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Season 11

Episode 97

(You Did A Very Good Job)

Butler Chai felt indignant. But when she saw Dongzi and the others standing tall in front of her, she, nevertheless, dared not say a word and quickly ran away.

After returning home, of course, Butler Chai complained tearfully.

The clan relatives criticized Lin Che severely, saying that Lin Che was way too disrespectful. She had simply driven her away, just like that.

They even went looking for Gu Jingze to reason with him.

1Gu Jingze merely snickered and asked them, "Did she really say those things?"

The clan relatives did not know what he was talking about.

Gu Jingze said, "At the time, people heard her loud and clear. The butler had indeed said negative things about my wife. She talked bad about my wife in my house and spoke ill of my wife. Now that she has been chased out, youre still saying that we were disrespectful towards you. If what you say is true, will we be respecting you only by letting her ride roughshod over our family?"

The clan relatives were immediately at a loss for words. Who could have known that Butler Chai had actually spoken ill of Lin Che?

Since Butler Chai had been dismissed in that manner, there was nothing the clan relatives could say either. However, they felt that something was amiss after they thought about it. How could Butler Chai have said those words so casually?

Butler Chai was also quite the elder on the clan relatives side. It was true that the clan relatives had sent someone over because they wanted to display their strength to Lin Che. However, not only did they not expect to fail at displaying their strength, but they didnt even consider that they may get chased out directly. Furthermore, there was nothing they could say after being chased out.

They called Butler Chai over to ask her about it. Only then did they find out that Butler Chai had deliberately said many bad things about Lin Che, thinking that she was weak. She had done this precisely to put Lin Che in her place and to let everyone know that she did not dare to do anything.

After thinking about it, the clan relatives realized that they had fallen into Lin Ches trap.

She had intentionally shown signs of weakness to make Butler Chai think she was timid when in reality, she had already planned from early on to fatten up Butler Chai before sending her back.

This was unexpected, indeed. Lin Che looked just like a kitten on the surface, but she was so sinister in reality.

At home.

Here, Butler Fu assisted her in carrying out some simple preparatory tasks. Very soon after, it was time to start setting up.

Lin Che leaned backward, feeling a little tired.

Recently, her body got weary very easily. She knew that it was probably because her belly was growing quite quickly of late. That was why she got tired so easily.

Because all her nutrition had been taken away by the child.

Butler Fu looked at the things which had been prepared and said to Lin Che, "Madam, you can have a good rest after this. Everything has pretty much been prepared."

Lin Che said, "Ill be tired again during the full month party. Furthermore, I dont know if the preparations are good enough. I should still let Gu Jingze take a look at them."

Butler Fu said, "Madam, you did a very good job. Sir will definitely be satisfied."

Lin Che looked at Butler Fu a little unsurely. "Really? Did I do okay?"

Butler Fu said, "Of course. Madam, youre very talented. Initially, Maam was worried that you wouldnt be able to adjust, but as long as you take the task seriously, you can definitely do a great job."

"Dont praise me too much. You really make me think that Im amazing," Lin Che said.

Butler Fu said, "Of course Im not. I really admire you, Madam. Your way of thinking is unique and you cover all bases too. Frankly, I was slightly worried in the beginning. So, when I came, I was already prepared to help you clean up your mess. But unexpectedly, you didnt need me to clean up after you at all. I only had to act according to your wishes."

1Hearing this, Lin Che began to feel happy as well. It seemed that she was not that useless, after all.

She thought that perhaps it was because she had been with Gu Jingze for a long time. Although she did not really get involved in his affairs, she had been influenced by him. When she heard him talk about certain things randomly, she still committed his words to memory.

In no time, the first day of the full month party arrived.

Lin Che was tidying herself up while listening to the people outside update her on the progress of preparations. She was inevitably going to be busy the entire day. It was also the day she would be testing the results of her efforts over the past few days.

Lin Che wore a dress and felt that her belly had already grown to a ridiculously large size.

She stood there and looked at herself for a long time. None of her dresses could cover up her belly.

She let out a short sigh. She still felt that she shouldnt be too obvious about it.

That was why she had not left the house often recently. She simply felt that her belly was clearly large and that it would not be good if she was photographed.

As she stood there and sighed, Gu Jingze took a piece of clothing and wrapped it around her shoulders from behind her.

"Why are you staying here in a daze?" He looked at Lin Ches reflection in the mirror and asked.

Lin Che said, "My belly has gotten big."

"Of course it has. Youre already five months pregnant."

1Lin Che turned her head around. "Am I very ugly with such a huge belly?"

Gu Jingze pinched her on the face. "Very beautiful."

Lin Che curled her lip. "Youre teasing me on purpose."

Gu Jingze responded, "How am I teasing you? Youre really, very beautiful."

Lin Che asked, "Really?"

Gu Jingze pressed his forehead against hers. "Without a doubt."

Lin Che pondered for a bit before saying, "But perhaps its because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you wont find me too ugly no matter how I look. Because youre used to it."

Gu Jingze asked, "Why? Who else do you want to look at you?"

He was right when she thought about it. But everyone wanted to look pretty.

Seeing that she seemed to be in a bad mood, Gu Jingze hugged her and seated her on his thigh.

He said, "Silly girl. Youre very beautiful. Youll be the subject of everyones envy when you go out. Other people turn ugly when theyre pregnant, but youve become prettier."

"Is that so?" Lin Che stroked her own face.

"Yes. Even your skin has softened. It feels like Niannians face when I touch it."

"Really?" She touched her own cheeks. She did not feel that anything had changed. Perhaps it was because she looked at herself every day and was so busy on top of that, so she had not really given it any thought.

Lin Che said while continuing to touch her face, "But I heard that ones skin condition would improve if shes pregnant with a girl."

"Really?" He caressed her stomach. He did not dare to use too much force, feeling as if her belly would burst if he did so.

Was it a boy or a girl inside?

They still did not know and had not specifically asked about it.

Gu Jingze said, "Next time, we can let them check if its a boy or a girl."

Lin Che said, "Forget it. Its better to wait for me to give birth. Well get a surprise."

"Whatever you say." Frankly, he did not care either. Although he was indeed curious, a pleasant surprise would be great too.

The two of them went out once they were done preparing. Lin Che was not that concerned about her belly anymore. She rode with Gu Jingze in the car and they rushed towards the manor.

Preparations over at the manor were going exceptionally well.

The lawn outside was dark green in color. The people receiving the guests gave each guest a gift. After entering, everyone was dressed in white and pink, making the place seem like an amusement park.

Because it was a full month party, to begin with, it was naturally carried out in a relaxed atmosphere like this. The main character was the child, so everything revolved around the color pink.

The color white hovered outside the pink, adding a bit of elegance to the venue. It did not look that childish but instead looked refined and stylish, with a hint of warmth to it. It made people feel that the venue was decorated perfectly.

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