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Season 12

Episode 23

(Killing Two Birds With One Stone)

Meanwhile, Gu Jingze was still discussing these matters with Lin Che.

Whereas Qin Qing was in a cold war with Xue Mengqi.

Recently, Xue Mengqi had been complaining that he was too busy to spend time with her.

However, Qin Qing felt that Xue Mengqi was too self-centered and did not respect him.

Perhaps it was because Xue Mengqi was a rich young heiress that she did not care about others feelings and did not really care for Qin Qings career. Thus, she always asked Qin Qing to drop everything on hand to accommodate her.

But Qin Qing did not want to. He still wanted to have his career. Furthermore, he felt that he was doing pretty well too.

That day, he had just arrived home when a fragrant and soft body clung onto him.

Qin Qing froze before looking at Xue Mengqi. "You"

Xue Mengqi moved closer and looked at him in a very sickening manner. "Qin Qing you havent looked for me for the past few days. Didnt you miss me?"

Qin Qing looked at her. She was dressed only in a translucent piece of clothing. Her exquisite figure was partly hidden and partly visible and was on display right in front of him. Of course, his entire body would heat up.


Xue Mengqi immediately tumbled onto the bed with him. The two of them got intimate for some time before getting drenched in sweat. Naturally, their earlier misunderstanding needed no words.

Xue Mengqi was simply that smart. She knew how to behave coquettishly to make his anger disappear.

Xue Mengqi looked at Qin Qing but ventured, "Did you miss me over the past few days?"

Qin Qing said, "Of course I did."

Xue Mengqi said, "Eh. Sometimes, I want to get married. At other times, I dont want to get married."

"Hn. Why?" At the mention of marriage, the two of them were naturally very sensitive since they were already in talks to get married.

Xue Mengqi said, "I want to get married when I see how good the relationship between Cousin Brother and Cousin Sister-In-Law is. I feel as if marriage seems like quite a good thing. But at the same time, I dont want to get married because Im afraid that the relationship will turn dull after we get married."

Cousin Brother and Cousin Sister-In-Law

Qin Qings expression paused briefly.

Xue Mengqi said, "Why do you think Cousin Brother treats Cousin Sister-In-Law so well? Theyve already been married for so many years, but the two of them are still joined at the hip. Previously, Cousin Brother even fired a secretary who has been with him for eight years immediately because she had offended Cousin Sister-In-Law."

Qin Qings expression became even more unpleasant.

Of course, Xue Mengqi had noticed this. Her heart turned cold too.

A man was looking at her but thinking of another woman. Of course, she was unhappy.

Seeing that Xue Mengqi did not speak again, Qin Qing averted his gaze and hastily refocused his attention. He said, "I will be good to you too."

Xue Mengqi leaned against him. "Really?"

"Of course I mean it," he said while patting her body.

But Xue Mengqi thought to herself,It would be good if he meant it. If he did not then, no one could blame her for being harsh.

Subsequently, Xue Mengqi started asking about his work affairs.

Qin Qing told her about some of the previous projects.

Xue Mengqi immediately cried out in surprise, "Ah, the project youre talking about seems to be the Gu familys project."

Qin Qing said, "Really? But the Gu family has many projects every year."

Xue Mengqi said, "In that case, Ill go back and ask for you. If possible, Ill get it just for you."

Although Qin Qing did not really like relying on such relationships, this project was a huge one. If he managed to snag it, he would not have to worry about the profit for the whole year.

Qin Qing said, "Ill have to trouble you then."

After becoming the director, he had become much more mature.

He knew that there were times when he could not let emotions affect his decisions. Just because he said he did not need to rely on relationships did not mean he did not need to.

Because a family, a company, and a huge number of employees were waiting for him to pay their salary. There were so many areas in the company that required money. One huge project could resolve so many things. He would not reject it.

Xue Mengqi returned home soon after.

"I want to know whats happening with Hanlan Ski Resort."

This time, Gu Jingze was building a ski resort in the west region. The project was a huge one. In the future, it would even serve as the designated venue for national sporting events, so it was extremely important.

Her subordinate immediately said, "That project is still open for tender. Eighty f companies have already bid for it."

"Doesnt that mean competition is very stiff?"

"Of course."

Xue Mengqi huffed. "Seems like we can let Qin Qing meet Lin Che a few more times through this."

Xue Mengqis subordinate still did not understand what she was planning to do.

Xue Mengqi said, "My husband cannot be disloyal to me. Im killing two birds with one stone by doing this. First, I can test him. If he genuinely spurns Lin Che, then he will still become my husband. If he doesnt, he and Lin Che will not meet a good end. When the time comes, I will make sure that he and Lin Che die together."

If something went awry with Lin Che, then the position of mistress of the household would be hers for sure.

So, through this, she could kill two birds with one stone.

Her subordinate asked, "In that case, how would you give them chances to meet?"

"Ill go to their house and discuss the matter."

The next day, Xue Mengqi went to Qin Qings house.

Her going to the Qin residence was already a common occurrence. She went there many days a week.

Qin Qings mother was extremely courteous and enthusiastic towards her. She tugged at her and kept repeating herself.

Xue Mengqi asked in a very natural manner, "By the way, Qin Qing mentioned the construction of the ski resort."

"Oh, youve heard about it too. Hes constantly been busy because of this lately."

"Really? Im very worried too. But I heard that the competition is quite stiff."

"We have to trouble you to help Qin Qing too."

"Of course. His affairs are mine too. My cousin brother is in charge of this matter. Eh, perhaps you guys dont know my cousin brother well. Otherwise, one word from him would settle it."

"Dear me, of course. Do you think you could ask him about it?" Qin Qings mother asked.

Xue Mengqi said, "My cousin brother is a very secluded person. He definitely wont listen to me."

Qin Qings mother was very disappointed.

Then, she said again, "If youre talking about who he listens to, he may not even listen to Old Master. But theres a person whose words he will definitely listen to."

"Oh. Who are you talking about?"

"Lin Che. His wife. Hes a henpecked husband. He will definitely obey Lin Che no matter what she says."

Lin Che

Was Lin Che so formidable?

Although Qin Qings mother felt terrible as if she had chewed on something that tasted bad, she felt her heart twitch slightly.

Lin Che was on very good terms with Qin Qing.

If they could snag the project, it would be worth a few hundred million.

Over the past few days, Qin Qing had constantly been harming his health over this matter. He could neither eat nor sleep.

After Xue Mengqi left, Qin Qings mother thought for a long time before deciding to discuss with Qin Qing.

The moment she saw Qin Qing, she immediately asked, "Why dont you go and discuss that project with Lin Che?"

Qin Qing said, "Mother why did you suddenly"

Qin Qings mother said, "Thats a huge project thats worth so much money. Anything else is secondary. Getting the money is the most important. Since Lin Che is so powerful, just go and talk to her about it."

Qin Qings mother was thinking that it would not matter if they did not get the project after talking to Lin Che about it. But what if they got it?

"If she doesnt agree, Ill apologize to her. Previously, I made a mistake and said the wrong thing. Im willing to do anything if she can hand the project over to you."


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