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Season 12

Episode 42

( We Can Work Together)

Lin Che’s home had an uninvited guest.

Li Mingyu.

She looked speechlessly at Li Mingyu.

He said, “Wow, the Gu residence is really not bad. I shall renovate my house just like this.”

Lin Che asked, “Are you crazy now? Why are you copying everything? Are you secretly in love with Gu Jingze?”

Li Mingyu said, “I sincerely think that you guys are good and that is why I want to learn from you. How can you doubt my sexuality?”

Lin Che glared at him. “Just be direct. What are you doing here?”

“Nothing. I was just bored, so I decided to drop by.”

“Hey, why are you bored? Aren’t you setting up your company?”

“It’s not easy.”

“Of course, it’s not.”

“I can just leave it to my managing team.”

“What does that mean”

“It means that I’ll just let my manager handle it.”

“Woah, you even have a manager?”

“Just offer two hundred million yuan and they would do it.”


Was that how money should be spent? He was really something else.

“What if they do a bad job?”

Li Mingyu said, “I only need to tell him one piece of history.”

“What is that?”

“Over the past three years, three managers have already died under my hands.”

“” Lin Che asked, “Are you for real?”

“Of course not, silly.” He reached out to knock her head.

Lin Che avoided it and sniffed at him. “Li Mingyu, are you so bored that you had to come here and disturb me?”

“Nobody died, nobody died. I’m such a nice person. How can I kill anyone? Only you would make me out to be a villain.”

“Fine. I did misunderstand you about some things.” It was his fault for giving off a villainous vibe.

“That’s right. I can’t possibly murder anyone. I only broke limbs and banished people in the past. How can I actually kill anyone?”


“I take back what I said.” She sat down and said, “Alright. If you’re really bored, you can go see your son at the kindergarten.”

“My son is getting along well with your son, so he doesn’t need my concern. Ah, I’m thinking I don’t know C Nation well and I don’t know what’s trending. I’m starting up my company soon and I don’t know what to do.”

“You can do real estate or something.”

“I’m sick of it. Doing real estate every day made me bored to death.”

“Wel What about opening a mall?”

“That’s boring as hell. There are already more than thirty malls out there and I’m too lazy to think of a name.”

“” Seriously. Rich people problems.

Lin Che suggested, “What about games? I think it’s rather popular now too.”

He immediately asked, “Games? I have not done that before. Hey, it’s not bad. I can give it a shot and invest a few billion yuan. I’ll see if I can get something out of it.”

“H-Hey, you don’t have to invest so much” Lin Che said, “Alright. I’m just talking casually about it. Don’t blame me if you lose your money.”

“Why would I blame you? I think you’re a lucky charm. I’d like to work with you and invest in it.”

“” Lin Che looked at him in surprise. “Oh, I don’t have money”

“I do. I have money and you have people. You interact with plenty of young people. See what they’re learning and you can come up with a plan while I’ll come up with the money.”

“I-I-I I’m afraid I’ll end up losing my arms and legs because of you,” she said.

“Don’t think that way. How could I possibly decapitate you? I wouldn’t bear to.”

“N-n-no. I’m not doing it either. It’s too much pressure.”

She had never thought about doing all these. She started a film company because she knew there wouldn’t be any big problems. If he caused something bad to happen, what could she do?

Li Mingyu heard this and rubbed his chin. “Fine. I guess I’ll have to find another manager to do it. Oh, but if someone else manages it, losing arms and legs will probably happen”

“Ah, okay, okay.” Lin Che looked at him. “Why are you so brutal?”

Just because she suggested doing games and he really wanted to do it. If he did it and someone lost their limbs, she would also feel guilty.

“Then you should do it. If it is you, I promise nobody will be losing their limbs. Furthermore, it’s not like you have other things to do.”

Lin Che thought about it and he was right. She just finished the TV series and now, she was free. She was pregnant and could not go outside. It was her time of boredom.

Lin Che said, “Well, let me think about it. But I’ll make it clear first. I don’t have money and I won’t be able to invest much. I can try asking around.”

“You don’t need to invest in it. You just need to manage the plan while I manage the money. Isn’t it perfect?”

Lin Che said, “I used to love playing games, but I haven’t played games in a long time. Next time, I’ll see what people like to play nowadays.”

“Deal. We’ll exchange WeChat contacts and keep in touch.”

“Hey, you know how to use WeChat now?”

“Well, whatever is popular in C Nation, I’ll catch up with the trend. You don’t understand it. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to fall behind.”

Lin Che said, “If you dismember people for fun, I’d still believe it.”

After Li Mingyu left, Lin Che discussed it with Gu Jingze.

In the study room, she looked at Gu Jingze and asked, “What should I do now? Can I work with him?”

Gu Jingze said, “If he really wants to be your friend, he’s probably serious about it. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to give it a try.”

“Really But I’m worried because I haven’t done this before. What if I don’t succeed?”

“If you can’t do it, you can naturally hire a professional. Remember that if you start doing this, you’re a manager and an investor. You’re allowed to hire many professionals to provide you with solutions. You just need to choose one that you think is suitable, so you really don’t have to feel as if you can’t do it.”

Lin Che held her chin. “Okay. I really don’t know how, but I do think it’s rather interesting after listening to him. The important thing is I’m just too bored at home”

Gu Jingze shook his head. This woman could never sit still

However, he supported her decision as long as she seriously considered things.

If she was interested, she could definitely try.

He could silently support her from behind.

Gu Jingze said, “Alright, give it a shot.”

Lin Che said, “Okay, I’ll try But” She sprawled across the table and looked at Gu Jingze. “Well Does Li Mingyu really cut off people’s limbs?”

“Whose limbs?”

“Well His subordinates who screw up.”

“Oh, it’s true.”


Lin Che said, “Then I should rethink this”

“That is his way, but it has always been a rumor. I’ve never seen it. It might be true. After all, he’s too lazy and finding managers to do the job always leads to plenty of problems.”


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