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Season 12

Episode 27

(The Tv Show Is About To Hit The Stage)

Li Mingyu said, "So, I thought that since Im back in C Nation, I had to come and greet the top dog here first. That is why youre the first person Im seeing."

"Please, dont think so highly of me. Im not some top dog."

"Ha. With Gu Jingze supporting you, you can do anything you want in C Nation, cant you?"

Lin Che shot him a look.

He said, "Im staying here for the time being. Well talk again when I buy a place tomorrow."

Tsk, tsk. Wealthy people were wealthy, indeed. They could simply declare such things easily.

This kind of person who bought what he wanted wherever he went was sassy.

She asked, "What about Weiwei?"

What was going to happen to Li Wei? Someone had to take care of him. She would not believe that Li Mingyu could take care of someone else.

Li Mingyu said, "Ill leave him to you."

"" Lin Che was dumbfounded. How could he be such a father?

Li Mingyu asked, "Arent you his godmother? Furthermore, I cant take care of a kid by myself. Babysit him for a couple of days while I get a house and find some maids tomorrow. By then, hell have someone to take care of him. Also, which kindergarten does that little devil of yours go to? Ill send him there as well."

Oh my, that kindergarten was going to be lively now.

Black Eagles daughter, Gu Jingzes son and now, Li Mingyus son would be there.

1If outsiders knew about this, the kindergarten would blow up in popularity.

But Li Mingyu did not reveal that he had already made up his mind at home. If possible, he would come and settle down in C Nation.

It was because he really looked up to that little devil of the Gu family. He wanted his son to learn from him at all costs.

Even if he couldnt become like the little devil, he could at least learn a few things.

Lin Che had no other choice. She looked at Li Wei, who was standing there. She thought that it was rather pitiful for him to have such a dad. It would be better to take him home with her.

The maids would help to take care of him and she would also help. Together, they would certainly be better than Li Mingyu alone.

She took Li Wei home and told Gu Jingze everything.

Gu Jingze replied, "I know that hes here."

Lin Che asked in surprise, "Really?"

He nodded plainly and said, "From the moment he entered the country, I already knew. The customs would naturally inform me if someone like him entered the country."


His little actions would cause a lot of people to stir too. Just like Gu Jingze, he would definitely attract attention wherever he went. She understood this.

He said, "People will always change, especially in business. We can be enemies one day and friends the next day. Since he wants to be friends now, well let him."

"Well About the child"

That child was also Mo Huilings child. She wondered if Gu Jingze would be concerned about this.

Gu Jingze said, "Im not that kind of person. Why would I make things difficult for a child? Before he is anybodys child, he is a person. I will respect every persons character. Since he has done nothing wrong, I wont put someone elses past mistakes on him."

Lin Che smiled, knowing that Gu Jingze was like this.

She said, "Okay, Ill make arrangements for his accommodation."

As Li Mingyu was busy settling down over the next few days, she also helped him a lot.

After that, they started filming for the TV drama. She had to oversee the editing as well as the publicity.

The TV series was initially named Surprising Little Nichang. It was about a time-traveling little girl named Nichang who traveled through ancient times to save lives.

When they started promoting the show, people immediately gained interest and discussed it passionately.

Firstly, they thought that the theme was rather interesting. It was a short series on time-traveling that was both comedic and full of emotions. It seemed like a multi-layered drama and many people began to anticipate it.

And their method of broadcasting while they filmed also made people anticipate the show.

This kind of method had a low success rate, to begin with, but Lin Che was different. At a time like this, her connections still came in handy. Once people heard that it was filmed by Yu Minmins company, many instantly paid attention to it.

Other companies were very envious. If only they had the same abilities.

However, they did not know that success through networking was actually very stressful too.

She had to do a good job that completely fulfilled the requirements to pass. Only then would she be able to shut those naysayers up and not embarrass herself.

But no matter what, the TV drama was already approved now and everything was ready. All they were left with was the editing.

Everyone also anticipated Mu Feirans comeback highly, but there were few voices who objected to it. They felt that Mu Feirans comeback show should have been a major drama. How could it be a web series like this?

And it was a comedy at that.

"Does Mu Feiran need money so much that shell accept a show like this?"

"Has Mu Feirans value dropped?"

"She must have been scammed and duped by her friend."

Many netizens spewed such nonsense. They looked down on Mu Feirans and Lin Ches new show.

However, Lin Che was not bothered by them. They filmed the show wholeheartedly and it was definitely a good production. It wasnt one that cut costs and materials.

Furthermore, they did not invest a lot in actors and the actors were not extravagantly paid. Thus, most of the budget was spent on operations.

But before they could publish their trailer, another website suddenly publicized their new web series.

It was a show focused on intellectual property.

They said that they had filmed it a long time ago, but they hid it for a long time. Nobody knew who filmed it.

Now, they released a trailer.

After that, they released the feature posters of one cast member at a time.

That was a spiritual drama that was extremely popular at the beginning. It was a thought-provoking spiritual drama that was refreshing and enjoyable to watch.

They released a feature poster one day and everyone was intrigued. They felt that the show was going to start airing so unexpectedly and it was simply too fine.

The poster was very attractive. The IP show was already hyped up. Now, it was stirring more waves before it was broadcasted.

Upon closer look, Lin Che and the crew then realized

Wasnt this show produced by Glorious Star?

Glorious Star Entertainment was the company that competed with Lin Ches company before.

They were later suppressed and it was a slap to their faces.

But it was just a slap on the face. They naturally survived well after that. Otherwise, how could they release a show to rival Lin Ches right now? Wasnt it to steal Lin Ches shows spotlight?

The company people were more infuriated by this sneaky tactic. If their opponent had the guts, they should compare viewership instead.

But viewership and publicity were very much related. That was certain.

Lin Che comforted everyone. They indeed picked the right time such that there would be hype. It was also due to their impressive publicity skills.

What the company could do now was to battle against them and give whatever they had.

Everyone heard this and started thinking of ideas. It was rather late already, but they immediately gathered some information about their rival.

Know thyself and thy adversary to win a hundred battles.


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