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Season 12

Episode 35

( In That Case, Dont Blame Me For Being Rude)

“Did I stalk you or was it you yourself who was focusing completely on Lin Che and did not notice my secretary following behind you?”


Qin Qing sat down. He was starting to feel more and more upset.

He had been exposed, but at the same time, he felt as if he no longer had so many concerns.

It was true that he simply could not forget Lin Che.

Especially since Lin Che was doing so well for herself right now.

Initially, he had thought that perhaps he would not have feelings for her when he met her again after being away for so many years.

But each time he met her, he still felt as if he could not extricate himself.

When he saw her, he felt as if he was falling in love with her again.

It had gotten to the point where every minute change in her was so attractive to him.

Today, Lin Che was confident, calm, and filled with joy. She was just like the rising sun in a clear sky, constantly shining from the horizon. She made him feel as if he was being bathed in sunlight and looking at her felt as if he was looking at sunlight.

He had to admit that he still liked Lin Che.

He liked her so much that he no longer wanted to continue his relationship with Xue Mengqi.

Xue Mengqi felt a sharp pain in her heart upon seeing Qin Qing’s expression.


She had merely wanted to expose him. She felt that the result might not be as she had expected, even if she did so. But it was not the case. Qin Qing did, in fact, still like Lin Che. For Lin Che’s sake, he was actually prepared to give up everything they had between them now.

“Why, Qin Qing? How am I worse than Lin Che? How could you give up our relationship because of her?”

Were the feelings of men so weak under examination? She had merely created more chances for them to meet. She could not believe that Qin Qing had actually taken a fancy to Lin Che.

Qin Qing sat there gloomily. “I’m sorry, Mengqi. But I can’t control myself.”

“You what exactly does Lin Che have, that all of you are so captivated by?!” Xue Mengqi could not believe it. She did not want to believe it.

So many people liked her. The fact that she liked Qin Qing should already be an honor to him. But now, Qin Qing had actually said that he still liked Lin Che

Qin Qing said, “I I I don’t know either.”

But Xue Mengqi simply could not compare to Lin Che.

When he looked at Lin Che, he just felt that she was so strong and so relaxed. On the other hand, Xue Mengqi’s good qualities just felt fake and deliberate to him.

Thus, even if she was truly very well-versed in the ways of the world, she was still not likable.

Xue Mengqi looked at Qin Qing with her teeth clenched and stared at him unwaveringly.

Fine, fine. In that case

In that case

Xue Mengqi scoffed. “You can leave, Qin Qing.”

Qin Qing looked at her with his head drooping. “I’m sorry, Mengqi”

Contrary to expectations, Qin Qing turned around and walked out

Xue Mengqi leaned backward and broke out in bitter tears.

But in a split second, she lifted her head and looked outside with hatred.

Alright. The first step of her plan had been completed. So, the second step was

Lin Che, just you wait. I want your reputation to be permanently damaged.

You can go and die with Qin Qing!

Qin Qing had just walked out when Xue Mengqi called once again.

“Qin Qing I want to talk to you about something.”

Qin Qing said, “Just tell me what else you have to say.”

Feeling as if he had wronged Xue Mengqi, Qin Qing’s words were filled with guilt.

Xue Mengqi said, “Tomorrow night, Century Building, Room 1908. Let’s meet there. We’ll talk things out when we’re there.”

Qin Qing pondered for a bit. “Sure. We’ll talk about it when we meet.”

Qin Qing did not think about anything else. He would never have thought that Xue Mengqi had planned everything way in advance.

As for the Century Building

That was the place where Lin Che was going to hold the celebratory banquet for the production crew.

Lin Che had been planning the celebratory banquet for many days.

This was a celebratory banquet that she had organized in her free time. Initially, there was no banquet. But she thought that they had to have one since the series was so successful this time. Thus, everyone made preparations throughout the night during the breaks in filming. It was pretty much a way to encourage everyone for their hard work all this while.

Fortunately, they had prepared a total of 18 episodes for the first season. Everyone would probably feel much more relaxed after they finished filming next month.

Although the website really could not bear for the season to end, they nevertheless respected the wishes of the production crew. They would let them rest for a bit before continuing to prepare for the second season.

Lin Che also thought that the celebratory banquet was a chance for her to go out and meet people. Otherwise, when it was really time for her to give birth, it would be two months before she could come out to meet people. It did not seem like a good idea to postpone the celebratory banquet for two months.

Gu Jingze had arranged for her to have the best room in the Century Building.

This was her first time producing a television series and she had achieved such great success. She was very happy and Gu Jingze was aware of this too.

That night, Lin Che called Gu Jingze. “I’m going to the Century Building soon. Are you going?”

Gu Jingze said, “I’ll go over once I’m done. You go ahead first.”

“Hm, okay.”

Many people in the production crew were still unaware of the relationship between Lin Che and Gu Jingze. For the time being, she did not intend to make the news public to the media. But it was fine for the production staff to meet him briefly.

But to be honest, at times, she was not deliberately hiding this fact. It was merely because Gu Jingze was too busy, so he often could not accompany her the whole day. It was fine when they were at home; he could accompany her while working. But once they were outside, he could not work and so things became troublesome for him.

Lin Che was slightly disappointed.

She wanted to share all her accomplishments with him. The fact that he could not come this time seemed to make her lose most of her motivation.

Yu Minmin came in from outside. She looked at Lin Che, holding the phone despondently. “What happened?”

Lin Che perked up. “It’s nothing. Let’s go.”

She could not let the production staff think she was unhappy because of how she felt.

Today was a day she had to be happy.

At the Century Building.

The entire circular restaurant on the top level had already been reserved.

All of the actors and the production staff gasped in admiration when they came in. They said, “This place is really expensive. Sister Che is way too generous.”

“Sister Che treats us way too well.”

“As expected, we’ll have plenty to go around with Sister Che leading us.”

Everyone immediately felt that Lin Che was so generous, so talented, and such a nice person. Whether it was her luck or her way of thinking, they were both so outstanding. If they followed her well, they would definitely be on the right track in the future. Furthermore, she was not like those other bosses who were very stingy towards their employees no matter how well they did.

She really was the same in private as she was to outsiders.

Everyone had taken their seats while gasping in awe.

Mu Feiran and Nan Gongyu were the first to walk in together.

Mu Feiran was extremely fatigued, but she was also very happy. She was usually too busy with work and could not see everyone gathered together and having fun. She genuinely felt that they had succeeded only now that everyone was having a good time here today. Prior to this, she had really been so busy that she did not have time to care about the viewer ratings. Her only thought was to quickly finish filming.

The moment the two of them entered, everyone immediately stood up, creating a commotion and telling them to get together.

Nan Gongyu reacted with gloom. He said to everyone, “Stop fooling around. The male lead is still here. I definitely don’t want to be criticized by the fans.”

Beside him, the male lead turned red in the face.

He had only just gotten popular and remained extremely humble at the moment.


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