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Season 12

Episode 29

(The Tv Show Blew Up)

They only took a photo of their upper bodies, so the belly was naturally hidden.

Lin Che had not posted anything on Weibo for some time. Now, this sudden post attracted quite a bit of attention.

Many people asked her what she was up to recently and why she was not acting.

Did she quit the entertainment industry? Why hadn’t she appeared?

But seeing her with Mu Feiran, they also immediately thought that the two ladies were collaborating on a show.

Thus, many people asked about it and when it was going to be released.

This opened up some hype, laying the groundwork for the first broadcast on Tuesday.

However, this level of hype was much lower than what Glorious Star had for their show.

Many people reminded Lin Che on Weibo that Glorious Star’s ‘Glory’ was still broadcasting. Lin Che should release her show later and not compete with them.

The fans had her interest at heart. They did not want Lin Che to compete and end up losing the battle.

But Lin Che’s company already confirmed the schedule and they did not want to make any changes for any reason. Anyway, as Gu Jingze said, they already filmed the show. What happened after that would be up to the audience.

Within a few days, it was finally time for their show to be released.

The web series was uploaded and ready to be released for viewing on time at 8 PM that night.

Instantly, their partner website played the commercial for their TV show.

The moment they clicked on it, they would be able to see the promotional poster.

They released an episode with a bonus episode to introduce to the audience what was meant by filming and broadcasting at the same time.

Instantly, the rating for the first episode began rising.

Since this was Mu Feiran’s first drama for her comeback, the first episode’s click rate was not bad, but whether it would get better or gradually fall later would depend on how the show fared.

Everyone held their breaths and watched as the clock struck twelve. The click rate already broke through 80 million. This made everyone much more relieved. After all, there was no such thing as loud thunder leading to little rain. If the click rate could not go above 10 million, then this show would be doomed.

But it was still not certain whether it could outcompete Glorious Star Entertainment’s ‘Glory.’

The media was also keeping an eye on this show. The moment they saw the click rate, they were secretly puzzled. They went onto the website themselves and realized that this web series was really done pretty well.

Within half an hour, the story was compact and the scenes were funny. Some secondary scenes kept the audience glued to the screen. At the same time, the main storyline was sufficient. It made people want more.

Comments soon came out online. Some said that Mu Feiran’s performance was indeed a pleasant surprise.

Originally thinking that she was not suited for this type of role, not a hint of Mu Feiran leaked through Nichang’s character. The audience could only see a playful heroine and everyone liked her.

And the beautiful production also made people feel that this show was truly made with conscience, unlike ‘Glory’, which only made a nice poster. The quality of the former’s poster and trailer were completely the same as in the actual show.

It was not so obvious if one just looked at ‘Nichang’ alone. But since there was ‘Glory’ as a comparison, the result was much more obvious.

That was clearly a high-quality production, not some slipshod work.

Everyone’s verbal evaluation on the Internet immediately came out.

Releasing two episodes a week was clearly not enough for people. The next day, the click rate increased two-fold. It was now at an astonishing 160 million.

At the same time, everyone watched the pilot episode and knew that they filmed and broadcasted the show at the same time. Demands for them to quickly film the show also increased.

Speculations about what would happen next, as well as requests for the production crew to let the audience dictate the plot, also increased.

In a short time, the discussion on the Internet overshadowed Glorious Star’s ‘Glory’. The rating also exceeded that for ‘Glory’.

‘Glory’ was also mainly a weekly series that released two episodes a week. The episodes were released at a different time from ‘Nichang’. ‘Nichang’ released episodes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while ‘Glory’ released episodes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Logically, they would not clash, but everyone who watched ‘Nichang’ immediately felt the ‘Glory’ was not as nice.

The folks at Glorious Star were probably hopping mad. However, they could not blame anybody. After all, they wanted to release their show before ‘Nichang’, so they anxiously produced the show. As a result, the final product looked obviously rushed.

The viewers now were not fools either. They could tell what was done well or not. Of course, they would choose the one that was made properly.

Hype could be created for a while, but it could not sustain viewership. That was for certain.

Once opinions deteriorated, the viewership for ‘Glory’ soon fell.

Now, it was Glorious Star’s turn to be anxious.

The people who looked down on Lin Che and her show also started to regret their decisions.

Because of this trial, the show’s director, Nan Gongyu, once again became famous. Everyone wanted to interview him and ask what was the specific operation of this mode of filming and broadcasting at the same time. They also wanted to ask him what made him decide to direct this show, and if he expected it to turn out so well and get so well-received.

However, Nan Gongyu was still busy shooting and had no time for any interviews.

The other directors saw it and also never thought this would happen. Back then, Lin Che had to approach every single director. They were worried that the show was not good, so they rejected her.

Now, they felt that Nan Gongyu became the first person to direct this kind of TV series and he has gained a good reputation for himself. Because of their hesitance, they missed the chance to direct a highly-rated series. It was a pity.

But it was too late for regrets now.

Lin Che received many congratulatory calls.

She used to receive all these well-wishes as an actor. Receiving these calls for her first production now left Lin Che with mixed emotions. However, she could not deny that she was happy. To achieve this level of success also cheered her up significantly.

Unfortunately, her belly was getting bigger and she could not move around too much. She had to appear less at the production set to avoid any mishaps.

Gu Jingze also was by her side regularly. He even went to his company less because of her pregnancy.

Lin Che wanted to say that she was fine, but Gu Jingze stubbornly stayed by her side, serving her tea and water daily. She could not do anything about it.

For a big CEO like Gu Jingze to deliver warm water all the way to her side, Lin Che was really moved.

Looking at Gu Jingze, she said, “Tell me. You’re a big CEO and if you do this, do you know how embarrassed I’ll be”

Gu Jingze said, “Aren’t you a top dog now? Taking care of you is my honor.”

“Ha, you still can mock others!” Lin Che looked at him in surprise.


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