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 ❤❤ LOVE ❤❤


🌲🌲Summer holiday lovers 💑

💋(She met her childhood sweet heart again) 💋


                 💔 Episode FOUR

"Its not what you think Angie! " I tried explaining but she bursted out laughing 

  She's misunderstanding me! 

I'm not masturbating! 

   Am not! I really don't have to do that 

      " Hey! Its not what you think.. Lemme explain to you what happened... Hey wait up!! " I said running after her with my towel clutched tightly around my waist

   She ran downstairs laughing so madly

   She held her tummy still laughing and ready to burst into bubbles with the way she laughed 

      "Angie! Lemme ex... "

   "Its fine, I understand "
She roared in laughter the more 

   "How did you understand? How?? " 

She's annoying me with her stupid laughs 

  It doesn't make sense and she doesn't wanna listen to what happened 

     "Dress up let's go board a flight to Derby please " 

    Whatever! She wouldn't listen and I don't care anymore trying to explain
     "Go! " she ordered 
And I hissed 

    "Hold on! Who said it's Derby? You mean we're going to England? "

    I asked and she nodded her head coming towards me 

     "Yes anything wrong with it? " 
     "Everything! I think Georgia is fine by me"

   She snapped it off

   "Nope Phil I need somewhere cool and nice"

    "Georgia is cool and bubbly" I corrected and she looked me over before she replied again

    "I already boarded a flight to Derby" 

   Hmmmm! Then she better change it cuz I won't go to any Derby of some sort

    "I will ask Red to change the damn flight ticket " I said bringing out my phone to page him 

And in a few seconds all that was already fixed and I had already packed up to go too
    "You know Phil... What do you wish for?... I mean your everyday wish? " she suddenly asked me as we were both seated at the back of our car as our chauffeur was driving us to the airport 

My everyday wish? 

My everyday wish? 


   Meeting her again and holding her in my arms like I used to

Make love to her in the moonlight as she always loved and kissing her infront of her friends cuz she always love me when I do that 

   Showing her off to her friends and my friends too

     "Nothing... What's yours? "
I asked and she sighed deeply 

     "Meeting someone who really care about me nothing else"

      Someone who really cares? Does it mean she has a cockroach in her cupboard too? 
     "Mmmmmhmmm me too"
I replied and she turned her face to me


   "Yeah... I mean someone.... " I tried to explain but her face was already trying to burst up in laughter 

    "What? " I asked and then she bursted up laughing 

     "What is it? " 
I asked 

  I really don't understand what is causing all this laughs of hers

    She never laughs this easy until now 

     I wonder what's amusing her lately 

       "What? "

   "Nothing... Just the mast... "I covered her mouth with my right hand from finishing that dirty sentence

    "Henysh!like the hell!! Its not what you're thinking! " 

  She's annoying me 

       "Hmmhsgyehwihsbsjsj" she tried saying amidst the sealed lips and I removed my hand to get what she wanted to say and she smiled 

     She's acting strange today, I wonder if I would really stay for a whole three weeks with her like that 

   I would get sick, really get sick 

   "You know Phil, is there someone you think your heart is really beating for? "

     I had a hot seat immediately 

  I really don't want her to pry into my private life 

    I don't want it at all and she's penetrating!! 
      "Yes but she left" I mumbled and sighed at the same time 

    "Oh! Mine too "

My eyes popped out

She too!!

    "Who!! " we both chorused together like she wanted to ask me same thing I wanted to ask her

      "Go first" we chorused again and we both sighed at the same time And I pursed my lips for her to speak first 

     "Who? " she asked 

    "Well... Someone special not like you " I smirked 

     "Her name? " she asked again and I refused to speak again 

     "Martha is her name... Yours? " 

    "Uhmmmmm... I er... Its not urmm"... 


Love you 😘

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