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Season 12

Episode 30

( Why Do Only Men Like To Hang Around Lin Che)

He placed the cup at the side and sat down next to Lin Che. “Was what I said wrong?”

Lin Che felt that the success of this TV series could be expected, but she never thought that it would turn out so well.

It still felt surreal to her.

However, Gu Jingze knew that she would definitely succeed. He always knew.

Lin Che was always so silly, but she was very talented in some aspects.

Gu Jingze knew that as long as she did it seriously, she would succeed. She also had some acuity in this area.

Of course, she was also extremely lucky.

For example, this time, if the other company did not make a trash show, her show wouldn’t have appeared much better in comparison. The comments probably wouldn’t have been this positive and there might have been bad reviews.

There was luck in play.

Meanwhile, Mu Feiran was in the same situation.

Originally, being in her first show since her comeback already attracted much attention. She did not expect to gain so much at once. Naturally, more reporters wanted to contact her for an interview.

Mu Feiran felt as if her cellphone was going to burst from all the calls. She deliberately made her agent block many of them.

The company actually arranged programs for the crew. The two programs were also carefully selected, as there were many programs looking for them now and they were spoiled with numerous choices. Thus, they naturally chose two that had a good reputation and high viewership. They were not going to join the rest of the programs because, firstly, they did not have enough time for every one of them. Secondly, they were afraid that being on too many programs would cause a reverse effect on the audience.

After all, filming was still their priority. Filming and broadcasting at the same time were just this troublesome. The timeline was tight and since they had to maintain standards, everyone had to work overtime in groups.

Mu Feiran was also too busy to deal with the media. She only accepted one interview. During the interview, she was generous and appeared just as powerful as before. But now, she also felt a lot more relaxed and people saw that she seemed to be in a much better place.

She was a little tired out, but she was still very happy.

Reporters in the past always feared that she would throw a tantrum, because the moment they saw her, they thought that she was in a bad mood.

But Mu Feiran actually never threw a tantrum before. No matter how upset she was, she would always cooperate nicely.

Now, although she was so busy and tired every day, she felt good. This naturally made her look more relaxed.

In the program, she beamed at the reporter and said, “It must have been hard on you guys too. You had to come all the way here to film with us.”

The reporter quickly said, “Not at all! I heard that we’re the only ones who could interview you. After all, the show is really on fire and you are all busy filming in hopes that the audience can watch the subsequent episodes soon. We understand that it can be very demanding and tiring, so we definitely wanted to suit your timing. Otherwise, the audience would probably want to kill us too.”

The reporter was naturally very happy. It was good enough that they could conduct the interview. Who cared how far they had to travel?

The reporter looked at Mu Feiran. “Your first comeback show is so impressive now. You really stopped the doubtful questions. Did you think that the show would be such a hit?”

“Of course, I thought it would be amazing, but I really never thought that it would be true. Filming what we wanted to film with our hearts and gaining something of my own is enough.”

“What would you like to say to the audience now?”

“I hope the audience will continue paying attention to us. Our show is only going to get more exciting. Every episode is stunning and your favorite princely king will show some skin in every episode. Oh my, I shall not reveal any more.”

She was talking about the show’s male lead.

In the show, he was a princely king.

Now, he was beyond happy. His first role as the male lead was so successful and he gained instant fame. His future path to stardom could immediately take a turn for the better.

Overnight fame was probably like this.

While there was a fiery interview here, the atmosphere at Glorious Star was not so good.

At Glorious Star’s office.

CEO Fu Lina smacked the table. “Look at these, guys! They surpassed us. What is the meaning of this?”

No one dared to speak. They only mumbled, “They didn’t pressure so tightly, of course, their production would be good.”

“Exactly, and Lin Che’s reputation for her works has always been good.”

“And they don’t lack money.”

Fu Lina did not hear these words. She only fumed as she watched the data and smacked the table. “Our investors want us to produce results. Now, our rating has already lost out. We can forget about that. Hmph! No matter how good Mu Feiran is, she’s already getting old and there’ll be many limitations. Our Wang Zhu is now gaining popularity and the show has not ended. Let’s hit the iron while its hot and quickly promote her. Hmph, Lin Che doesn’t appear nowadays either. Now that they only have Mu Feiran and that new guy, they can’t compare with us. Let’s take this opportunity to squash them and take the top spot.”

The employees could only secretly be doubtful. How could they compare their own newcomer with Mu Feiran?

But since their boss wanted to do it, they also knew that Wang Zhu had someone at the top. That is why the company had to promote her. They had to spend a lot of money and used up all their resources for her.

When Lin Che saw that her show had achieved success, she was not so anxious anymore. She handed everything to the company while her belly grew bigger and bigger. All she wanted to do was to rest well and prepare for the baby.

At the same time, Li Mingyu also already settled down.

When Gu Jingze came in, he saw Lin Che just put down the phone. He asked her, “What happened?”

Li Mingyu said, “Li Mingyu is really sending his child to Niannian’s kindergarten.”

“Really? I saw him preparing to find a place to set up his company,” Gu Jingze said.

Lin Che repeated, “A company?”

Gu Jingze nodded. “He wants to move a branch to C Nation. He just found a real estate for his company’s building.”

“Alright. I guess he’s really settling down here.”

Gu Jingze said, “As long as he stays obedient, I won’t stop him either.”

Lin Che sighed. “Will he be able to? I think that would be a little difficult. But he doesn’t seem like he would do anything to harm us. It’s just him. He just somehow comes across as weird.”

Gu Jingze pressed her shoulder. “Furthermore, if we don’t agitate him, you can easily make friends with him. It’s also because you do indeed need some connections. With such connections around, you will have more confidence in the family.”

Lin Che looked at him. “Are you talking with regards to Xue Mengqi?”

“Yes. She has some prestige in every family clan. More importantly, she has a better relationship with the womenfolk in every clan.”

Talking about it also made Gu Jingze exasperated. Lin Che did not get along with those women as well. The ones she got along with

Were all these men.

Why were these men already hovering around her?

However, he also believed that Lin Che did not have any problem. It could only be said that these men were the problem!

Gu Jingze thought that Lin Che was loud and boisterous, so she probably could not click well with these women. Meanwhile, it was probably her pure and simple character that allowed her to easily turn these men into good buddies.


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