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Season 12

Episode 22

(This Was Way Too Ridiculous)

Mu Feiran stood there with her hand on her forehead.

She had known that Black Hawk was a little unpredictable.

But it was Lin Ches first time encountering him like this. For a moment, she was slightly stunned.

She quickly tugged Black Hawk and asked, "Hey, did you move the entire cafe over here?"

Black Hawk looked at his men move the objects inside while saying to Lin Che, "Not really. I just told them to bring their belongings here and have a few staff come along. The coffee wont taste good after it turns cold later. Furthermore, I wasnt sure how much coffee was needed, either. Isnt it great to have them come here and make it?"


He was way too generous with his money.

Lin Che glared at him. "Wow why didnt you just open a cafe on set?"

Black Hawk asked, "Does the production crew need one? I can make them permanently open shop here."

"No, no drinking too much coffee is unhealthy too" Lin Che glared at him.

Mu Feiran no longer knew what to say. She saw that the production staff were all dumbfounded as well. They wondered what was happening again today.

Mu Feiran hastily said, "Im treating everyone to some coffee Go and choose the flavor you want. I I dont know your taste preferences either."

Everyone was utterly stunned from shock too. They merely looked in unison at the charming man who had sent the coffee here.

The moment they saw Black Hawk, they felt that his masculine aura was immensely overpowering. It subconsciously made them think that he was a walking hormone.

"Sister Feiran is so great. She brings us good food and drinks every day."

"Indeed. Were so fortunate to be in the same crew as Sister Feiran."

Everyone was still talking and looking at Mu Feiran. They felt that Mu Feiran had become very courteous after making her comeback. She also loved chatting with others and joking around with them. She seemed much more personable.

In comparison to the Mu Feiran of yesterday, they felt that Mu Feiran was much nicer now.

Of course, they did not know that Mu Feiran had been with Mo Ding in the past. Mo Ding was in charge of everything and had never asked for her approval.

Furthermore, Mo Ding had always kept her on a tight leash. He did not allow others to get close to her and did not want her to have friends.

Thus, she came to the set only when she had to film and left when she did not. She basically had very little interaction with people.

Mo Ding was also a very stingy person who never bought many things for the people in the production crew. She even felt that these people should be the ones to flatter Mu Feiran. There was no reason for Mu Feiran to be courteous towards them.

When Mu Feiran asked about it from time to time, he merely patronized her and forgot about it later on.

Now that she had left Mo Ding and was on her own, she was having a pleasant time with the production crew. She thought about the past again. Those days, she always felt that filming was very tiring. Perhaps it was precisely because she did not have a single friend on set.

But Lin Che was able to make friends on set. Everyone liked her and would have fun with her, so Lin Ches production crew was just like one big family. Going there would make people very happy.

Now, it was the same for her too. Even though she was new here, she was still having a very good and relaxing time.

Furthermore, although Black Hawk had gone a bit overboard, he had genuinely considered many things on her behalf and was so understanding.

She sighed feelingly for a moment.

It was probably the case that before meeting someone who treated you well, you would feel that the person you met was already great.

Everyone rushed to get coffee. They felt that this place had truly turned into a mobile coffee shop. Every kind of coffee was made extremely well.

Lin Che laughed mischievously and looked at Black Hawk. "Good lord youre obviously not as attentive towards this younger sister of yours."

But Black Hawk was natural and relaxed about it too. He was not uptight at all and stood there. He then said, "You have everything. Gu Jingze has already ingratiated himself sufficiently with you. What else do you need me to do?"

Lin Che scoffed. "No need to make excuses. Anyway, valuing sex over friendship is human nature, to begin with"

"Yes, yes. So, do you have anything else to say?" Black Hawk asked directly.


Lin Che was really at a loss for words.

But Mu Feirans face was impossibly red. She looked at the two siblings discuss this right in front of her and did not know what to say.

"You guys you guys talk first. Ill go in and take a look"

Mu Feiran frantically went in while speaking.

Lin Che knew that she was shy and did not chase after her either.

She looked at Black Hawk instead and asked, "How are you guys doing?"

Black Hawk raised his eyebrows. "Hn. Dont worry. Everything is going according to plan."

Lin Che expressed her doubts. "Really? Why do I feel as if there hasnt been any progress at all? Have you been to their house and stayed the night? Have you kissed?"

"Hehe. None of your business."

"Oh no, so that means you havent?"

Black Hawk turned away and ignored her.

Lin Che shook her head. "Its probably because Mu Feiran is too shy. Youre so reserved too. Eh. Seriously. You make me worry so much. Why arent you making preparations to give Yunyun a complete family?"

Black Hawk did not seem anxious at all. He looked up and seemed to be thinking that a day like that was bound to come anyway.

But Lin Che had already started planning in her mind.

When they returned home, Lin Che even said to Gu Jingze, "I think that Black Hawk and Mu Feiran are progressing way too slowly."

"Why?" Gu Jingze looked up and asked.

Lin Che said, "Black Hawk gives her presents every day and is thoughtful and nice to her. But he just doesnt say whats in his heart. I understand Feirans personality too. Shes exceptionally shy, and shes not very confident in herself right now. I think that they will probably drag this out for a very long time this way."

"So youre planning to play matchmaker?"

"Yes, yes." Lin Che continued, "Our series will be ready for broadcast after about a month of filming. A website has already bought the right to broadcast it. It will have the exclusive right to do so when the time comes. The show will air while filming continues, so I reckon we can start airing it after filming five episodes. If the viewer ratings are alright, Im thinking of inviting them out to enjoy themselves. Ill bring them together that way."

Gu Jingze said, "Are you starting to worry about other peoples relationship lives because you have nothing to do right now?"

"Theyre not just anyone. Both of them are the people closest to me. Of course, Im anxious. Whats more" Lin Che wrapped her arms around his neck. "Its true that I havent had much to do recently," she said while smiling mischievously.

Gu Jingze said, "Well then, just arrange it as you wish. You can tell me how you want me to cooperate. But"

He looked at Lin Ches belly. "In another month, your belly will be much bigger."

"Yes. Ill be nearly seven months pregnant then."

"If you really go out and play, choose a location thats nearer."

"Okay. In that case, Ill think about it first over the next few days."

Gu Jingze looked at her. "Besides, are you so sure that the viewer ratings will definitely be very high?"

Lin Che said, "Of course. I must have confidence in my own production. Im confident that our series will definitely have pretty good ratings. No matter how it does, well make a profit."

With Nan Gongyu leading the production and Mu Feiran acting in it, coupled with the fact that she was doing this to create a quality production, she felt that the viewer ratings were guaranteed.


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