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Season 11

Episode 99

(I Gave Out All The Invitations)

Lin Che smiled and looked at Mother Qin. "Im trying to get close to Qin Qing?"

Mother Qin said, "I already saw it just now. You were with Qin Qing. Furthermore, you two were so obvious in a place like this. If you were at some other place, wouldnt you have been more"

"Whats more obvious?" Lin Che looked at her plainly. "We were just greeting each other because we know each other. Why? Are we supposed to walk past each other as if we dont know one another?"

"Ha, that would be the best. Now that Qin Qing is at his prime, dont you think about ruining his life in any way." Mother Qin looked at Lin Ches belly with disdain. It was already so big that she could not hide it. "And who do you think you can still seduce in that state now? Just take a look at how big your belly is."

Just then, Qin Qing discovered that Mother Qin was here and he was already walking over.

He did not want his mother to be running around at a huge event like this, so he quickly found her.

Little did he expect her to not only run around, but she even came straight to find Lin Che.

Qin Qing quickly went to them.

"Mom, what are you doing here?"

Qin Qing came over and grabbed hold of his mother.

Mother Qin laughed in front of her son and said, "Its nothing. I just happened to see that Lin Che was here, so I came to say hello."

Mother Qin also did not want to cause a scene. It wouldnt look good on them, so she did not question the two of them directly.

Mother Qin put on an act and looked at Lin Che. "Lin Che, its been so long since I last saw you and your belly already grew so much! Tell me, why are you still walking about out here when you should be resting? Its better not to be at an event like this. There are so many people around and it wouldnt be good if they knocked into you."

Lin Che smiled coldly as she watched Mother Qins pretense. She really wanted to tell them that since they were such great actors, she should retire.

Qin Qing blushed. His mother knew nothing. What was she talking about?

This was a Gu family party and she was their daughter-in-law. How could she not come? How could she not be walking around?

Furthermore, his mother seemed to imply that Lin Che was here unnecessarily. It did not look good for them.

Qin Qing said, "Alright, Mom, come with me. Lets not disturb Lin Che anymore."

"How am I disturbing her?" Mother Qin replied. "Oh yes, Lin Che, how come youre here alone?"

Mother Qin thought that Lin Che must have been miserable in the Gu family.

She did not have a good family background and she was an actor. She bore a child for Gu Jingze at such a young age, probably to establish a connection to the Gu family. A wealthy familys daughter-in-law was thought of as a child making machine simply because of a bad family background. She could only rely on children to secure her position.

1She thought that Lin Che was just like that. Otherwise, why would she have a second child so soon now?

She was not like Xue Mengqi at all. The latter came from a wealthy family and she never had to care about anyone else.

Lin Che remained silent. She looked at her and smiled plainly, studying her acting techniques.

She figured out what Mother Qin wanted to do long ago. Now, Lin Che looked at her as if she was a clown.

Mother Qin said, "I heard we could bring our families and friends. Look, our Qin Qing is with Mengqi now. Just a word from Mengqi and us parents are here too. She let us join in the celebrations. Actually, we didnt need to come for the presidents full month party, but Mengqi wanted us to join the gathering. Oh, where is your family?"

Lin Che said, "Theyre not here."

Mother Qin said exaggeratedly, "Oh my! Why? Youre Gu Jingzes wife and your family wasnt invited?"


"Isnt that too ridiculous? Lin Che, you should stand up for yourself more."

Mother Qin scoffed. If what she thought was true, the Gu family did not hold Lin Ches family in regard at all and that was why they did not invite a single one of them.

Coming from a small family, it was already not bad for her. It was just a pity that she might have to live a servant-like life in the future.

Actually, Lin Che already made many people envy her. Even though they did not know the details, they were already extremely surprised to hear that she married into the Gu family. However, Mother Qin did not like Lin Che. She liked to think of Lin Che in a bad light. The worse it was for her, the happier she felt.

Lin Che may have married into the family, but Mother Qin would only be satisfied if she did not live happily.

1So what if there was money? It was useless if she lived unhappily.

Mother Qin said, "You are too obedient. But I guess thats the only way. You cant afford to offend a family like the Gu family. As long as youre with Gu Jingze, you wont lack clothes or food to eat. Its not bad already."

Lin Che smiled plainly and said, "Thank you for your advice."

"Well, I watched you grow up." Mother Qin put an arm around her son. "Qin Qing has made a name for himself now. Our family can only live more comfortably because were basking in his spotlight. You lot used to be little kids. Now, youre all grown up and were getting older too. Sigh. But Qin Qing is with Mengqi and this puts me at ease. Oh right, do you know who Mengqi is? Shes a distant relative of the Gu family."

Lin Che chuckled. "Of course, I know her. Ive been meeting her often recently."

Mother Qin beamed widely. It was not difficult to tell that she really liked Xue Mengqi.

Furthermore, Mother Qin also heard that Xue Mengqi was likely to become the matriarch of the Gu family. That was the highest position for the women in the Gu family. She would be the woman who managed everything in the Gu family.

She would be so much stronger than Lin Che.

She looked at Lin Che and said, "She and Qin Qing are a perfect match. Anyway, this banquet is really huge. Being here alone must be so lonely. I think you shouldnt be walking around on your own. Nobody is watching over you. Sigh."

She looked at Lin Che pitifully and sighed.

Lin Che only smiled and looked at Mother Qin. "Im just puzzled over one thing."

Mother Qin asked, "Huh? What?"

Lin Che said, "I believe I only gave two invites to the Qin family. How come the three of you are here?"

Mother Qins face turned green.

What did she mean by that?

On the side, Qin Qings face already turned black.

He could not understand how his mother would be so stupid.

But he could not stop her.

He tugged his mother and said, "Mom, Lin Che organized this banquet."

"What What do you mean?" Mother Qin asked.

Lin Che looked at her. "Every single guest here was personally invited by me. I have a list of the exact number of invitations I sent out for each family. How come Im not aware that I gave your family three invites?"

Mother Qins face was solid green.

She gave out the invitations?

It was Lin Che?

How come Lin Che had the privilege to give out the invitations?

"You you"

Lin Che ignored her as she spoke to Dong Zi at the side. "Go ask around and find out whats going on."


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