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Season 12

Episode 40

(I Never Take Back What Ive Given)

Nan Gongyu said, “When I want it to be on the way, your house would be on the way even if it was on Mars. Why?”


Mu Feiran was sure there was something wrong with him. What did he mean by this? Had he not been joking earlier? Why did she feel as if he was behaving more and more strangely?

Mu Feiran said, “Director, did you take the wrong medicine? Or are you having a fever? Should I call a doctor for you?”

“Hey. What’s wrong with me? Why are you saying that I took the wrong medicine”

Mu Feiran let out a brief and awkward smile. Then, she quickly walked out.

“Hey, why are you running away? Is there something frightening about me?”

Nan Gongyu looked down at himself. He did not think there was anything off about him.

Why did she look at him as if she had seen a perverted uncle?

Mu Feiran ran out in a hurry. She was still troubled about what had happened.

However, the moment she went out, she saw a bright red car parked right in the hotel lobby

Why had the car driven in

Were people allowed to drive through the main entrance of the Century Building?

Even if they could get the car in how could the Century Building allow people to drive inside directly?

Mu Feiran froze, still in a daze. Suddenly, she saw the car door open. A tall and well-built figure walked out.

At that precise moment, she had a somewhat bad premonition.

As expected, she immediately saw that the person who alighted was none other than Mo Jinyan.

Mu Feiran stopped in her tracks.

Only to see the people around him erupt in cheers and applause swiftly following his appearance.

She watched him walk with a look of superiority on his face. His arrogance shined before all else.

But his arrogance did not make people feel uncomfortable either. Instead, people felt that he was very dashing and very cool.

This dashingly, cool attitude suited him very well. People did not find it exaggerated at all.

He seemed to be the only one with a manner so imposing that he could confidently give off such an attitude.

After getting out of the car, he immediately looked at Mu Feiran. He raised an eyebrow and said domineeringly, “Congratulations on the success of your television series.”

“Ah I”

She was about to say something when he raised his finger. Then, the car behind him showed what it was capable of.

The car door slowly rose upwards. It was the kind of car with doors that opened laterally. Following his movement, the car door moved upwards. Inside, there were roses of various colors heaped together neatly. They were arranged at random and looked extremely beautiful.

But he was such an upstart.

Her mouth was slightly open as she witnessed the scene before her. “This is”

Mo Jinyan approached her. “A gift for you.”

“This is too so many flowers”

“Flowers?” He blanked out for a moment before saying, “No, I was talking about the car. The flowers are for decoration.”


This ridiculously flashy red Porsche sports car?

That was too excessive

“Mr. Mo this is such an expensive present. I don’t really”

“Hey, it’s definitely not expensive. People say that you can’t give girls presents that are too expensive. I specially bought a cheap one.”

“Really? How much is this?” She wondered if it looked quite expensive but was not that expensive in reality. In actual fact, she did not have a good understanding of cars.

“It was only eight million dollars.”


She really did not understand cars.

He said, “So, just keep it.”

Mu Feiran shook her head frantically. “I really can’t. It’s too expensive.”

He looked at her with his hands shoved into his pockets. “I won’t take back what I’ve already given. If you don’t want it, then just abandon it here.”

How could she do that

“You can use it yourself,” she said.

He chuckled. “There’s no way I would drive such a red car. It’s so feminine. Asking me to drive it it’s better to just leave it here.”

“Hey, hey, hey”

He lifted Mu Feiran’s hand and quickly shoved the keys into her hand.

“Just take it since I’m giving it to you. If you reject my gifts so easily, what does that make me?”

“What does this have to do with looking down on you”

“Anyway, I’ve already bought it. There are so many people watching too. How can you say you don’t want it? I don’t know how many people will make fun of me, Black Hawk, tomorrow”

While saying this, he immediately released her hand and let go of the keys as well.

It seemed that he was going to use coercive methods if she continued to reject him.

Did anyone give presents like this

Mu Feiran genuinely could not believe it.

She could only look at the red car in frustration and the flowers that filled the entire car

“Wow. Sister Feiran’s admirer is here again.”

“He made a really grand gesture this time. A car full of flowers and a Porsche too.”

“Sister Feiran is so lucky.”

“Her admirer is so handsome and so rich too. He’s better than that Gongyu. He’s much better than him.”

“Precisely. Only this person can match up to Sister Feiran.”

Nan Gongyu heard the people around him cheering the moment he walked out.

He froze before looking outside. Only then did he see Mu Feiran standing there with Mo Jinyan.

He immediately yanked the person who had spoken earlier towards him. “Hey, what’s going on? What’s happening outside?”

“Oh, Director. Sister Feiran has an admirer. Quick, look. He sent a Porsche over here.”

Nan Gongyu looked outside. That man

Was Mu Feiran’s admirer?

Why did he look slightly familiar

“Who’s that?” He unknowingly mumbled to himself.

The person beside him said, “This person is Black Hawk. I heard that he’s a very formidable character.”

“Eh. Black Hawk. Do you mean the man with the surname Mo?”

“Yes. Apparently, Black Hawk has been pursuing Sister Feiran for some time. Previously, he kept sending things to the filming location. He treated us to coffee and hotpot. He was particularly hospitable.”

Nan Gongyu asked, “Black Hawk is pursuing her?”

“Yes, yes. But I don’t know if Sister Feiran has agreed to it.” Everyone working in the entertainment industry had an extremely large capacity for gossip.

“In that case, how can she possibly not agree? Black Hawk is so powerful. He’s such an impressive character. What’s more, he treats her so well too.”

“Exactly. Don’t think of him as a burly and coarse man from the mafia. People with such identities are more likely to be more sincere towards women.”

“Is that a typical mafia? That’s the largest gang. He has all the money and power he could want. And now, he even switched to doing business. He even has collaborations with the Gu family.”

At the Gu residence

Nan Gongyu immediately thought of Lin Che’s previous words.

Huh. He understood right away that Lin Che had said that only because she already knew.

Dear me, his interest in Mu Feiran had been aroused all of a sudden. It was his first time working with Mu Feiran, but she was a very good person. Was he wrong in wanting to court a woman?

Indeed, there was no problem with that.

The crucial question was, why was every single one of the women he took a fancy to attached?

What’s more, they were attached to such significant people

He was truly going to die of depression.

Good lord, could it be that his taste was identical to these elite figures?


Nan Gongyu glanced outside. Inwardly, he was overwhelmed and could not stop being despondent and sighing incessantly.

In the end, he could only leave first speechlessly.

Vying with Black Hawk for a woman

Forget it. He was a bit arrogant, but he was not arrogant to that extent.


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