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🌲🌲Summer holiday lovers 💑

💋(She met her childhood sweet heart again) 💋


                        💔 Episode ONE


   "Honey your breakfast is ready" I announced to my husband as he walked past all dressed to leave for work

   He kinda ignored me and I sat down myself on the chair to savor my meal

   He doesn't eat with me and it isn't new so why would I be bothered if he doesn't eat with me today 

    Should I explain my marriage life to you? 

   You wanna hear it? Well I and Philips never liked or loved each other we were forced into a marriage we never wanted 

   All in the name of protecting our family's pride

    He never cares about me and I don't care either because all my life my yearnings was for my childhood love Flynn

    Yeah Flynn but he's never coming back to me

 Who knows if he still knows me or even think of me wherever he is

    He doesn't, and I know it 
  And I can't help myself not to think about him

     "Angie! " he once called me when we were sitting down on the rails of our school back then 

  "Yes" I replied as he held me closer to himself

      "you know, I don't think I will ever stop loving you or thinking about you"

     "Really? "

  "Yes ...I love you so much that I will die if I stop loving you " 

     "I love you too Flynn so much " and we both kissed each other 

    He said he will wait for me and I'm not sure if he's really waiting for me like he said I just wish he waited 

    Because I don't think I will love anyone else except him not even my husband Phil

       "Hey won't you serve me, I've been sitting here for the past minutes " I heard someone saying and I realized it was my husband

    "Angie!? "

  "Uhhh.. Yes? "

He sighed and then stood up again from the chair

    "Forget it" he muttered and then left with his briefcase


I waited patiently at the door post for my girlfriend to come out and she seem to be taking longer than I predicted 

    Aaargggh! Women and this their crazy dressing
Tch! One day someone will just run mad waiting for them

      "Hurry up am running out of time baby" 

And soon she started coming down the stairs as elegant as ever

Immediately my eyes met her, all my whole body melted staring at her 

  I couldn't stop looking till she came down cat-walking towards me

     She always look beautiful in blue! 

      "You look amazing" I complimented holding her hand and turning her around

      "Wow you're so beautiful " 
She is always beautiful whenever I look at her and she reminds me of someone I think am forgetting 

   Someone I always wish to remember but I can't 

      "Thanks " she replied kissing my cheeks and then my lips 

    "Ha! Can't wait for summer which is so due in two days time " she said reminding me of the summer holiday I was planning on having with her

     "Yeah baby... Just say wherever you want to spend it and am gonna make it happen " 

    I kissed her lips passionately not wanting to break off the kisses so sudden but I did break off

   Since I don't want to have her right away on the couch or maybe on the floor

      "Let's go" she mumbled catching her breath from the long kiss I gave her

    "Lead the way" I replied laughing and she walked past and I smacked her bums slightly making her whimper and reign stupid and lovely abuses on me

Immediately I reached my office I heaved slumping down on my swivelling chair

    I buried my head in my palms thinking about my marriage life, it isn't something to write home about 

   And am still gonna live with it no matter what, she's still my wife

     "Hey xup" I heard my secretary's voice behind me so I looked up and it was her

     "Hey Gm" I greeted and she returned the greetings sitting down on top my table 

Only her does that, even though there are many 

" your dad has a message for you" she said flinging her legs which dropped down as she sat down on the table

     "My dad? What did he say? "

She shrugged and sighed at the same time before answering my question 

    "Nothing much... He only said that he had relieved you off your job for the time being "

     Hunh!  What is she saying? 

" I don't get"

    "Well he said so, you should go on a summer holiday with your wife" 

    Bull shit!! 
I never told him I needed a holiday with my wife or did I once tell him that he's over working me? 

  Even though am his son, I have almost the lowest rank in his office

     "You are lucky tho, " she made to say but I cut her up

      "Please please, where is he? "
I asked 

     She pointed her finger down meaning downstairs and I rushed out in a hurry to go meet him

There's no way I can stay all my whole days with a woman I barely love and care about

   It isn't happening


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