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Season 12

Episode 4

(What Went Wrong)

Lin Che said, "Quickly check! Where did this come from?"

The assistant told Lin Che, "Sister Che, while you were resting, you may not have known about the recent news in the industry. Recently, Xinghui Entertainment pushed out a newbie that always competed head-on with ours. If we go on a reality show, theyll also go on a reality show. We accepted a novel-edited film and then they took the drama version. It seemed like they are picking a fight with us."

Lin Che thought. She had never heard of this Xinghui Entertainment before. "When did this company come out?"

Another assistant said, "I heard they were split out from some conglomerate. They did not come out for so long. It was just three or four months, but they already pushed out many newbies. The people in the industry also thought that they were amazing, but I heard that they burned a lot of cash in the dark, so it was easy to promote their artists."

"Yes, we heard the bosses are all rich, and the newbies they pushed out were of good quality. It showed that they had good foresight, so they were very popular after the promotion."

"Recently, they were ganging up against our own newbies, which made us very frustrated."

"So we were thinking, if you must ask about a conflict recently, we can only think of them. But we dont know if they did it this time."

Lin Che said, "We can try investigating. As long as there is a direction, we should just do what we can."

"Yes, Sister Che."

Lin Che pondered and said, "Before knowing all the other partys cards, dont send any announcements."

If they sent something wrong while not knowing what cards that their opponents had, they might have to eat their words.

Lin Che said, "Just get someone to release the news that Ah Bi was injured and left the country for treatment. Dont release any news about Xue Yang at all."


Lin Che still needed to head out, so she gave some instructions then walked out of the conference room.

After arriving outside, she saw Cheng Yuantu.

Lin Che looked at him. His wound recovered a lot, and there was basically no deep scars on his face to be seen, but there were still light scars.

He only recuperated for a month, so he might not be fully recovered yet. She walked over and asked, "Is your injury alright?"

Cheng Yuantu gratefully replied, "Yes, I am fine now."

After trying a camera test, it was of great results. He was very photogenic and showed charisma on camera. He had the aura of a traditional beauty, which was very popular now.

Hence the company immediately signed him on to become a trainee.

Now he was still training in the company. His demeanor was good.

Lin Che remembered and asked in a concerned voice, "Is your living space okay? What are you practicing now?"

Cheng Yuantu replied, "I am temporarily doing the basics. I am training my figure, workout, and some parts of my performance. I I dont know anything and have no talents. My biggest talent is that I can play the harmonica, but the company thinks that I should head towards an acting career, so they opened a performance class for me. Please dont worry about my life. I have found a part-time job outside, which is enough to make a living."

Lin Che then smiled happily. "Thats good."

Cheng Yuantu thought it was already good enough. Compared to the past when he had to be looked down upon, listen to whatever other people said, and still had to be worried if he would be brought away and bullied by others, his self-reliant life now showed a bright future and that was more than enough.

Lin Che did not say anything else. She let him rest well and continued to be busy with work.

It has now been a month since the birth of Yu Minmins child. Upon hearing about the incident, she hurriedly called.

Lin Che already instructed people to find Xue Yang. She knew he only disappeared because something happened at Wesleys home.

Yu Minmin agreed with Lin Che on the phone. There must be someone purposefully cropping the video, so the most important thing now was to find who was behind it so that it could be dealt with properly.

Lin Ches people immediately found it. Sure enough, it was that companys fault. They discovered someone from the Internet posted this video online, so they immediately contacted the person who posted the video. After editing the video, they released it with their own accounts, publicized it, and made it a hot issue.

Lin Che coldly snorted. Were they bullying them because they saw that there were all weak girls?

Upon knowing that, Yu Minmin immediately got people to put in the effort to find the original source of the video discreetly.

The person who filmed the video was an employee of the supermarket. Her IP address was discoverable on the Internet, so they immediately found the person. On the same day, Yu Minmin went to ask for the full video personally.

Because Yu Minmin headed down to ask for it personally, the person was also shocked and immediately handed it over in fright. The person also said that they did not know the clip would be edited and thought that the whole thing would be posted.

After getting the video, Yu Minmin also asked for the contact of the people who asked for the video. The employee was scared, so she even sent Yu Minmin the chat records.

She did not dare to hide anything, seeing that even Madam President came to handle it herself.

She was afraid that she would not be let off easily this time.

She probably did not dare to post random things on the web in the future.

After getting the video, Yu Minmin immediately ordered people to release an announcement online, saying that their artist was hurt that when he met fans outside and was hurdled by them, although the bodyguards were foreigners, not from the company, and were even warned by Xue Yang to be not so rough with the fans, he was bashed to this degree because of an edited video.

They were also going to sue those people who were spreading rumors, cropping the video and purposefully ruining the image of Xue Yang.

The big accounts on Weibo immediately started to provoke the crowd on the Internet. They questioned the claim of editing the video, and the disappearance of the company after the artistes scandal. Regardless of how the video was manipulated, they still owed the fan who was pushed onto the ground an apology, which was not delivered. Although they like your artist so much, they were insulted like that. Was a fans love so worthless?

After, everyone was more emotional and demanded an apology.

Some fans who liked Xue Yang said that they would still support him. They thought that even if it was true, it was the companys fault and had no relations to Xue Yang.

However, they were called out to be brainless fans.

Whoever tried to defend Xue Yang would be called a brainless fan.

The company was also immediately suspected. How could the bodyguards treat the fans in such a way?

They even said the managing team of Xue Yang did not put effort into Xue Yang, and hoped that Xue Yang could change his company.

These fans sometimes did not understand. The team would take all the blame onto themselves in order to maintain the image of the artists. No matter how the artists image was like, the team, the artist, and external factors were all responsible for it. No single team could confirm the overall image of a celebrity.


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