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Season 12

Episode 15

(They Even Got Ripped Off When They Went Out To Eat)

Gu Jingze found a place at the side and sat down, waiting for them to finish the shoot.

Lin Che then said to them, "Alright. Start shooting."

At this, the photographer had no choice but to call everyone to continue.

But Gu Jingzes gaze from beside them was so terrifying that it made him feel terrible.

With Gu Jingze looking at them like that, how could anyone continue taking photos

The photographer cried internally and thought to himself,Sure enough, money was difficult to earn

The photo shoot continued. Gu Jingze continued watching as well. The photographer completed the photoshoot while crying internally.

The good thing was that Lin Che was extremely cooperative. Furthermore, the poses she struck were also perfect.

Professionalism was still useful at a time like this.

After they finally finished shooting a set of photos, the photographer saw that it was already very late. Although their progress was considered very fast, there were two suits of clothing that they had yet to shoot.

The photographer said to Lin Che, "I dont know how long youre going to stay here. We can probably finish the shoot in the morning."

Lin Che then said, "Ill stay here for two days. Im not sure how much longer Ill stay. We can continue the shoot tomorrow."

Gu Jingze stood up. "You still want to stay here?"

This place looked a little dilapidated. He was not sure if it was in a livable condition.

Lin Che said, "The water town is most beautiful at night. Of course, I have to stay here and take a look."

Seeing that there was nothing he could do about it either, Gu Jingze nodded in agreement.

In their accommodation, Gu Jingze looked at the vintage set-up. He felt that although it looked unique, it was not safe.

But they had no other choice because this was already the best they could get here.

In reality, Lin Che felt that this place was quite nice. It was clean and neat.

It was not much more expensive than other accommodations either.

These days, there were many inns in the scenic area, so everyone tried their best to make theirs look better and more unique in order to attract guests.

This place was one of them. They hosted meal gatherings in the daytime and banquets at night. Very famous troupes performed all the programs. Each day was packed with many special programs to attract people.

But Lin Che was not that interested in the programs. She only liked this place because it had fewer people.

At night, the lights outside ignited the picturesque little town.

The antique town was enveloped in light from modern lighting tools. The light reflected in the streams of water that flowed throughout the entire old town looked extremely beautiful.

One of the streets of the old town was lined with pubs. Another was an ethnic culture street. Lin Che tidied herself up, dressed neatly, and went to the ethnic culture street for a stroll.

Gu Jingze also trailed after her.

He looked around and merely told the rest to follow them in secret after changing their clothes so that they would not dampen her spirits.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. "What do you want to eat?"

He could tell that this place seemed to have its signature dish. Many stores had "local creek whitefish" stated plainly on their shopfronts. Many people ate it too, so it was probably pretty famous.

Sure enough, Lin Che saw one of those shops. The shop was quite crowded and its food seemed very delicious and famous.

"Lets go in and take a look."

Gu Jingze said, "Sure. Lets go."

After going in, dressed modestly, Lin Che asked directly for a private room.

The waitress said, "The minimum expenditure for a private room is 1,800 dollars."

Gu Jingze let out a sound of affirmation and immediately gestured for her to lead the way.

Seeing that they wanted a private room even though there were only two of them, and that they did not even care about the minimum expenditure of 1,800 dollars, the waitress thought that they were probably wealthy people.

Thus, she led the two of them into a private room inside.

Whenever Lin Che went out, she could definitely only eat in a private room. Otherwise, people would recognize her when she was outside.

She did not take off the glasses on her face after arriving at the private room. The black-framed glasses made her face appear even narrower. She looked at the menu but did not understand it either. She said to the waitress, "Help me order every signature dish in your restaurant."

The waitress immediately said, "You must eat the local creek whitefish here."

"Hn, okay. Ill have one of that."

"We also have these dishes" The waitress described each dish to her.

Lin Che agreed to each dish.

After the waitress left, Lin Che looked the restaurant up on the Internet. It seemed that this restaurant was pretty famous. Many people commented online that they could not even get in. It just so happened that they had come early when they still had private rooms. Because the minimum expenditure for a private room was 1,800 dollars, many people felt that they could not spend that amount and simply decided not to go in.

She smacked her lips and said with a lot of anticipation, "I wonder how the food here will be."

Gu Jingze looked around. "It looks as though the food wont be that good."

Although this restaurant was furbished pretty well, it had the air of an unprofessional place in the scenic area as if it was merely to cheat tourists.

Because he had run a resort before, he knew how some of the stores in the resort ripped off tourists.

Their resort would undoubtedly expel such a store. They were concerned with consumer experience and would not casually deceive consumers. But this place was an ancient town with so many tourists and so many shops. They were probably not that thorough about the consumer experience.

Lin Che said, "Yes, yes, yes. In the eyes of the great President Gu, everything pales in comparison to your company. The same goes for the employees too. Your companys employees are the best."


She was still acting sarcastic.

The dishes were served after some time.

After each of them were served, they did look extremely disappointing to Lin Che.

They looked a bit different from the pictures outside.

Lin Che felt that she had not traveled alone for a very long time. Perhaps she had a poor understanding of scenic areas now.

These days, whenever she went out for some fun, it was often with Gu Jingze. But going out with him was more like going on a vacation and not going on a tour.

Touring was probably along the lines of the people who went out backpacking on their own.

He had everything prepared and they were always in their most comfortable state. Without a doubt, it was definitely a vacation.

The last time Lin Che had gone on a tour was when she had still been in school and went on a school trip. Otherwise, she had never actually went on a tour the way ordinary people did.

Thus, she was not very familiar with things in a scenic area like this.

Lin Che picked up her chopsticks and tried the food. As expected, it did not taste good either.

Lin Che sighed. "Alright. Maybe Im not used to the taste here."

Gu Jingze asked, "Why dont we go to another restaurant?"

"No need. This is what traveling is about; everything depends on chance. If everything is prepared, then there will be no surprises. There will only be surprises if there is both good and bad."

She said, "Its not particularly bad either. Its just edible. Eat, eat. Its so expensive."

Gu Jingze raised his eyebrows. He did not nitpick and started eating.

Although it did not taste good, the two of them had nearly finished everything. In any case, all fish tasted the same. If As long as it was not bitter, its taste was acceptable.

After they finished eating, Gu Jingze called the waiter over so that he could foot the bill.

While swiping his card, the waitress said, "Sir, 13,200 dollars. Please confirm the amount."

What? 13,200 dollars?

Lin Che looked up. "Why is it so expensive?"

The waitress said smilingly, "You had 2 kilograms of fish. Our fish here are quite expensive, to begin with. The other dishes were also a bit pricier. All the ingredients were planted by us and are completely organic."

Hehe. Even so, it could not be more than ten thousand dollars.

Although Gu Jingze was usually casual about spending tens of thousands of dollars when he usually went out to eat, what were those places compared to this?

Lin Che said, "Hey, are your fishes lined with gold? Theyre so expensive. 13,200 dollars for just two kilograms?"


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