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Season 12

Episode 21

(Good Gracious Youre So Intimate With Each Other)

But something occurred to her just then. She looked up and asked, "Well, I heard that desserts from Soo Kee are very difficult to buy. There are only a hundred pieces a day. Did you order them beforehand because you had already had that in mind?"

She thought that perhaps they could be ordered in advance.

He said, "Oh, it was easy."

She looked at him to see him say calmly, "I didnt have to order them in advance."

"Oh, is that so? Maybe with your status it was easier for you to go and order them. In any case, they said that we wouldnt be able to buy them."

Mo Jinyan said, "I instructed my men to go there early in the morning and tell him I wanted everything. Initially, he refused to sell them to me. I said that he could decide between selling them to me or having his store wrecked and trashed into the bin. He sold them to me in the end."


So he had actually stolen them

Although she could not call that stealing either

But it was no different.

Furthermore, he had done it in such an open manner. There was nothing anyone could do about it.

Mu Feiran truly could not imagine the facial expressions of the staff in the store.

They were probably in disbelief but dared not voice it.

Mu Feiran said, "Next time, we can give everyone food that is a bit easier to get. They will be very happy too."

1"Oh. Like what? I havent given people things very often. Tell me about your past experiences," he said.

Mu Feiran thought about it. She wanted to say lamb skewers but was afraid he would suddenly send a few lambs over to be barbecued. She wanted to suggest hotpot but feared that he would immediately build a hotpot restaurant on the set. She wanted to say

She could only say, "Never mind, never mind. Its nothing."

She would not talk about it anymore, lest he comes up with something even more serious than robbing a store.

Mu Feiran looked at Mo Jinyan. For a moment, she felt that no matter how powerful a person was, there could nevertheless be several cute qualities about him.

For instance, this incident truly

Changed her impression of him slightly.

When he was unreasonable, she genuinely felt that he was kind of adorable

She may not have noticed it, but why did she find him adorable when he was unreasonable?

Perhaps it was actually because anything done by a person you liked would be cute.


Lin Che did not go for the opening ceremony, because she knew that many reporters would definitely be there, whereas she was not in a position to appear there at the moment.

But she would definitely go when she visited her on set later on.

After all, this was a series that her company was producing. She had to go and take a look.

Today, Mu Feiran had scenes with the young and handsome male lead.

As Mu Feiran had not filmed for a long time, she still needed to familiarize herself with the process. As for the male lead, he was also a little stiff because he was acting with Mu Feiran and felt genuinely nervous.

Behind them, Nan Gongyu called out, "Can you guys do it or not? Are we going to waste the entire day on the two of you?"

Mu Feiran asked sheepishly, "Why dont we rehearse one more time? Lets try to evoke our emotions again."

Nan Gongyu curled his lips. "Feiran, I understand that you returned recently. Ill give you another day. If we cant film tomorrow, I will really get angry."

"Yes, Ill try my best, for sure!" Mu Feiran sighed and shook her head.

Just then, Lin Che came in.

"Wow, Nan Gongyu, youre so strict."

Upon seeing Lin Che, Nan Gongyu sat up in his chair.

"Hey, big-shot producer. Youre not going to interfere with this, too, right?"

Lin Che said, "Of course not. I was just saying that youre a devilish director, as expected."

Inside, Mu Feiran said, "Its also because Im not up to par. The director is not bad. Hes not that fierce."

Because Lin Che was here, the production crew stopped filming briefly. The remaining tasks still continued, while filming ceased. Some people went to set up the backdrop. Some went to prepare the props while others went to touch up the make-up. Several people involved in the filming process continued to watch from beside Lin Che.

Nan Gongyu looked at Lin Ches belly and clicked his tongue twice. Sure enough, his prediction back then had been right.

Although she was wearing a very loose dress to avoid being too obvious outside, her stomach was still slightly visible. While they could not see it protruding, they could tell that she was pregnant.

Everyone here belonged to the production crew. Most of them were employees of the company, so they were also aware of her physical condition. The rest had signed non-disclosure agreements too. They did not dare to spread rumors in the industry either, lest people find out that they were the ones spreading the rumors. In the future, they would have a bad reputation and people may not dare to engage their services again.

This industry still placed emphasis on reputation, especially for staff who carried out miscellaneous tasks.

The young man at the side hastily greeted Lin Che respectfully upon seeing her. "Sister Che."

He was a young idol from their company. He had just debuted and was still very cautious.

Lin Che said, "How are things? Isnt it very exciting to be working with a goddess in your first series?"

The young idol quickly said, "Yes, yes. Its truly a great honor. Im just afraid that I will make mistakes and hinder Sister Feiran."

Mu Feiran said, "Dont say that. Im no different from a rookie right now. Didnt you see it? The director even yelled at me earlier. While were acting, well only do things according to our roles. I will only be Sister Feiran when were outside. Youre the powerful male lead in the series. Im the female lead who has to rely on you for survival."

Nan Gongyu said, "Thats right. Listen to Feiran. Dont cower in front of a woman. The series will turn out so terrible. This male lead simply has to be more overbearing."

Hearing this, the young idol felt very strongly as well. He hastily said, "Yes, Ill definitely work hard!"

But even though he said so, he was acting with Mu Feiran when he had only just started. There was no way he could forget her status as a top actress so quickly. Even if a top actress was making her comeback, she was still a top actress. She had so many fans and was so famous back then. Her years of experience also spoke for themselves. Anyone would be nervous.

He moved to the side to adjust himself. He knew that he could not waste everyones time because of this. He had to adjust himself to the situation.

Lin Che smiled while looking at him. "Hes a rookie from our company. Director Nan Gongyu, how do you find him? Hes not bad, right?"

Nan Gongyu said, "I really cant tell right now. Apart from being good looking and having quite a good personality, I havent seen any other good qualities."

"Tch. Youre not considering my feelings at all."

"Hes so much worse than he was during the audition," he said.

Lin Che nudged Mu Feiran. "Its all because Feirans presence is too strong. He was frightened silly."

Mu Feiran said, "Of course not. What does it have to do with me?"

Nan Gongyu let the two girls walk around the set first while he went off to speak to the male lead about his scenes.

Mu Feiran even said, "Nan Gongyu is really good. Youre fortunate to have met him through a production."

In actual fact, most of the directors whom Mu Feiran met would be very respectful towards her and would be particularly subservient to her. That made her feel uncomfortable instead.

Nan Gongyu berated her when she had to be berated. It made her feel much better.

The two of them were still speaking when they heard the sound of cars outside.

They looked up

Black Hawk?

Lin Che caught sight of Mo Jinyan and immediately shouted, "Hey, why"

The moment Black Hawk alighted from the car and saw that Lin Che was around too, he froze as well.

Lin Che instantly understood.

Black Hawk was definitely not here to see her.

She laughed mischievously. "Hey, you guys are"

Black Hawk said directly, "Im here to bring coffee. Why?"

As he said this, with a wave of his large hand, the people trailing behind him walked straight inside while carrying coffee machines and pulling in the staff of the cafe.

What the hell? He really had a way of doing things....

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