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Season 12

Episode 31

(Going Out For A Walk Is Advantageous For Labor)

But Lin Che had not thought about these things. “I haven’t seen her do anything recently.”

“Try not to think so much too. I brought it up to you randomly. You should focus on maintaining your health right now.”

Lin Che caressed her belly. She did not know that her figure was very terrifying at the moment.

She was still so skinny, but her stomach was so big. It looked worrying.

Recently, even the maids looked at her very cautiously. They were much more careful than they had been in the past.

Gu Jingze did not want to make Lin Che worry by saying anything further. As he looked at her body now, he merely felt that she would fall at any moment. Such a huge belly weighed down on such a small body. He genuinely felt terrible looking at her.

Thus, Gu Jingze did not say anything. He felt that the more silent it was, the more strange he felt instead.

He was afraid that they were doing something in secret, things they were not privy to.

Therefore, they had to keep a closer eye on the people around Lin Che. The closer they got to the due date, if something important cropped up, they would not be able to deal with it properly. Then, they would be doomed.

If that happened, Gu Jingze would definitely not be able to forgive himself.

In the afternoon, Lin Che went out for a stroll. At a time like this, she could not stay in her room all the time. She still had to go out and walk around to aid the labor process.

The closer she approached her due date, the more she could not be complacent. Otherwise, she would suffer when it was time to give birth.

Gu Jingze knew this too, so he also approved that Lin Che went out for a stroll. But she had to go to a safe place. She could not go somewhere far away.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin had agreed to meet nearby. But on her way there, Yu Minmin decided not to go.

She herself did not mind. Yu Minmin’s child had suddenly fallen ill and they had called her home urgently.

Naturally, children were the top priority. She completely understood this too.

Since Yu Minmin had left, Lin Che did not want to go anywhere else. She continued walking around there. In the past, she had seen a porcelain store while walking around. So, she went in to take a look.

Just then, Mu Feiran suddenly called.

She picked up her phone and asked, “Aren’t you filming today? How come you have the time to call?”

“I wanted to ask how long it is until your expected due date. No matter how busy I am, I can’t forget about this.”

“Oh. I have one month left. It’s still early,” Lin Che said.

“You don’t have much time left. You have to prepare everything that you’ll need. But you probably have nearly everything prepared at home too.

“Hn. I just checked a few days ago. Everything is ready.”

Lin Che smiled and asked, “Are you still as busy filming as before? I haven’t been able to go and look at the final product recently. But Nan Gongyu is probably doing a great job. There isn’t anything for me to worry about, right?”

“Yes. Nan Gongyu has been on the brink of madness recently. He’s in a rush all the time. He will supervise the editing right after filming. He’s literally doing the jobs of two people.”

“If so it looks as if I should find another director to assist him. Indeed, it’s too tiring for him alone.”

“But it won’t be easy to find a director who can keep up with his pace either.”

Lin Che stood there and considered it for a moment. She turned around but did not expect to bump into something with a thud.

“Good gracious, you broke something of ours,” someone shouted from behind.

Lin Che turned around. As she had said, a blue porcelain piece had smashed into pieces on the ground.

The shop employee quickly ran over. She looked up only to see that the person was actually Lin Che

Initially, she thought that her eyes weren’t working. She took a closer look and saw that it was indeed Lin Che, but

Her belly was so big.

She had already guessed that Lin Che had retired because she was pregnant.

Lin Che hastily said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. Quick, check how much it is. I’ll compensate you for it.”

The employee’s eyes darted around before she looked at the porcelain piece on the ground. In reality, it was not anything expensive. It was the cheapest kind of porcelain in this store, probably just 20,000 dollars.

But this was also a large amount to them.

They would get a commission of only 60 dollars for each piece they sold. Their salary was so low too. The moment she saw Lin Che, she came up with a devious idea.

She said to Lin Che, “Wait a moment. I’ll go in and ask how much this is. Later, I’ll sell it to you at the purchase price, alright?”

Lin Che smiled and said, “I would be grateful for that.”

The employee went in, pulled another staff towards her, and said, “The person outside is Lin Che.”

“Ah. Really? No way. Her belly is so huge.”

“Yes. It looks like she hasn’t been acting because she’s going to give birth.”

“I really didn’t expect that.”

“Yes. She broke one of our items. I think we can” she said something softly. The other employee was a little fearful after listening to her. “No way. This is only 20,000 dollars. If we say it’s so expensive”

“It’s broken anyway, so it will be the price we say it is. Will she know which one it is? She was the one who broke it in the first place. Besides, celebrities are so rich. Apparently, they can earn tens of thousands of dollars with a brief appearance. She’s so famous. She must be even richer than that.”

“But what if she refuses to? She has so many people following her.”

“Why would she refuse to? It just so happens that she’s pregnant right now. She definitely won’t want us to leak this information. Otherwise, she would be worried about it. Since she didn’t tell the media, I suppose she wants to hide it. Now, you can say that we have something on her. If she wants to stop us from spreading this information, she has to pay up willingly. Otherwise, she will be done for if this issue blows up.”

The other person agreed after thinking about it. A trivial issue concerning a celebrity would become a major problem once it spread on the Internet.

“Then, what should we do now?”

“Just watch.”

The employee went out. Seeing that Lin Che was still waiting there, she said to her, “Lin Che, right? We looked at the price. Its intrinsic value is 400,000 dollars.”

So expensive.

Lin Che looked around. This place did have numerous expensive porcelain pieces. But this one looked quite small. She did not know how much it was. She looked at the piece beside it, which was of a similar size. It was merely a few ten thousand dollars.

She said, “In that case, do you have a price tag I can look at?”

The employee said, “No. We only have one of each piece.”

Lin Che said, “Then, how would I know if you’re telling the truth or lying?”

Although she was the one who had broken it, she could not simply give them the money in a daze either. She was not that stupid.

Sensing the situation, the employee immediately pulled a long face. “Our shop has a reputation. Furthermore, all else aside, you did in fact break our item. The fact that we’re making you compensate for the purchase price is pretty good. Our store usually charges the price of three for every one piece stolen, two for every piece broken. We do this precisely to prevent people from coming here and randomly touching our items. The objects in our shop are all very expensive.”

Lin Che scoffed and looked at her. “What do you mean? Are you saying that asking me to compensate you for the purchase price is an honor for me?”

The employee said, “Of course it is. Lin Che, you better pay up quickly. Otherwise, you’ll get into trouble when our manager comes. This isn’t an ordinary incident. Such an expensive item was broken. If the matter blows up later, no one will be able to suppress it.”


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