Were they looking at an imposter today?

They actually never saw closely how Gu Jingze and Lin Che normally interacted.

The mouths of the Gu residence’s maids were tightly sealed and nobody could get any information out of them.

When everyone saw the couple, they knew that Gu Jingze doted on her a lot, but they never saw exactly how he doted on her.

Today, they realized that perhaps Gu Jingze was completely and unimaginably different in front of Lin Che.

This made them think carefully.

The womenfolk, who witnessed the mushy scene, were both envious and jealous.

They all complained to their husbands. “You see how he treats his wife so well despite being the head of the clan? Now, take a look at yourself. You’re only a vice president and you’re so busy every day.”

“You see how much power he has and yet doesn’t abuse it at home? He’s like a kitten towards his wife. This is what I call a successful man.”

The men were really speechless at that moment. They could only cough dryly and change the topic. They could not help but hold a grudge against this Gu Jingze. He could be mushy with his wife, but he didn’t have to be mushy in front of so many people. He was so good, so handsome and so rich. Now, he’s so nice to his wife too. He was on a whole other level that was way too high. If their wives were going to use him as the benchmark, how were the other men going to live in the future?

After Gu Jingze sat down with Lin Che, the people at the sides could not stop staring at them.

Lin Che turned her head and asked, “Mom, did something happen in the family?”

Mu Wanqing was extremely victorious. She glared at those people and said to Lin Che, “They’re fine. Don’t bother about them. Come, let’s eat.”

Gu Jingze seemed to have gotten used to being the center of attention. He began eating nonchalantly as he picked food for Lin Che first before he tucked in. He continued ignoring everyone else as if they were invisible.

Just then, Gu Xiande emerged.

As he was still in a wheelchair, Gu Xiande was also surrounded by many people. He looked much frailer and it was obvious that his health condition was getting worse.

But since he was still alive, everyone continued caring for him. They would not let anything get messed up.

A few of them watched. The others did not worry much as they continued eating their food.

At this moment, Xue Mengqi also walked over. Some relatives quickly said, “Mengqi, you’re here! It has been hard on you today. You did a great job organizing the banquet.”

Xue Mengqi smiled and asked, “Really? I’m still very nervous, but I’m glad that everyone thinks it is good.”

“Of course, you’re so talented. How could you not do a good job? Come and take a seat.”

Just then, someone said that Gu Jingyan was here with Lu Beichen.

Mu Wanqing quickly got up and welcomed them.

She had not seen Gu Jingyan for a long time. She had just returned from abroad and Lu Beichen was like a little bird by her side this time. They looked a lot more harmonious than before.

Upon seeing Lin Che, Gu Jingyan quickly said, “Oh my, Sister-in-law, please sit down. Your belly is so big. You don’t have to stand up.”

Gu Jingyan looked enviously at Lin Che. Even this late into the pregnancy, her waist still looked so slim. It was only her belly that was big, so it looked rather scary. But once the baby was out, Lin Che’s figure was definitely going to be fine.

“Sister-in-law, your figure is something to die for.”

Lin Che asked, “Really? The doctor told me that my body was not very suitable for childbearing.”

Gu Jingyan said, “Doctors like to exaggerate. There’s no such thing. Wasn’t Niannian delivered safely?”

At the side, Mu Wanqing also chimed in and said, “Exactly. It’s just like that with humans. The more you fear something, the more it will happen. Don’t care about anything else. Everything will be fine. As long as you relax, your body will relax too.”

Lin Che replied, “What Mom said.”

Gu Jingyan sat down with them. Lu Beichen smiled as he pulled the chair for her. Mu Wanqing looked at the couple and said, “Oh my. See how lovely it is when you are so peaceful? You two better quarrel less.”

Gu Jingze said, “Hopefully, you can go through an entire month smoothly.”

“Tsk. Is that what a brother should say?” Gu Jingyan replied.

Lu Beichen said, “It’s already going to be a month. You’ll have to pay me.”

Gu Jingze asked, “Do you really want to make a bet?”

Lu Beichen smacked the table. “Of course! I’m not afraid of you.”

Gu Jingze looked up. “How much?”

“Your call.”

“Your family’s dam engineering company.”

“Deal!” Lu Beichen did not believe it. He was fine now and he was definitely not going to quarrel with Gu Jingyan.

Gu Jingze turned to Gu Jingyan and said, “Jingyan, did you know? When Beichen was in Greece last month”

Lu Beichen immediately felt that something was up.

In Greece

In Greece, he crossed paths with

Fu Chenxi

But that was just a casual meeting between friends.

No, that’s not right. How did Gu Jingze know about this?

No, that’s not right. He knew and he made the bet on purpose?

Gu Jingyan immediately replied, “What about last month?”

The alarmed expression on Lu Beichen’s face instantly raised Gu Jingyan’s attention even more..


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