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Season 12

Episode 41

(They Were Really Angry With Each Other)

Mu Feiran was forced to take the car with her and leave.

Meanwhile, after Lin Che and Gu Jingze arrived home, Nan Gongyu called Lin Che immediately.

“Hey, did you know about Black Hawk and Mu Feiran a long time ago?”

Lin Che said, “Ah, you know about it already?”

“Ha. So you knew about it a long time ago.”

“Of course. If it has to do with Feiran, of course, I know.” Lin Che laughed sheepishly, “Hey, you don’t genuinely feel something for Mu Feiran, right?”

“Hey, is it wrong for me to want to try dating someone I think is quite good?”

“” Lin Che hastily said, “You’re not wrong, you’re not wrong. You’re not wrong at all.”

“Hmph. How did I come to know you bunch eh.” Nan Gongyu felt helpless as well. He did not know whether to say he had good or bad luck. Having too many major figures around him was also something depressing. They made him seem very weak and trivial in comparison.

He said, “Forget it. It seems like my girlfriend probably hasn’t been born yet. I should go to the hospital for gynecology and obstetrics tomorrow and walk around more.”

“” Lin Che asked, “Wouldn’t you be nearly 30 years older than her, then? Can you bear to do such a thing?”

“You dare say that? Hmph. Otherwise, what can I do? My taste is probably the same as these prominent people. I can’t win against them. Why don’t I start nurturing one from young instead? I’ll go to the hospital first to take a look”

“Get lost!”

Of course, she knew that he was joking. She hung up the phone noisily.

At night, Lin Che and Gu Jingze slept separately as her belly was too big.

Sleeping separately merely meant that there were two beds in the room.

As she was never able to sleep comfortably with him beside her, he had no choice but to move downstairs. However, he did not want to be too far away from her, lest he be completely unaware should something happen to her in her room.

Thus, he came up with this solution.

She was a bit unaccustomed to sleeping separately from him.

She lay there with her head on her arms and said to him, “Hey, I remember that when I first moved in, it was like this too. You slept on that side and I slept on this side.”

“Hn. It was torture for me.”

“Torture for you indeed, you needed a very long time to get used to me.” At the time, he was still not used to living with others.

Gu Jingze said, “No, it was very torturous because I couldn’t pounce on you even though I was looking at you.”


Lin Che pursed her lips, secretly wanting to smile. Back then, how could she have known that he was thinking about that?

Hmph. If he had said it earlier only if he had said it earlier

She would not have been so worried. She would have thrown herself directly onto him.

At the time, she had had a really difficult time controlling herself too.

Xue Mengqi sat inside. Because she was feeling heartbroken, she had gotten many men to surround her. She had plenty of money and was beautiful too. She had everything. Why did she have to feel upset because of a blind Qin Qing?

But women were ultimately women. No matter what, she would still feel sad.

Xue Ningshan walked in. The moment he saw his daughter sitting here and behaving lasciviously, he was so angry that he slapped the table immediately.

“What’s going on here? All of you, get out.”

When he shouted, all of the men ran out hurriedly.

They were merely small-name models out to make a living. They didn’t dare to confront people from such families.

Xue Mengqi was slightly dazed from drinking. She looked up and watched them leave. She continued to mumble, “Why are you leaving? Don’t leave. All of you, stay behind and keep me company”

Xue Ningshan immediately pulled Xue Mengqi to her feet. “Stand up straight. Look at what has happened to you now. What happened to your ambition? Are you going to give up the position of mistress just because of a man?”

Xue Mengqi raised her head and looked at her father. “No. Impossible. I’m not giving up.”

“Then get up and get yourself together. Qin Qing is nothing.”

Yes, Qin Qing was nothing. But she was beyond furious when she thought of the fact that he actually liked Lin Che and had chosen her in the end.

Xue Ningshan said, “Earlier, there was news from the Gu family. Apparently, Gu Jingze is angry with Lin Che.”

“Really?” Xue Mengqi looked up instantly. Excitement shone faintly in her misty eyes.

The corners of her lips turned upwards. It had finally begun.

She asked, “What does Gu Jingze plan to do now?”

Xue Ningshan said, “Apparently, the two of them are already sleeping separately. Yesterday, Gu Jingze went out and Lin Che trailed after him for a long time while apologizing. But Gu Jingze ignored her completely. When they went back home, they slept separately.”

“Ha. Serves them, hmph.” Xue Mengqi rubbed her hands together, menacingly and said, “Great, great. Using this chance, I’ll think of a good way to chase Lin Che out of the Gu family for good.”

Xue Ningshan said, “Indeed, now’s a good time. You must seize the opportunity.”

“Father, what do you think I should do at a time like this?”

“The Mid-Autumn Festival banquet will be held soon. The last time, Mu Wanqing suggested that Lin Che organize the event for Jingming. This time, we’ll suggest that you organize the banquet too. Now is the perfect time. Gu Jingze probably won’t be on Lin Che’s side. He will definitely be on your side. At that time, you can release photos of Lin Che messing around with an outsider. Then, Gu Jingze will be humiliated and he will definitely vent his anger on Lin Che too.”

“But Lin Che is going to give birth soon. Will stirring up trouble at this time be of any use?” Xue Mengqi asked.

“So what if she gives birth? They can still bring up the child properly without a mother. The Gu family won’t care who the child’s mother is, as long as the child is with them.”

Xue Mengqi thought that his words made sense too. She was instantly more alert.

But she was confused. She had briefly enquired about what was happening on Qin Qing’s end. Qin Qing had been resting at home all this while and had not gone out. Gu Jingze had yet to take action against Qin Qing too.

She asked, “Why is Qin Qing still alive? Hmph.”

Xue Ningshan said, “Gu Jingze is probably busy being angry with Lin Che and hasn’t thought about punishing him.”

It made perfect sense. Xue Mengqi thought to herself that she would kill Qin Qing and Lin Che at one go when the time was right. Hmph. She would also show Qin Qing the consequences of his choice now!

Soon after, the Gu family informed Gu Jingze that the clan relatives had chosen Xue Mengqi to organize the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet this time.

Everyone asked for Gu Jingze’s opinion.

Gu Jingze said, “Since she wants to do it, then let her do it.”

When he finished speaking, he went off to be busy with other matters. It seemed that he did not want to bother about these things.

Naturally, the people below immediately informed Xue Mengqi. Xue Mengqi huffed. It seemed that he really was in the midst of an argument with Lin Che and did not want to bother with these things at all.

Of course, Xue Mengqi had never missed such a good opportunity. She instantly instructed some people to send Gu Jingze a gift.

The mistress of the Gu Family and the head of the Gu Family still had to be on good terms. In currying favor with him, she also wanted Gu Jingze to dispel any enmity he had with her because of what had happened with Lin Che in the past.

Gu Jingze accepted the present and immediately instructed his subordinates to toss it into the storeroom.

Xue Mengqi knew that the present had been thrown into the storeroom. But it was precisely because of this that she did not think anything was amiss. She would find it strange instead if he happily accepted the gift.

Gu Jingze had always been very cold and detached. It was pretty good that he had accepted the gift. It was definitely impossible to expect him to store it away properly. The fact that he had thrown it into the storeroom made her feel at ease instead because this was what he usually did.

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