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 ❤❤LOVE ❤❤

🏝🏝 SUMMER 🏝🏝
🌲🌲Summer holiday lovers💑

💋(She met her childhood sweetheart again) 💋

What happens when you have to wait a whole life for a childhood sweetheart you always miss but he's never going to come back to you? 

You feel heartbroken and can't find a way out of it right? 

Angie Dormson felt the same way too

    All her life from childhood Flynn Thompson was the only person she heard her eyes for

   He dissapeared during their childhood so she heard no chance to see him again until she got married to... 

  To Philips Candy which was an arranged marriage by both the rich parents, they never love each other for once

    So what happens when they had to go on a short holiday during the summer holidays and both Angie and Philips meets their childhood sweethearts whom they missed so much 

  Is there gonna be love between them? 

   Their marriage? Thought about that one too? 


Does he still love and value her like those old times? What about his girlfriend Gina which happens to be Philips own first love? 

   Will they let all that go? 
What happens? 

  Make a guess


Setting: Georgia (America) 

Genre:love, lust, pain, funny, erotic romance and lots of more

Grab your pop corn

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