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Season 11

Episode 90

(Im Willing To Go Back With You)

Wesley said, "Is it because you like your job here or because you like the men here? Hmph. Can you even call a man a man if he relies on a woman to look after him? You should not be so shortsighted."

"Father, how can you say that?" Abby started shouting.

Wesley responded, "Why cant I say that? Leave with me now."

Wesley stretched his arm out to grab Abby.

Abby pushed her fathers hand away. "Im not going."

Just then, behind her, Xue Yang pulled Abbys hand.

Abby paused. Xue Yang subsequently pulled her behind him.

Xue Yang looked at the imposing brown-haired man in front of him. "Abby already said that she doesnt want to go."

Wesley looked at Xue Yang and sneered. "So youre the one who has been stopping Abby from leaving this place, right?"

Xue Yang looked at Wesley. "Ive been stopping her? When did I ever stop her? Its Abby who wants to live her own life. You people are the ones stopping her."

Wesley smiled grimly while looking at this audacious young man. "Let go of Abby."

"I wont let her go. I cant let you take her back and imprison her again."

Ha. He was really bold. He actually dared to say this.

He scoffed, "Get this person away from me."

The men who had retreated earlier came forward at his command. They immediately grabbed Xue Yang and were about to take him away.

"No, no" Abby saw the two of them walking over. Putting aside the fact that they pushed Xue Yang aside directly, they were even going to hit him.

Usually, Xue Yang would not simply allow anyone to bully him. However, as his leg was still injured at the moment, a slight movement made his leg go limp from the pain.

Seeing that there were so many people here, Abby knew that Xue Yang was definitely no match for these professional bodyguards. Furthermore, Xue Yang was currently injured and she could not allow his condition to worsen.

Abby looked on anxiously. When she saw that the bodyguard was about to kick Xue Yang without paying any heed to his injury, she immediately threw herself at Xue Yang and formed a barrier in front of his body.

"Father, dont be like this. Ill go with you. Ill go with you, alright?"

Wesley stopped in his tracks.

Xue Yang looked at Abby.

Abby turned around and smiled resignedly. "Recover from your injury first."

How could Xue Yang watch her leave just like this?

He held her hand and refused to let her leave. "Abby"

Abby shook her head. She looked at him while biting her bottom lip. "Look after yourself."

She forcefully pushed Xue Yangs hand away. She forced herself to turn her head away and did not look at Xue Yang again.

Wesley turned to glance at Xue Yang. He merely scoffed coldly and walked out along the corridor with Abby.

The people in the hospital looked on. Even Xue Yang could not say anything. What else could they say?

They could only speculate to themselves. The father had come looking for his daughter. Did the Wesley family not approve of their daughters relationship with Xue Yang?

It would be really strange if that were the case. Xue Yang was so handsome and was even a huge celebrity. Why did they disapprove of him?

But thinking about it carefully, the Wesley family was so wealthy. Of course, they did not care for celebrities.

One of the nurses saw that Xue Yang was still sitting on the ground. For a moment, she felt very bad for him. She quickly ran over to help Xue Yang up.

These wealthy families were way too much. They even treated such a nice boy so poorly.

Lin Che had just arrived at Mu Feirans house.

She was discussing with Mu Feiran the issues concerning the series of short films they were preparing to film.

At the moment, many actors had been selected for short films. Several of them were suitable actors from their company. They were still recruiting a few more. The script had more or less been finalized as well. But they had not decided on a director.

Selecting the director was a major affair too. A good director determined the pace of a television series.

But the problem was that no good director would come and direct a mini-series like this. But they did not dare to hire a bad director.

1When the directors got the call from Lin Ches company telling them about this mini-series, they immediately rejected the offer. They did not look upon the mini-series favorably at all.

The beginning was always difficult. They themselves knew that this was a pretty difficult matter.

Mu Feiran said, "We still have to take this slowly. You dont have to get anxious. Looking after your body is the most important."

Lin Che said, "I cant stay idle anyway. Theres nothing I can do even if I stay at home."

Mu Feiran said, "There are many things to deal with when it comes to these matters. Its different from being an actress when you only have to act well. Theres an assortment of things you have to worry about when you produce a series."

"Yes." Lin Che scrolled through her contact list to see if there were any candidates for a director whom she could contact.

She called one of the directors first. He had directed a movie that she had acted in previously.

Seeing that it was Lin Che, of course, he answered the call very quickly.

Over the phone, he even exchanged formalities with her, saying, "Movie queen, why did you disappear right after getting an award? I was even wondering if you were going to retire after having made your mark and just rest at home with all your money."

Lin Che said, "I just wanted to move behind the scenes for some time."

"Thats such a pity. Ive been directing a movie recently. Its a huge production. I was about to say that youre a very suitable candidate."

"No." Lin Che continued, "Since youre so busy, I dont think I can trouble you regarding this matter too."

"Oh. Whats up? Tell me first." They still had to show Lin Che respect.

Thus, Lin Che told him about the mini-series. However, she said, "I was thinking that since you have students everywhere, maybe you can introduce one or two suitable ones to me."

He chuckled and said, "Frankly, the director isnt important when it comes to a mini-series like this. If I have time, Ill help you ask around. But mini-series arent very trendy right now either."

Sure enough, he did not look upon it favorably too.

Lin Che thanked him and did not say anything more. Anyway, everyone had already made up their minds. They thought that their mini-series would definitely not amount to much.

Lin Che scrolled down the list and reached Nan Gongyus name.

Well, he definitely would not join the production. Why would a person as self-important as him film a mini-series that would lower his value?

However, she nevertheless called him with the intention of teasing him.

But Nan Gongyu answered her call very quickly.

"Movie queen, youve been wandering about outside for so long. Do you still remember us?"

Lin Che asked, "Whats going on now? Everyones calling me movie queen"

"Of course. You didnt appear anymore after getting the award. Everyones last impression of you is that youre the movie queen."


Lin Che said, "Hey, theres this series. Are you interested?"

"What series? Are you going to film a television series?"


"You can film now?"

"Hehe. Sure. But Im not the one acting in it. Its a television series that Im producinga mini-series. The script is an adaptation of a web novel. We want to start filming, but were missing a director. I immediately thought of you. Of course, I must give you this chance to become famous."

Nan Gongyu chuckled and said, "Did you think of me because you couldnt find anyone to take up the offer?"


Initially, Lin Che had simply been teasing him. She smiled sheepishly upon hearing that he even knew about this.

She did not expect Nan Gongyu to go silent for a moment before saying, "Send me the script so I can take a look at it. Anyway, I havent been doing anything recently either."

"What? Do you want to be a part of it? Hehe. Thats good, thats good. Ill send it to you."


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