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Season 12

Episode 26

(Li Mingyu Suddenly Paid Them A Visit)

As for Qin Qing, he quickly left with his mother in tow. When they arrived outside, he immediately shrugged off his mothers hand and asked, "Mother, what did you tell me?"

Qin Qings mother was also full of regret right now.

"I I you saw what happened too. She deliberately wanted to provoke me. Her objective was to have Gu Jingze punish me."

Qin Qing smiled grimly. She was still obstinately going about things the wrong way right now. He no longer wanted to say anything to her.

Qin Qings mother nagged incessantly behind him. "Why does Gu Jingze indulge her so much? Why is he so biased towards her? Why does he spoil her so much? He even said that no one in C Nation could offend her. She can insult anyone she wants to. Good lord. How could he say something like that?"

She simply found it unbelievable and was greatly surprised. Gu Jingze treated Lin Che way too well.

What charms did Lin Che have to make Gu Jingze so accepting of her?

He treated her so well that it would truly make anyone jealous.

How could Lin Che be so lucky to have such a lucky encounter?

Qin Qing could not be bothered with her anymore. He scoffed and said, "Once we go back, dont just go out whenever you want to."

If she could not do that, he was truly worried that Gu Jingze would continue to target her after knowing about it. It was preferable for her to stay put at home. At least that way, she would not bring death upon herself, nor would she bring the Qin family to its downfall.

Seeing that the mother and son had left, Gu Jingze said to Lin Che, "How do you feel? Did you vent your anger earlier?"

Lin Che nodded. "Yes, yes. I vented my anger."

Gu Jingze walked in with his arm around her.

Even if he genuinely did not care who she was going to go against, he had nevertheless deliberately said what he had said earlier.

The more arrogantly he said it, the angrier they were.

Thus, Lin Che Gu Jingze enjoyed the expressions on their faces; they were obviously furious, but there was nothing they could do about it.

In reality, Gu Jingze would not let her cause trouble so blindly. She would never do something like insult people randomly either.

They both knew this, so they coordinated with each other extremely well earlier.

Lin Che sighed and said to Gu Jingze, "I really wonder why Qin Qing is already grown up and looks extremely successful, but still behaves so indecisively at times? I cant believe he actually thought that his mother would really come here and apologize to me. How could he be so trusting of his mother?"

Gu Jingze said, "There are several reasons for his success too. For instance, the Qin family is confident. Secondly, he has always had very good luck. Its easier for people who have succeeded to succeed even more. Its enough that everyone trusts him, but he must have some weaknesses in several aspects. Otherwise, the Qin family would not be stuck where they are but instead expand even more. Several families reach a bottleneck after progressing to a certain stage, precisely because they still havent done enough."

Lin Che cocked her head to the side and asked, "So, what you mean is that the Gu family was able to develop so well because youre good at everything?"

Gu Jingze raised his eyebrows. "What do you think?"

He was the only person capable of such a covert way of bragging.

"Tch. Youre really becoming more and more shameless now. Hmph."

"Hn, yes. Im capable of doing things that are even more shameless, much less this"

He moved slightly closer. He placed his hand on Lin Ches face and caressed it.

After violating the rule he had set for himself the last time and starting to touch her, he was unable to control himself when it came to certain things.

If it happened once, it would happen a second time.

But he tried his best not to be too forceful. It was enough for him to satisfy himself a bit. He dared not ask for more either.

1The next day

Qin Qing called Lin Che early in the morning.

Seeing that he was calling, Lin Che pondered for a bit before picking up.

After all, it was his mother who had scolded her and not him.

Qin Qings voice sounded slightly dejected. It was extremely deep and low and was full of guilt. "Lin Che, Im truly sorry for what happened yesterday. I really thought that my mother was coming over to apologize to you. I thought that no conflict is unresolvable, so I agreed. But she"

Lin Che no longer wished to give him any advice.

Sometimes, being completely disappointed in someone did not mean that you had to reprimand him and hit him. If you actually reprimanded and hit him, it meant that you still genuinely wanted him to change. But now, she no longer wanted to do anything. There was nothing she wanted to do and nothing she wanted to say either. She did not care what he wanted to do. This was a complete disappointment.

Lin Che said, "Its fine."

Qin Qing said, "Thank you, Lin Che. Im truly sorry. I was afraid that you would be angry and those things you said in the past, did my mother actually say those things to you?"

Lin Che paused. She no longer wanted to recall the things that had happened in the past. Anyway, they had long passed. If she continued harping on them, she would appear to be so petty.

"It doesnt matter anymore. I only talked about it to make her remember and aware that it was definitely not her first time offending me. She did it so many times in the past."

Qin Qing felt even more guilty. "Im sorry"

"It really doesnt matter. Qin Qing, go ahead with your work. Its time for me to go too."

"Sure. Ill treat you to a meal next time as penance."

"Alright. When the opportunity arises."

Lin Che hung up the phone.

Just then, a maid came in from outside and said, "Madam, a man called asking for you."


"He called the house phone, probably because he doesnt have your number. But he said that hes very close to you. He even said that you would know once we told you his name."

"Whats his name?" Lin Che was genuinely very confused.

"Li Mingyu."


Lin Che hastily went over to pick up the phone. Why had this guy called out of the blue?

Over the phone, Li Mingyu said, "Hey, I finally found you. Arent you going to come to pick me up now?"

"What? Pick you up?"

"From the airport. Where else?"

"Pft, youre in C Nation?"

"You dont say!"

Lin Che frantically rushed to the airport.

Sure enough, Li Mingyu had arrived.

He was there with the future of his family in tow.

The child stood at the side in a very obedient manner. He was so shy that it made her heart ache.

Upon seeing Lin Che, he said, "Dear me, its so difficult to find you."

Seeing that he was too eyecatching standing there, Lin Che hastily pulled him away first.

The Gu family had an exclusive waiting room here. They also had their own parking lot. She brought him there first and said, "Why did you call my house number?"

"How can you have the cheek to say that? I cant believe you didnt leave me your number given our relationship."


Their relationship the way they met each other each time was a little strange. She never remembered to leave him her number too.

He said, "Luckily, Im smart and knew to call your house number. Otherwise, who would I seek shelter from after coming here?"

"Thats enough. You have so much money. Even without me, youre a rich man. You can go anywhere in B City and do anything you want."

"Im not as rich as you. Hehe. If I come here, I will definitely eat your food and have your drinks. Ill follow your plans, so tell me, where will you bring me?"

Lin Che first took him to the hotel owned by the Gu family. After settling them down, she wanted to ask him why he was here in B City.

Li Mingyu said, "Its all because Gu Jingze stopped the policy recently. Hes not planning to suppress me in C Nation, so Im coming to C Nation to develop my career."

Come to think of it, he had not expected Gu Jingze to actually be so magnanimous because he had helped Lin Che out this time and saved her. Gu Jingze was no longer going to fixate on things that had happened in the past.

Lin Ches charm was actually so overpowering.


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