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🌲🌲Summer holiday lovers 💑

💋(She met her childhood sweet heart again) 💋


                         💔 Episode THREE


    "What did you say is wrong with her? "

   I asked the doctor who invited me into his office 

   He smiled and then brought out his hand to shake me

    I became more confused as I filled his palms with mine and he shook me

    "Congrats she's expecting a baby" he announced
     A baby? 

   A baby?  

I thought and soon my whole lips wided out into a very pleasant smile 

    Am going to be a father soon! 


   I started laughing and I didn't know when I jumped into the doctor 

    "Thanks so much doctor" 

Haha haha!! 

    Really!! A whole me a father!! I can't believe this

     "Are you so sure doctor? " I asked the confused doctor whose mouth was agape staring at me

     "I'm sure"

    Wow! He confirmed it! He confirmed it himself!! 

   "Thanks doctor!! Can I see her now? " I asked and he nodded his head

     I jumped out of the room rushing into her ward

   My heart trembled in excitement as I saw her inside the bedsheets with only her head popping out and I smiled

      I came close to her ready to blow a kiss to her when I found out that she was crying profusely 

     I frowned 

Why would she cry?

   Maybe she thought I might not except the baby but I would! 

   I really would accept our baby! 

   My own baby!! 

      "Hey you! Why the tears? " I queried her and she broke out into more cries 

     "I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant Flynn " she confessed hitting my chest and I bursted out laughing 

     "I know and am so happy Martha! Our baby... " I paused as I pointed to her stomach.

"Our baby Martha" I said excitedly kissing his stomach and she smiled 

     "You're happy? " she asked surprised to see me happy 

     "Why won't I be happy "I kissed her knuckles and then her nose and then her lips 

      "You said you hate babies out of wedlock" she said peering into my eyes 

     "Forget that baby okay, it isn't now and besides after our summer holiday am gonna marry you"

    I said and and she beamed in a wild excitement written all over her face

        "Really Flynn? "

   "Yes " 

    She hugged me.... 


    I rushed home immediately she hung up on me and immediately I came into the parlor she had already packed up her bag 

     "What was that about? " I asked really in a fury at the way she called me

      She came close to me and slapped me on my left cheek 

    Ouch! I held it rubbing it with my palms 

      " What is it? Why requesting a holiday when you quite know we don't get along" she fumed and I pushed her to the couch pinning her down with myself ontop of her

      "So? You think I planned this? Why would I? " I yelled to her 

     "And?? Say more Phil! You're just so pathetic and its now that I knew it! " 

What is she saying? Who is pathetic?

Me or her? 

      "Oh cut the crap! Angie!! You and I know who is pathetic " I replied getting up from ontop of her and took a step forward to another couch and sat down

     "You love me Phil and it wouldn't hurt if you say it! " she yelled 

      "Keep deceiving yourself that I love you Angie because I don't and I never would"

     "You're kidding me right? So why the hell will you tell your parents about a fucking summer holiday? " she yelled on top of her voice and I felt she would soon shout my head off

   She can nag!!

     "Phil if that's what you want, I'm already packed up to go so you should prepare too! " she yelled again and I ran off

  If I don't she will shout my head off 

     "Come back here you... "


I tapped my foot on the floor waiting patiently for him to come down so we could leave and he seemed not to coming out

    "Are you going to stay in there forever? " I yelled out to him

   He should've told me that he had started loving me a while ago 

  He should've and not going about trying to spread our marital status to everyone! 

    Its so annoying to me that he had to do so

        "Hurry! you snitch! " I cursed 

     "Won't you come out here hunh! " I said and angrily climbed the stairs to know what he's doing up there

      I bursted into our room and he wasn't there so I thought that he might be in the bathroom

       I couldn't hold my anger anymore so I took my steps rapidly to the bathroom... 

    I gasped at what was infront of me

     He's masturbating so deeply that he didn't notice that I was in here 

    I covered my mouth supressing the urge and laughter and pain all mixed together which were threatening to burst out like a bubble

        "Phil!!!! "



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