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Season 12

Episode 33

(How Dare He Do This To Me)

After he briefly held her, Lin Che told him that it was fine and that she could handle herself.

At that moment, he immediately released his hold on her. he looked at Lin Che with the knowledge that he was in no position to be intimate with her now even if he wanted to be. He could only sigh and give up that thought.

Lin Che’s personal guards were still trailing behind her, but Liu Yanyan did not think much of it. Every celebrity had a few bodyguards, especially when she was the queen of the industry.

But Liu Yanyan still remembered that Lin Che was the person whom Lin Li looked down on the most back then. As of today, Lin Li had suddenly disappeared. Putting aside the excuses from the Lin family, she wondered if it had something to do with Lin Che.

She had been on pretty good terms with Lin Li at the time. They subsequently remained in contact until the day Lin Li suddenly broke off contact. She did not know what exactly had happened to her either.

She thought of the days when Lin Che was constantly bullied. Yet, today, she had unexpectedly lucked out and had even been crowned the queen of the industry.

From the looks of Lin Che’s belly today, she knew that the person backing her was probably not a good person.

She reckoned that he was a man from some wealthy family. Seeing that Lin Che had hidden herself like this and retired right after attaining the award, she wondered if she could not let anyone know about this because the man had already had a wife for a while.

Liu Yanyan turned around and said, “I came with another two classmates. You guys go in first. That shop just inside. I’ll go over in a bit.”

Qin Qing nodded at this and said, “In that case, be quick.”

Lin Che turned around but sensed something amiss. She turned to Dongzi and gave him a meaningful look.

She was not being sensitive. It was simply because she had to be careful in everything she did now. Thus, she had no choice but to be a bit more cautious.

Dongzi immediately obeyed her command and stealthily walked away.

Lin Che went in together with Qin Qing.


Liu Yanyan made a call and said, “Lin Che is here right now.”

“Don’t worry. She’s alone. Qin Qing is here too. Dear me, you guys will know once you’re here. She’s pregnant. We’ll humiliate her completely later. I’m planning to put something in her drink.”

“Ha. What’s the big deal? I’m not poisoning her. I’m just putting in some laxatives. Something strong. I’ll embarrass her in public. I’ll see how she can continue being a famous celebrity.”

“Alright, come quick, you guys. We’ll secretly spike her drink later and make her drink it. We’ll spike the drink in the middle and give it to her and take away all the other drinks for ourselves first.”

A little later, Dongzi returned and spoke softly into Lin Che’s ear.

Lin Che smiled faintly and waved her hand.

Qin Qing asked, “What happened?”

Lin Che said, “It’s nothing. Just some pretty pleasant things.”

Lin Che vaguely remembered that this person seemed to have something to do with Lin Li back then.

Was she doing this to take revenge on Lin Li’s behalf?

Haha. They had bullied her so often back then. Did they still think that she was as easy to bully as she had been back then?

Yes, she was still Lin Che. But they could no longer bully her as they wished.

In no time, Liu Yanyan returned with two women in tow as well.

“Lin Che, wow. I haven’t seen you in years.”

“Good gracious, Lin Che, you’ve changed so much. You’re so beautiful now. Dear me, why has your belly gotten so big?”

The two of them seemed even more enthusiastic. While looking at Lin Che, they approached her excitedly.

Lin Che acted dumb. “Have I really become beautiful? Thank you for the compliments. My belly is so huge. I thought I was terribly ugly.”

“Of course not. You’re such a famous celebrity. Wow, your figure is so great now. Your belly is so big but you’re still so slim.”

Lin Che replied in kind, “Precisely, precisely. All celebrities are like this. We don’t dare to eat too much every day.”

“Oh no, that’s so tough.”

Everyone smiled and looked at Lin Che. As if they had suddenly remembered, they asked her, “But why are you here alone? Where’s the child’s father?”

Lin Che sighed and deliberately said, “Eh. Well, I don’t know either anyway, forget about him. Aren’t all men like this? They don’t care about anything else when they work.”

Hearing this, the three of them thought that it was just as they had expected.

It seemed that the identity of the child’s father was shameful, so she had to hide it like this.

“Come on, let’s have some food. Take a seat, take a seat.”

They sat down and looked in Lin Che’s direction. They exchanged glances and had someone make the preparations.

Some time later, the drinks were served.

Sure enough, there was a glass in the middle. It was surrounded by many other glasses.

The three of them had just bribed the kitchen staff, who had only agreed to spike the drink with laxatives after taking a large amount of money from them.

Lin Che looked on. She was just about to reach out to grab a glass when they immediately snatched the glasses away.

One of them even said, “Lin Che, drink the lemonade in the middle. It’s good for your pregnancy.”

Lin Che smiled and said, “Thank you, then.” She proceeded to raise the glass with the lemonade and started drinking it.

Seeing that Lin Che had drank quite a lot in one go, they immediately beamed with joy.

But they were unaware that Lin Che had noticed their expressions early on.

She snickered and thought to herself, They thought that they were the only ones who could bribe people.

If they could bribe people, could she not do the same?

The three of them became even more audacious when they saw Lin Che finish the drink.

They estimated that the strong laxatives would probably take effect in half an hour after she finished eating them. They were simply waiting for Lin Che to be humiliated on the spot. When that happened, they would upload a video online. Many people would definitely watch it.

One of them asked bluntly, “Lin Che, who exactly is the father of your child? Why don’t you call him out so that we can all have a chat? We were classmates for so many years. You finally have a family after so many difficulties. Why don’t you introduce him to us too?”

Lin Che smiled. “There’s no reason for me to introduce him either.”

Qin Qing thought to himself at the side, Exactly. If she called him out and introduced him to you, you guys would not even be able to speak.

Liu Yanyan said, “Seeing as you’re so beautiful and famous, anyone you take a fancy to must be quite outstanding. He must have both money and power, right?”

“No, no” Lin Che said.

“Hey, why don’t you introduce him to us? Tell us about him.”

“Enough. Stop asking, you guys,” Qin Qing said.

From Qin Qing’s words, it seemed that he knew. But he also looked reluctant to tell them. Why? How shameful was the other party’s identity?

Liu Yanyan scoffed and said, “Hey, Lin Che. You can’t have used some improper methods, right?”

Lin Che deliberately asked, “What improper methods?”

Liu Yanyan responded, “Don’t many people in the entertainment industry do it? They often just seek out some wealthy man. But they don’t care whether or not that person has a good family background and simply insist on marrying into the family. They think that it’s so easy to marry into a wealthy family. Wasn’t there one person who gave birth to three children but ended up not marrying into the family?”

“Good gracious, Lin Che. You definitely can’t be like that. How embarrassing would that be? It’s alright not to have money. If you give birth, you’ll be ruining your body too.”

“Exactly. You’re a huge star too. Why must you do that? Having enough money to spend is good enough. There’s no need to marry into some wealthy family. What’s so good about wealthy families? Those men are lascivious and disgusting. Some of them are so ugly too. There are fat ones and skinny ones. None of them are good people.”

Lin Che chuckled. “Didn’t I say that things are totally not what you think they are?”

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