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Season 12

Episode 28

(Producing A Tv Show Is Too Difficult)

This time, Glorious Star used a recently popular actor along with some newcomers.

This classic method of a veteran leading newcomers had been used incisively.

When they started releasing the different characters, it already made people feel that it was very refreshing and easy to talk about. It was a good way to guarantee high viewership and a stable fan base.

Lin Ches company actually also used this method. Mu Feiran was accompanied by the companys newcomers. However, someone else had now taken the first spot and it was frustrating.

These newcomers were extremely nimble. As the TV show was about to be aired, they also began to post on Weibo to create hype.

Glorious Star also posted on Weibo for their own show.

But in their post, they even hinted an insult by saying, "We dont have the same abilities as some other companies and we dont have any backing, but we have our own principles and our own abilities."

This meant that they were probably jealous of Lin Ches company to be able to film and broadcast the show at the same time to create hype. However, they also mocked them for being able to do so because they had a backing.

If you want to develop yourself, you should concentrate on yourself. What was the meaning of stepping on others?

Of course, Lin Che ignored this. Lin Ches office also did not retaliate directly. They only released their own trailer quietly.

The trailer was not at all exaggerated. They only consisted of edited scenes of some of the characters, coupled with good music. It had the style of a big film. It was not dramatic; it only focused on being effective. The audience could immediately see the exquisite costumes and beautiful scenery. Once again, this was a ruthless slap to their opponents face.

What was a high-quality show?

They produced the show with their hearts. It was not something that could pass with some backing like what they said.

The netizens watched and were amazed by the styling and outfits.

It was done so beautifully.

It was not cumbersome, but it was very delicate. It was not like some period dramas where the costumes had modern elements and the plot would suddenly jump for no reason. Otherwise, it would be too cumbersome and costumes involved heavy headgear that looked too tiring. Mu Feirans simple outfit made people feel that she was reserved, pretty, and absolutely gorgeous.

Although she was already approaching thirty years old, she still looked as young as an eighteen-year-old girl. She emanated a lovely energy.

Most people have never seen Mu Feiran act in a show like this. In an instant, they felt that it was fresh. Originally, they did not have high expectations and thought that she was not suited for this kind of role. Now, they felt that they were too narrow-minded. Many actors looked like whatever role they acted. The ones not used to it were the audience, not the actors.

Very soon, Glorious Star also made a move. They released their extremely stunning trailer. It looked like an extremely beautiful trailer. Accompanied by melancholic music, it felt very romantic.

Lin Ches employees asked unjustly, "Arent they intentionally picking a fight? They do whatever we do. Seriously."

One productions show had a shocking style, while the other had a sad style. This stage really had a lively battle.

After that, because the two companies had different platforms buying their web series, the two different websites began competing as well.

One did a big-screen advertisement while the other bought a subway advertisement. One began doing interviews, while the other started doing articles.

The Internet also started voting for the two web series. Which one looked more promising?

It was not long after that Glorious Star wanted to snatch the market and released the show a week earlier.

Originally, this script was also huge in its genre. The novel already made people anticipate it. When the web series was released, naturally, many people clicked on it.

In a short time, ratings for this web series broke records.

Lin Ches office was angry. However, they were also very envious of their initial rating.

"They didnt fake it, right?"

"Seriously, they snatched the right timing. They simply released it early without giving a heads up."

However, everyone was indeed envious as they watched their opponents rating rise up.

The frustrating part was that the production for the first few episodes of Surprising Little Nichang was not completed yet. They still needed another two weeks before they could release the show.

They could only watch helplessly as their opponents rating broke records. The female lead also gained instant fame and she was praised like an angel. People said that she was a rare beauty. Her face was exquisite and there was not a single flaw on her. They even compared her with Lin Che and said that she was absolutely the next Lin Che.

Lin Ches office staff heard this and were even angrier.

They could stir up their own matters for publicity, but they actually involved Lin Che in it.

Once the web series was up, activities, publicity, and programs would definitely come in continuous waves.

It was just that although the rating was not bad, there were a lot of backlashes too.

The trailer they released initially was too beautiful. However, the entire show could not compare to that at all.

There were a lot of subpar effects and repeated plots. They also changed the novel until it was very messy. It made many fans extremely disappointed.

They anticipated it at the beginning but were later disappointed. Especially with how they placed so many modern advertisements within a period drama. It was really out of place.

But at this time, the ratings were already up and they did not care about the negative feedback. They already got the money they wanted anyway. The names were already out as well. In the domestic setting, many TV shows were like this. The backlash and ratings rose up together. The number of negative feedback was equivalent to how famous it was.

Lin Che observed from home and also felt angry for a while. However, she had seen her own post-production film. She was worried that even though they gave their best effort, they could not surpass their opponent.

Because she got too fired up with anxiety, she had a boil on her mouth.

Gu Jingze got up early and gave her some medicine. Looking at the boil on her lip, he shook his head and said, "What are you so anxious about? The show is already filmed and the rating is not something you can control."

Lin Che also felt awful. "Its not like I want to be anxious. Its just that looking at it makes me mad. This Glorious Star company is so annoying. I cant believe they stepped in right now. They obviously have something against us."

It was the summer vacation and the best season for ratings to increase exponentially. They also wanted to take advantage of the summer vacation, but they were met with an unexpected roadblock.

Gu Jingze said, "If you cant put yourself in the right state of mind, you shouldnt be producing TV shows in the future. Dont run a company either. This kind of thing is going to happen again in the future. Are you going to be this worried every single time?"

Lin Che pouted. "This is my first time In the future Well, I really dont want to produce TV shows in the future too. Its so infuriating."

Although she said that, she continued working on the show seriously.

Lin Che kept the company on schedule and unaffected by others. They had to follow their own pace.

Not long after, the post-production for the show was finally completed.

Lin Che and Mu Feiran watched the final product and were very satisfied.

There, they took a photo together and posted it on Weibo.


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