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Season 12

Episode 43

(So Precious To Be Pregnant)

Lin Che was just puzzled that these wealthy people seemed different in person from all those rumors about them.

Anyway, she believed what was in front of her eyes. She had no way to prove that those rumors were true, so she had to trust her gut feelings.

In any case, she did feel that although Li Mingyu would intentionally pick on people, he was rather nice to her.

Gu Jingze said, “It’s going to be the Mid-Autumn Festival soon and the family left Xue Mengqi to organize the banquet. We’ll attend it together.”

“Hmm. Do I have to worry about her putting anything in my food?” Lin Che asked.

Gu Jingze’s gaze hardened and was cold as ice. “Only if she doesn’t want to be alive.”

“Okay You’re right. If anything bad happens, especially in a Gu family party that she organized, the one in trouble would be her.”

Xue Mengqi took a short time to complete preparations for the banquet.

In that short duration, she was well-prepared.

The attendees were all amazed. “Mengqi is really capable. She had such a short time limit and she could do such a good job.”

“Well, that’s because she’s talented. Nothing can stop her.”

“She’s not like those wild chickens outside. She is a phoenix who shines, no matter what.”

At the entrance, Xue Ningshan heard everyone praise Xue Mengqi and quickly thanked them, “It’s all thanks to everyone. Thanks to everyone’s help.”

“No, no. To have such a daughter, we’re really envious too.”

Xue Ningshan looked at Xue Mengqi, laughed, and said, “It’s a pity that our family can’t. If she stays with us, we’re only holding her back.”

This meant that their family could not let Xue Mengqi be like Lin Che, who could use her well-known name to compete. Even if she didn’t have the abilities, she could still take part and join the competition.

But Xue Mengqi had to depend on her own abilities.

Some said sneakily, “Rumor has it that Lin Che is angry with Gu Jingze. Haha. I just knew it. This kind of pampering love could not last long. Sooner or later, one will get sick of it.”

“Well, she will get old one day and turn ugly. Now that she’s pregnant, having a huge belly makes her look scary. Jingze is bound to get sick of looking at her daily. A man needs to live his life. While other girls are young and slender, the one beside him is big-bellied and bearing a second child. Won’t he have a change of heart?”

This rumor that Gu Jingze and Lin Che were not on good terms recently, already spread through every corner of the entire Gu family.

Even Mu Wanqing caught wind of this and began to have her doubts.

Did they really fight?

They did have little tiffs through the years, but they were never really angry for this long.

But winds don’t come from nowhere. If there really was nothing, how could the rumor spread this wide?

Gu Jingze was the head of the family and there were so many important things recently. Thus, any slight movement at Gu Jingze’s side would immediately alert the eyes of many.

At this moment, Xue Mengqi also started getting ready.

“Get ready for the show today.”


Just then, Gu Jingze’s car stopped at the entrance.

Everyone immediately turned their focus to over there.

The car door opened. The bodyguard walked over and held the door open.

Gu Jingze stepped out of the car.

He wore a long-sleeved trench coat and looked very ethereal. His expression was completely casual and made everyone amazed. He looked different from his usual day at work. The Gu Jingze today looked full of life.

It was just a family gathering and this get-up was not a big deal.

However, everyone saw that Gu Jingze did not walk straight to the banquet. Instead, he walked around to the other side of the car.

He personally held the door open on that side and the person in the car attracted everyone’s attention even more.

Lin Che

Originally, he should have been the most reasonable person. But now, he surprised everyone.

Gu Jingze carefully helped Lin Che out of the car.

The blue and yellow colors of Lin Che’s coat matched elegantly, but upon closer look She actually wore the same colors as Gu Jingze.

She looked up at Gu Jingze, smiled, and stood next to him.

Gu Jingze held her, looked forward, and walked steadily.

The couple walked breezily. To some people’s surprising discovery, the couple actually wore couple outfits.

Their child was so big already and they still wore couple outfits.

Since when was Gu Jingze so mushy?

Everyone’s impression of Gu Jingze was nothing like this at all.

Xue Ningshan was stunned.

Xue Mengqi walked over from behind and saw Xue Ningshan.

“What is going on?!” Xue Mengqi could not hide her anger.

Xue Ningshan said, “Stay calm. We don’t know if they are pretending or not.”

Xue Mengqi thought about it and agreed.

They probably would not fight in public.

However, looking at the couple hold hands as they walked really made her eyes hurt.

Gu Jingze and her walked all the way to the door. He lowered his head and carried her. Then, he stepped over the tall threshold of the door with her in his arms.

Lin Che’s feet touched the ground and she smacked his chest shyly. Her face flushed as she made him step away.

Gu Jingze naturally continued to hold her hand again. As if nobody else was around, he simply continued leading the way.

If this was fighting, then there would be no such thing as lovers in this world.

Mu Wanqing also joined the crowd. Initially, her face was filled with worry. When she saw the couple, she was puzzled again.

Lin Che was still her same boisterous self while Gu Jingze did not seem to be angry at all. He plainly held Lin Che as his gaze fell on her. It was as if he would be the first to catch every single expression on her face.

Mu Wanqing smiled at Lin Che. “Little Che, quickly come in. You’re so heavily pregnant that it’s not good for you to walk such a long distance. They are too inconsiderate to hold the banquet at such a faraway place, making you walk so much.”

Gu Jingze said, “It’s alright. I can carry her.”

Before Lin Che could move, Gu Jingze’s arm already went around her.

He scooped Lin Che up easily.

Lin Che’s belly faced upwards while her arm was hooked around his neck. It seemed effortless for Gu Jingze as he carried her and continued walking. His steps were even and it was as if the person in his arms was weightless. He looked so stable and looked as if he was holding a precious treasure in his arms.

This surprised people more.

She was merely pregnant. Did he have to care so much?

She couldn’t walk any more steps and had to be carried in.

This child was too precious.

Not to mention, Gu Jingze was the head of the family.

But when Lin Che was around, he didn’t seem to care about his status.

However, Gu Jingze was just like that. He didn’t seem to care about himself nor anyone else around. He ignored those surprised stares. There seemed to be only two kinds of people in this world. One kind was the people he cared about. The other was the people he did not care about. He would look at those he cared about while the others were non-existent to him..


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