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Season 12

Episode 3

(Is This The Kind Of Life You Can Give Her)

But the fans were relentless. They chased them and yelled, "Xue Yang, Xue Yang! Tell us about your injury."

"Xue Yang, Xue Yang, we are all so worried about you."

The few people closed up the gap but were blocked by the bodyguards.

The bodyguards forcefully pushed some people away to block them from nearing them.

Probably because they were not bodyguards from the entertainment industry, they did not leave any mercy for these fans and pushed the crowding fans immediately.

The fans were immediately pushed to the ground.

Xue Yang could not let this go on.

He walked over and asked the bodyguards, "What are you doing? Cant you be gentler?"

The fans on the ground began yelling pitifully. "What are you doing? How can you hit people?"

Xue Yang looked at the fans. "Im sorry. They dont know."

However, these bodyguards did not care about the so-called celebrity image.

They did not care how these people thought, so their expressions were still proud while they looked at these crazy fans and protected Ah Bi.

There were a lot of fans behind them. Taking advantage of their numbers, they angrily looked at these bodyguards. "You better apologize to us now."

The few bodyguards still stood there unmoving as if they did not understand them.

The fans immediately started causing a scene. They screamed at the bodyguards, "Right, apologize, apologize!"

"We came over because we like Xue Yang! How could you do this?"

"And this is the manager. Is this how you be a manager? How can you be like that?"

"Right, quickly apologize to us."

Ah Bi was also very anxious at the side. She told the bodyguards, "Can you not be so rough?"

The bodyguards did not care, but they saw some fans start crowding around Ah Bi to demand an apology.

Upon seeing that, Xue Yang immediately shielded Ah Bi and told his fans, "Please be rational. This is a problem with the bodyguards and has nothing to do with Ah Bi."

"How could it be not related? She is the manager and she hired the bodyguard."

The fans immediately started crowding them, so the bodyguards naturally acted and rushed over to pull some fans apart.

The scene was in a mess.

Ah Bi was anxious. She could not affect Xue Yangs image because her bodyguards did not listen to her.

She immediately stood up and said, "Alright, we will apologize, please dont make a scene. We will deal with the bodyguards properly when we go back."

Just then, a rash fan took something from the supermarket and hit it at Ah Bi.

Ah Bis head was hit and blood immediately started flowing

Xue Yang froze and rushed over, holding Ah Bi.

"Ah Bi, Ah Bi, let me take a look."

Ah Bis head hurt and she covered her head with her eyes closed. "Its okay; its okay. Im fine."

However, Xue Yang already carried Ah Bi and walked out.

The bodyguards saw and chased after them.

The supermarket was in chaos. The staff saw the scene and took many videos, complaining about how celebrities were troublesome when they came out. Why did these celebrities come to crowded places? This made so many people chase after them.

At the villa.

Wesley was immediately notified of Ah Bis incident.

The bodyguards were there, so this incident could not be hidden.

Wesley immediately rushed in to look at Ah Bi.

Ah Bis head had an obvious scar.

He angrily yelled, "Call the doctor over now! The best doctor in C Nation!"

However, he still could not trust them. He walked over, pulled Ah Bi, and said, "Ill bring you back to America. They have the best doctors."

Ah Bi shook her head and looked at Wesley. "Dad, it is just a small wound."

Wesley yelled, "How could that be a small wound? It is on your face. Do you know how important a face is to a girl?"

Xue Yangs heart skipped a beat at the side.

His face was pale, drained of blood.

He knew this was his fault. Ah Bi suffered because of him and the fans he attracted.

Xue Yang said, "Sorry."

Wesley angrily looked back. "Is saying sorry useful?"

"Dad." Ah Bi pulled Wesley.

Wesley looked at Xue Yang and turned back. "Leave first."

Xue Yang gritted his teeth and looked at Ah Bi.

In the end, he still turned and walked out.

Wesley naturally got the best doctor here.

The whole villa was busy because of this incident for the whole afternoon, but Xue Yang could only watch from outside.

Just then, Wesley walked over and looked at Xue Yang.

"You have seen what kind of life you can give Ah Bi."

Xue Yang turned back.

Wesley said, "Ah Bi is my treasure here. She is so precious that I would not allow her to get hurt, even just a little. But in your life, she has to suffer from such injuries, get yelled at, and be your accessory. She was looked down upon, and now she was even beaten up. Do you think this is the kind of life you want to give her?"

Xue Yang hung his head and mumbled, "This was just an accident."

Wesley snorted. "Accident? As long as you are still a celebrity, such accidents will not stop. Unless you are willing to give up your career and follow me back to America and accompany Ah Bi, you will live a worry-free life."

Give up everything he had now and follow them to America?


What would he be in the future?

Wesley continued, "Unless it is like that, I will not agree to let Ah Bi continue to suffer here with you. I will bring her back to treat her. The doctors here cannot give her the best treatment. I want no scar left on her face."

Upon finishing, Wesley ignored him and walked away resolutely.

Xue Yang stood there.

He could never rely on someone else for his whole life.

Now that Ah Bi was injured and was going to return to America for treatment, he had no stance to stop her

That day, someone added to the mess and posted Xue Yangs video on the web.

The video was edited and said that Xue Yangs bodyguards hit fans, making the scene a mess.

However, the clip that showed the fan that hit Ah Bi was not uploaded.

At the moment, there were a lot of people bashing online. They said things like,How Xue Yangs bodyguards do this? How could Xue Yang let his bodyguards hit his fans?

Xue Yang did not have any scandals in the past. Now that he became popular, there were always scandals coming out. This made people wonder whether he was actually problematic.

At the company.

Lin Che quickly came to the meeting room.

Everyone looked at Lin Che. "What should we do?"

Lin Che asked. "Where is Xue Yang?"

"We are panicking because we cant find him at all."

"Cant find him?" Lin Che asked in shock.

Everyone said, "We couldnt find him after looking for the whole day. We couldnt contact him too. We went to Ah Bis house and they said he already left."

Lin Che stood there.

Was he escaping?

But even if he escaped, they could not escape.

Lin Che said, "Gather information. We will deal with it first. We cannot let anyone who wants to hurt us escape easily, no matter who it is."


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