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Season 12

Episode 20

(He Sent Her So Much Food)

Seeing that the photos had indeed turned out very well, Lin Che was all smiles. She was very happy.

And today, perhaps because his desire had been satiated, Gu Jingze was also in a very good mood and immediately gave the photographer a large amount in tips.

That afternoon, the two of them drove back to S City.

In the car, Mu Feiran called her to say that she had already started filming.

Lin Che asked, "How are things on set? How are you and Nan Gongyu getting along? "

Mu Feiran said, "Its alright. He hasnt been making things too difficult for me. I, on the other hand, have a bit of difficulty getting used to this new role. After all, I havent acted properly in many years."

Lin Che said, "Indeed. I was the same back then. Youll be fine after familiarizing yourself with it for a few days. Im going back very soon. Ill definitely go and visit you on set when the time comes."

"Sure! Of course."

Mu Feiran had already been on set for two days.

After they were done for the day, they were planning to have an opening ceremony while everyone was present.

Although she had already arrived yesterday, they had not announced it as it was not an auspicious day.

Naturally, many people came to film the process since it was an opening ceremony.

All the reporters arrived early in the morning. Because they were promoting the series as Mu Feirans first comeback series, and on top of that the director was none other than Nan Gongyu, the reporters felt that there were many things to write about.

After conducting the prayers for the opening ceremony, everyone gathered for an interview. The male lead was a rookie. However, he was exceptionally handsome. He was a little shy as he stood at the side. He seriously woke up smiling each morning because he had scenes with Mu Feiran in his very first time acting the lead role.

Furthermore, with this production crew, there was immediately hope for him to get famous. Thus, of course, the male leads face was brimming with joy. But he was also much more careful as he was worried that he would cause trouble.

The reporter looked at Mu Feiran and asked, "Why did you choose a web series as your first production after making your comeback? Do you have any plans for your comeback this time?"

Mu Feiran said, "I dont have many plans. I chose this because I felt that the script was very interesting. Right now, I just want to film what I want to film. Ill film whatever I find challenging and want to film, instead of filming only what others say I must film."

"Did you and Nan Gongyu collaborate all because you are Lin Ches good friends?"

"It does have something to do with Lin Che. But the main reason is because Lin Che gave it to me to read, telling me that she found it interesting after reading it for two days and two nights. I thought it was great too, so we decided together to film this."

At the mention of Lin Che, everyone quickly started asking questions. "What has Lin Che been doing over her long break?"

"People say that Lin Che is about to get married. Is that true?"

"Will Lin Che still make a comeback? She cant be planning to retire and go into production."

Mu Feiran smiled. "Shes just taking a short break. I believe shell return eventually."

The subsequent questions were all evaded.

After everyone had gone in, Mu Feiran said to them, "Thank you everyone, for your understanding over the past few days. I may not be able to act well since I just returned. Im truly sorry."

However, the moment she entered, she heard someone say, "Sister Feiran, thank you for the free refreshments. You even treated us to such good food."

Confused, Mu Feiran asked, "What? Did I treat you to anything?"

Why was she unaware of this?

Someone pushed out a dining table from inside. It was covered in desserts and drinks from Soo Kee.

Mu Feiran was flabbergasted. "These are"

"Alright, Sister Feiran, dont joke around anymore. The people who sent them here already said that you bought the food for us."

"Yes, yes. Its from Soo Kee too. It has been very expensive recently."

"Most importantly, I wanted to go and eat it before this, but I couldnt get into the queue. They only sell a hundred a day."

"Wow. We have nearly a hundred here, right? It cant be that Sister Feiran bought everything for us."

Mu Feiran had a genuine expression of complete confusion on her face. She looked at everyone and did not know what to say.

She had indeed forgotten about treating everyone to a meal. Earlier, she had thought that she could bring everyone to have hotpot or something in the next few days.

But she did not expect someone else to beat her to it.

Upon seeing Mu Feiran behave this way, someone immediately guessed too. While eating, he said vaguely, "Hehe, Sister Feiran, why do you not know anything about this? Could it be that someone helped you order the food?"

Everyone was even more interested when they heard that someone had ordered the food on her behalf.

"Really? Really? Is it a man?"

"Sister Feiran. do you have a new boyfriend?"

"Wow. No way. Hes so thoughtful. He gave you such a huge surprise."

He was not just thoughtful. He had to be very powerful too, if he was able to buy such expensive and rare refreshments.

Everyone chattered continuously. They said, "Sister Feiran, when will you bring him here?"

"Exactly, exactly. Isnt he going to come and visit you on set? All of us will welcome him."

Mu Feirans face turned even redder due to their comments.

"Alright, alright. Theres nothing like that. Dont talk rubbish,"

Mu Feiran shouted and quickly went in.

However, she truly did not know what to say as she looked at the refreshments.

There was only one person on Mu Feirans mind.

At this moment.

Someone called her.

She picked up her phone and saw that it really was it really was him.

Mo Jinyan.

She picked up her phone and said hastily, "You"

"Oh, what about me?" Mo Jinyan asked.

Mu Feiran said, "No, nothing. You"

She did not know how to ask if he had sent the food.

Mo Jinyan asked, "Have you finished filming?"

"Hn. Today was the opening ceremony. Were done here."

"Come out. Ill take you to pick up Yunyun."

"To pick up Yunyun?"

Mu Feiran looked at the time. Indeed, it was already time to get off school.

She ran out and saw Mo Jinyans car, as expected.

She hastily got in.

Mo Jinyan looked at her. "Did filming go well?"

Mu Feiran sighed. "Im still trying to get into the groove. I think Ill really let down the director and the staff for the next few days."

Mo Jinyan said, "Its alright. Theyve taken your gifts. They will bear with you for a few days."

Hearing this, Mu Feiran whipped her head around to look at Mo Jinyan.

Was he saying that it really was him?

She looked at him while blushing. "So, they were really sent by you? You"

Mo Jinyan said, "I just thought that since you just arrived, perhaps it would be better to give them something."

Mu Feiran wrung her hands. "But you didnt need to go to such trouble either. It was so much trouble."

"Its alright. You look after Yunyun alone and youre so busy too. You probably couldnt take that into consideration. I just so happened to think of it."

Mu Feirans eyes twitched and she looked at him. "Thank you."

Mo Jinyan asked, "Dont you think that youve said the words thank you too many times?"

Mu Feiran felt her heart pound.

He was right. She had said thank you many times because she sincerely had too many things to thank him for. Otherwise, what should she do?

He was truly too good to her.

He was a burly man but seemed to have thought of everything on her behalf. How could she possibly not be touched?

He said, "If you say thank you again Im going to ask you for wages."

Mu Feiran burst out in laughter and said, "Sure, sure, sure. Ill give you wages. How much do you want?"

Mo Jinyan said, "Its up to you." He glanced at her lips.

They said that when a man was looking at your lips, he was thinking about

Mu Feiran lowered her head bashfully.


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