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Season 12

Episode 24

(Were Here To Apologize)

"Mother thats not what I mean, but"

He wondered if it was a good idea to bother Lin Che regarding this matter.

Qin Qings mother said, "If not, I can just go there to apologize. I said some pretty nasty things before. It should be fine for me to go and apologize, right?"

Qin Qings mother tried to persuade him for a long time. In the end, Qin Qing said, "Well then apologizing is fine."

Secretly, Qin Qing also wanted he also wanted to meet Lin Che.

No matter what the reason was, this way, he would have a reason to meet her.

That night, Lin Che was at home with the chef, learning how to cook.

Because she had nothing to do, she had run off to the kitchen.

All of the kitchen staff were immensely shocked. They were afraid that something would go wrong again as she was currently pregnant.

They sent someone to ask Gu Jingze, who said that it was fine. Only then did they let her stay here and learn. But they didnt dare to teach her anything complicated. They started with something simple, merely as a way for her to spend time.

However, just then, some sounds traveled in from outside.

One of the maids came and said, "Madam, Mr. Qin is here. He says that he wants to see you."

Confused, Lin Che asked, "Mr. Qin?"

"Mr. Qin Qing."

When Lin Che stepped out, she never expected Qin Qing to come here with his mother.

The moment he saw Lin Che, both of them were slightly at a loss.

Lin Che was wearing a white apron that had a few childish polka dots on it. She looked very cute and playful. Her hair was tied up simply. Because she was at home, she had no make-up on and her clothes were very casual too.

However, her face was simply beautiful. Her face, which would not disappoint anyone no matter where she went, appeared extremely exquisite at the moment too.

For a moment, Qin Qings breath was taken away because he had never seen Lin Che in her daily life.

As for Qin Qings mother, upon seeing that she was unexpectedly wearing an apron, she wondered if she was actually cooking at home.

Hehe. Was this what Xue Mengqi meant when she said Gu Jingze spoiled her very much? How exactly was this spoiling her? This was how she was at home.

Qin Qings mother glanced at her disdainfully. But she looked around and thought that this place was truly beautiful. It looked majestic upon sight. Staying in a place like this every day would be worth it no matter how she was treated at home.

Qin Qings mother looked at Lin Che and said hastily, "Good gracious, Lin Che. You finally came out. Weve been waiting here for a very long time."

Lin Che looked at the two of them. It seemed that she could not be bothered with Qin Qings mother. She spoke only to Qin Qing beside her. "Are you here for any particular reason?"

Qin Qing was a little embarrassed. "Its nothing. My mother wanted to apologize to you personally."

Qin Qings mother looked at the maids walking to and fro here. She genuinely felt that Lin Che was very lucky to live such a happy life. With so many maids walking around here, didnt it mean that she didnt have to lift a finger here?

But why did she still have to cook?

Oh. Perhaps it was to curry favor with Gu Jingze, to show that she was a virtuous wife and mother.

She was deep in thought when Qin Qing nudged her. Only then did she frantically say, "Im sorry, Lin Che. I spoke a little out of turn the last time. You know that I have no filter when I speak. I tend to offend people easily. I want to control myself too, but Ive never been able to do it. Thats why I offended you. Im genuinely very sorry."

An apology?

Lin Che thought that perhaps she should accept her apology out of respect for Qin Qing.

However, this was not the first time Qin Qings mother had done such a thing. Furthermore, this time, it seemed that she was definitely not here to offer a sincere apology.

Thus, Lin Che looked straight at Qin Qings mother and smiled grimly. She responded, "Oh? Did Auntie do anything to apologize for?"

Qin Qings mother cursed internally while looking at her arrogant expression.

What was she acting arrogant about? In the past, she was simply a young lass living in the Lin familys maid quarters. She was always wearing clothes that people discarded. Now that she had made something of herself by accident, she was so arrogant all of a sudden.

1But now, she did, have a favor to ask of her. She had no choice but to willingly lower her head.

"I offended you because I spoke out of turn."

Lin Che smiled faintly. "You dont look like youre apologizing."

Qin Qings mother was momentarily at a loss for words while looking at her. She did not expect Lin Che to be so arrogant when she had just bowed her head.

The way Lin Che was tilting her head and looking at her was so conceited too.

Qin Qings mother was so angry. But she was already here.

She could do anything for her son.

She quickly said, "Im truly sorry. Lin Che, you can hit me and shout at me all you want. Anyway, Im here to apologize to you sincerely. I know that youre living a good life now. Youre no longer the Lin Che of the past. Youve made something of yourself and you have status now. In the past, I was shortsighted and looked down on you because I was ignorant."

"Oh. Anything else?" She cocked her head to the side, obviously still dissatisfied.

Qin Qings mother tamped down her anger. She had no choice but to continue saying, "I used to criticize you all the time. It was also because I had bad intentions. I know now that I was wrong. Ill make up for my mistakes. Will that do? I recognize my mistake in reprimanding you in the past. I also recognize my mistake in looking down on you in the past. In the past"

"You even suspected me of stealing food from your house previously. You even chased me out of your house and prohibited me from looking for Qin Qing in the future because vermin like me was not suited to be friends with Qin Qing. You even told me to keep my dirty hands away and not to touch the food on your familys table,"

Lin Che added while looking at her.

In the past, she had tolerated every single one of those malicious words for Qin Qings sake. Now that she thought about it, she felt that her words had truly been terrible and made her retch.

The hurt that it caused to her was immense as well. But she had never brought it up and felt that she was merely an unimportant person. She did not have to waste time on her.

Since she had come here today to offer an apology, she could not blame Lin Che.

If she was going to apologize, she had many other things to apologize for.

Qin Qings mother momentarily did not know what to say. She paused and recalled the words she had said in the past.

Naturally, she did not remember anything as she had always been a lofty person. To ordinary people, the Qin family was definitely very wealthy. Everyone was respectful towards her outside and said good things about her, making her feel extremely vain. But she had to lower herself here and even be mocked by Lin Che.

It was a pity that their family really could not raise their heads in front of the Gu family. On top of that, they were here today precisely to ask a favor of her

Qin Qings mother expression was impossibly rigid. She felt that she had never humbled herself to this extent. "You then what else do you want me to do?"

Lin Che tilted her head directly. "Frankly, you dont have to say anything. I dont want to listen to your apology because I wont forgive you at all."


Qin Qings mother finally blew up in anger.

"You Lin Che, are you playing with me?"

"Thats definitely not what I said." Lin Che looked at her.

But Qin Qings mother could no longer withstand it.

She nearly rushed at her.

"How could you just insult someone like that? Lin Che, I cant believe that you live such a good life in the Gu family. Does Gu Jingze know that youre so uncultured? I already humbled myself and came here to apologize, but youre toying around with me. You"

"Whats going on?"

Just then, Gu Jingzes voice came from the doorway.

When he found out that Qin Qing was coming, he immediately rushed back only to coincidentally bump into this scene as well.


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