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Season 12

Episode 36

(Why Are You In My Room)

Mu Feiran also thought gloomily to herself. She could not believe that they had even tried to pair her up with Nan Gongyu.

Fortunately, the awkwardness did not last too long before she saw Lin Che walk in also.

Everyone stood up again and called out to Lin Che, “Sister Che, thanks for all this.”

“Sister Che, this place is so great. You’re way too good to us.”

“Sister Che, can we get takeout?”

Lin Che said, “You can get takeout, but you’re not allowed to remove the decorations in the room. They’re made of gold foil. They’re not worth a lot of money.”

Everyone laughed out loud.

“Look at you, a bunch of ignorant people. Quickly finish filming the series and everyone can get rich together. In the future, we’ll come every year,” Lin Che said.

“Yes!” Everyone spoke in unison. The atmosphere livened up immensely too.

The heads of production sat down.

Nan Gongyu looked at Lin Che. “You’re quite generous to hold the event here.”

Yu Minmin winked surreptitiously, an extremely envious expression on her face. “Is she the generous one? I don’t think she was the one who arranged all this. It must be”

Lin Che glared at her. There were other people at the table.

Yu Minmin shut her mouth. Under the table, Lin Che had stomped hard on her foot. She was silently cursing in pain at the moment.

Mu Feiran also sighed, “It’s great to have someone dote on you”

Lin Che immediately said, “You can just find someone to dote on you too.”

Nan Gongyu looked at Mu Feiran briefly and smiled. He said, “Me, me. Didn’t you hear what they said earlier? They think that you and I are a great match.”

Mu Feiran and Lin Che were both shocked.

Oh my god, everyone had just been joking. Why was he joking?

Mu Feiran was shocked. Why was he suddenly behaving this way towards her?

Lin Che thought to herself, She already had someone. What was he so enthusiastic about?

Nan Gongyu blinked. “Why? Can’t it be me?”

Lin Che chuckled. “I’m sorry. She can’t get hard when it’s you.”



Everyone at the table nearly spluttered.

Nan Gongyu had a disgruntled expression on his face. “Hehe.”

Lin Che ate calmly while glancing at Nan Gongyu. She wondered if this guy was actually serious.

Later, Lin Che found some time to ask, “Nan Gongyu, how is Feiran doing in the production?”

“She’s doing very well.”

“Do you mean that everyone thinks she’s doing very well or are you the one who thinks she’s doing very well?”

Nan Gongyu looked at her. “Has your husband ever told you that you’re not really good at beating around the bush?”


Had he seen through her just like that?

She definitely did not beat around the bush in front of Gu Jingze because he was so intelligent and could immediately tell what she was thinking.

Thus, was he implying that she was bad at being subtle wherever she was?

Was she that bad at lying?

Her face darkened as she said, “Fine, fine, fine. Do you want to sleep with Feiran?”

Now she was direct enough, right?!

Nan Gongyu actually dared to nod too. “Yes, yes.”


Lin Che swiftly grabbed Nan Gongyu by the collar. “No, no. You really can’t do it.”

Nan Gongyu nearly stopped breathing in her hold. “Hey, what are you doing? Lin Che, are you trying to murder me?”

Lin Che let go of him. “No way. Do it with someone else.”

“Give me a reason.”

“There’s no reason. Anyway, just switch to someone else.”

“No. How can I agree if you don’t give me a reason?”

“I really don’t have one.”

Nan Gongyu glanced askance at her. “It can’t be because you’ve had a crush on me for very long and don’t want me to be with another woman, right?”

“” Lin Che said, “I thought of a reason.”

“What reason?”

“You’re too narcissistic and you jump to conclusions way too quickly. You’re not suitable for Mu Feiran.”

“” Nan Gongyu continued, “I’m being very serious about asking you for a reason.”

Lin Che could not be bothered to continue talking to him. She thought that he could court her if he wanted to. It seemed like a good idea to give Black Hawk some pressure too.

“It’s nothing, nothing. Keep being a narcissist. People need to have dreams. What if it comes true? Go ahead and court her. I support you.”


How could that count as an encouragement?

Nan Gongyu watched Lin Che leave. He looked in the mirror and smoothed his chin. “Am I really that unworthy of being liked?”

Lin Che walked back.

Her stomach hurt slightly all of a sudden.

She instinctively remembered that Gu Jingze had specially reserved a room for her downstairs as he was worried she would feel unwell at some point.

These days, she would feel slightly unwell when she walked too much or for some other reason.

She caressed her own belly.

“Why? Are you hungry, baby? Or do you feel ill?”

Inside her womb, the child seemed to understand what she was saying and moved around.

“Dear me, stop moving. I know that you’ve gotten big and that my womb is a bit too small. But there’s nothing I can do about it either. Just hang in there for a few days. You’ll be out next month,” Lin Che muttered while walking towards the hotel room.

She felt that the child in her womb would definitely be more mischievous than Niannian. Niannian’s obedience was particularly obvious from the time he was in her womb. At the time, he did not like moving around in her womb either. Sometimes, it even made her worry that something was wrong with her womb. She would hastily take out the fetal heartbeat detector to listen and would only feel at ease after hearing that the fetus’s heartbeat was normal.

But the child in her womb was the complete opposite. It was always moving and would thrash about for no reason. There was never a time when it rested.

How worried was Lin Che this time that something had gone wrong because it was always moving?

She wondered if it would be this naughty too after she gave birth to it.

Lin Che arrived at the room and found a place to lie down.

Gu Jingze had yet to arrive and he had not contacted her at all either.

Just then, Lin Che heard her phone ring. Thinking it was Gu Jingze, she quickly picked it up and took a look. But Yu Minmin was the one calling.

“Wow, your brother is way too generous. He just sent a truck of roses to Mu Feiran.”


When she heard that even Black Hawk was so thoughtful, Lin Che felt even more disappointed.

Although she knew that she should not ask for too much, it was her first time after all.

She hoped that Gu Jingze would be involved in every one of her firsts in her lifetime.

This way of thinking was so lame, but she could not help herself either.

She was lying there when she heard the door rattle briefly.

She froze

“Who is it? Gu Jingze?”

She immediately sat up only to see that it was not Gu Jingze who had entered, but

“Qin Qing?”

Lin Che was flabbergasted. “Why are you”

Why did he have the room card? Why had he walked in here directly?

Qin Qing was beyond shocked when she saw Lin Che.

“Why are you here”

Lin Che secretly thought that something was wrong, but she could not remember what it was at the moment.

“This is the room Gu Jingze booked for me.”

“He booked it for you?” Qin Qing also realized it. He immediately sensed that something was wrong. All of a sudden, he also felt that something was off about his body.

Damn it

Someone had slipped him a drug

It was completely obvious from the way he was feeling. Then, he connected all the dots.

Xue Mengqi!

It could not be anyone else but her.

How could she be so evil?

He clutched his stomach immediately and his legs nearly went limp.

When he looked up at Lin Che again, he only felt that the image of Lin Che in front of him was so blurry...


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