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🌲🌲Summer holiday lovers 💑

💋(She met her childhood sweet heart again) 💋


                        💔 Episode TWO


    "Father! Father!! " I called repeatedly as I bursted into his office not minding the guests in there

       "Father! " I called once more panting to catch my breath

    "What is it? Arent you supposed to be at home today? I signed your leave myself " he said his expression that of surprise for seeing me

      Signing? What the fuvk is he saying? I never told him I needed a holiday did I? 

   This is annoying!! 


      "I never told you I needed a holiday "

    "Your wife needs you at least spend sometime with your wife Philips" he replied 

    This is bad... How will I even tell her that my dad requested a holiday for us both? 

   I mean are they the one marrying my wife or me? 

     "No holidays period! " I ordered and he jerked up from his chair 

     "Are you talking to me like that? Can't you see that there are guests infront of you? Hunh Phil!!" 

He barked at me 

       I kept mute 

   "Get the hell out, do whatever you please but lemme get the details of your summer holidays soon " he finalized and ignored me attending to his guest 

  Is he going to be this way towards me? 

    I dragged my feet out of the door and started walking back to my own office 

   I mean how will I stay a whole day with her talk more of a few weeks? Be

   This is really bad!! 

"What did he say? " she questioned as soon as I entered my office once again

     "Giselle please leave " I said quietly slumping back to my swivelling chair and it rolled round and round

     "Phil... "
"Giselle please, I'm not in the mood"

   I heard her sigh and then heard her footsteps as she left

    I sighed again 

My only blame is left for Martha for leaving me just like that 

   Coming into my heart and leaving like I never existed, I wouldn't have been into this mess 

    I wouldn't! 

Marrying Angie and.... 




     Work closed for the day, I packed up my belongings into my handbag and then stood up from the chair to go

   I hadn't walked upto two steps when a message popped into my phone

💬Hey dear! Got you some good news! 

It was from Phil's sister Gina

  I stopped in my steps to get where this is going 

💬 what kind? Find a new lover? 
I texted back teasing her a little 

💬🙄No dear! It's about you and Phil! And not some lover! 
She texted back

Phil and I? 

   I hope they aren't out again for some new lectures on how important it is for us to get a child soon

💬what kind? 
I texted and it took five mins for her to get back at me

 💬Summer holidays for you both! 

I don't understand? 

   Summer? Are we even going into summer this soon? 

I texted and she replied immediately 

💬Mom and dad had decided that you both go on a summer holiday 😁
She replied and it felt like a bombshell exploded on my head

     I and Phil? What kind of joke is that? 

  This is a bad idea! We can't definitely go on a holiday


This is bad news! 

💬wow! Gina its good! Yeah very good
I texted back with shaky hands pretending to like the idea

💬yes! Everybody is happy

She replied and mind immediately went to Phil
   Is he among those happy about this idea? 

💬even Phil? 
I texted

💬yes so much I think

Really? How?? 

I mean is he the one who initiated this idea or what?? 

    I immediately dialed his number and his voice came through 

📞what the fuvk do you think you're doing Hunh Phil? 

I immediately said when I heard his voice

📞what am I doing? 

He shouldnt pretend about this at all
He shouldn't dare pretend 

📞really! What are you doing? Why did you have to make it known to your family members about a summer holiday when you never mentioned it to me for once!! 

📞what are you saying

Oh cut the crap! Please I hate lies 

   I hung up my phone in anger and walked off in anger


I watched as she played with the little children on the playground and all my face flushed out into a wild smile 

     She giggled about like someone I once knew

    Someone who smile like she does and plays so much like she does too

     And I just can't remember anything about that someone

     "Hey Flynn! Join us" she beckoned to me by waving her arms about in the air 

     I shook my head in disapproval 

   I don't want to play, I just want to stay like this and watch her 

       "C'mon Flynn! " she urged me on 

     I agreed and then joined her in the field 

   We never played more than thirty minutes when she started vomiting right there on the field 

     "What's wrong? Martha what's wrong? "

    I asked so concerned about her 

    "Nothing, just my usual change of environment sickness" she pushed that off 

    And not long enough again she slumped to the ground even before I could catch her.... 


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