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Season 12

Episode 37

(Who Exactly Is The One Who Did This)

As he looked at Lin Che, he felt even more strongly that Lin Che was so charming. He felt as if his entire body was heating up when he looked at her.

He had already sensed that something was wrong when he first came in. There seemed to be people standing outside, but it seemed that they had seen something and immediately ran out after someone.

Recalling what had happened, those were Lin Che’s personal guards. They had just been lured away.

Since he had entered so smoothly, this must have been planned a long time ago.

When exactly had Xue Mengqi arranged this? It was probably not possible to do it at short notice.

Qin Qing looked at Lin Che and walked towards her step by step.

Lin Che immediately got anxious.

He looked a bit strange right now

Lin Che said, “Qin Qing, what are you going to do”

Qin Qing shook his head. “Lin Che I’m sorry, I lied to you. I can’t forget you. I I think I love you. I want to be together with you. I don’t care, don’t care whose woman you are”

Lin Che’s heart sank.

What was happening to him? Why were his eyes bloodshot? He looked so strange too.

“What what exactly is going on with you? Qin Qing, regain your senses. Take a good look. My belly is so big now. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be harming me, harming my child.”

Qin Qing immediately said, “No no, Lin Che. I want you I want”

He immediately threw himself on her.

Lin Che evaded him frantically. She looked at him and was even more certain that something was wrong with him.

He had been drugged.

“Qin Qing!” Lin Che shouted, “Get yourself together. Watch yourself.”

Qin Qing failed to pin her down. He shook his head in a daze.

“Lin Che Lin Che, I don’t think I’ll be able to find a woman better than you, more outstanding than you, I”

“Enough.” Lin Che could not listen to him brainwash himself further like this. She had to make him regain his senses.

She grabbed a porcelain vase from beside her and placed it in front of her as a shield. If he really pounced on her, in order to protect herself and to protect her own child, she would definitely show no mercy even though he was Qin Qing.

“Qin Qing, listen up. I don’t love you!”

Qin Qing froze. He looked at Lin Che before him, who had said such harsh words without any hesitation.

She sneered, her expression filled with disgust. “Qin Qing, what right do you have to say you love me? Based on the way you’re behaving now?”


“You can’t compare to Gu Jingze in any way. Do you know that? You can’t even compare to Gu Jingze’s finger. Do you know that?”


Lin Che saw that his eyes seemed to be more alert. She continued, “Gu Jingze is the most outstanding man I’ve met. He has willpower and is able to produce the best results at work. He’s capable enough to head an entire family. He’s handsome and anyone else pales in comparison to him. He has power and can snuff you out with a finger. He’s so rich too. He could even buy your life if that was possible.”

Qin Qing immediately felt worse. His heart seemed to sink straight to the bottom. It felt so heavy.

Lin Che scoffed. “But look at yourself. What are you like? Don’t you know what he’s like? How could you even think of competing with him?”

Lin Che watched as he lowered his head, looking extremely pained. But he was, in fact, no longer behaving so rashly. She continued, “That’s the great Gu Jingze. You say you love me. Then, do you think I would give him up and be together with you? Don’t be delusional. Sober up. Think about how you’re behaving now. All else aside, at a time like this, Gu Jingze would definitely”

Uh, come to think of it, she suddenly remembered that the first time, Gu Jingze had not withstood his urges either.

After being drugged, he had devoured her completely in a mad frenzy.

She paused before correcting herself. “If he saw that I was a pregnant woman with a big belly, he definitely wouldn’t do anything to me! He would control himself no matter what.”

When she was done speaking, Qin Qing genuinely felt guilty beyond all else. He looked at Lin Che and simply wanted to die.

He really felt that he could not control himself.

He could not match up to Gu Jingze in any way. Now, was he even going to lose to him in this aspect?

No way. He had to control himself. That way, his personality would not be embarrassing even if he could not compare to Gu Jingze in terms of unchangeable qualities.

He clenched his teeth tightly. He felt so terrible that even his lips were bleeding from being bitten.

Lin Che gazed at him. Of course, she hoped that he could control himself.

At this moment Gu Jingze suddenly rushed in as well

He caught sight of Qin Qing and Lin Che inside. He looked down and glanced at Lin Che. He took a few steps towards her before looking at Qin Qing beside her, whose chin was full of fresh blood. He was stunned.

Lin Che hid behind him. Upon seeing Gu Jingze appear, she immediately felt much more at ease.

But after looking at Qin Qing, she quickly grabbed his sleeve and said, “Qin Qing has been very helpful. He fell into someone’s trap and was drugged. He’s been resisting his impulses and hasn’t moved at all. Look his lips are split, hehe.”

What she was worried about was already happening. The eyes of this jealous person were already completely bloodshot. He looked as if he was about to kill someone.

Lin Che quickly held him back.

“Gu Jingze. Quick, take me away first. This place is way too dangerous”

Lin Che definitely did not want to see Gu Jingze go mad from jealousy and kill Qin Qing right here.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and walked towards Qin Qing step by step.

Qin Qing looked up. Right now, he truly looked as if he was ready to meet death.

He would much rather die than humiliate himself by begging for mercy.

He was already someone lowly and insignificant in front of Gu Jingze. No matter what, he did not want to lower himself any more than this now.

Gu Jingze looked at him with narrowed eyes.

Lin Che was frightened. She really thought that he was about to go over and kill Qin Qing.

She hastily hugged Gu Jingze from behind. “Gu Jingze Gu Jingze, my my stomach hurts.”

With a “smack,” Gu Jingze slapped Qin Qing’s face.

The brief slap was enough to sober him up immensely.

He looked up and shouted, “Beat me to death, Gu Jingze. I know that I disrespected Lin Che this time. Kill me if you want to. I can’t control myself now. Since something like this happened and I was used by someone, I just want to die too.”

There was no point in living when he was so useless.

However, Gu Jingze stopped after merely slapping him once. Gu Jingze looked at him and said, “Dying isn’t necessary. First, tell me who did it.”

Qin Qing raised his head.

He did not have to die?

As if still in disbelief, he looked at Gu Jingze. “You’re not going to kill me?”

Gu Jingze scoffed. “Whether you die doesn’t affect me.”

His words made Qin Qing’s heart sink even deeper.

Lin Che was also at a loss for words.

Her heart has just been feeling anxious earlier, but now all that was left were endless sighs.

This method was truly more impressive than killing a man.

He was not going to kill him out of anger but instead said condescendingly that whether or not he died made no difference to him.

How little he thought of him.

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