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Season 6

Episode 29

(Fighting Hero First Day’s Ticket Sales)

At the same time, some people were chatting by the side.

“I heard from my friend that Red Tiger is super good, so I came here to watch it.”

Some youngsters had also brought their parents along.

“Everyone said that this movie is also very suitable for people of your age to watch.”

“That’s right, that’s right. We also heard from a lot of our friends on WeChat that it’s really good.”

Some parents who were in their fifties and sixties hadn’t gone to a cinema for quite a while as they weren’t really interested in the storyline of all the popular movies these days but had come today for Red Tiger .

Since it was rare for movies to focus on patriotism like Red Tiger , so it was indeed suitable for the older generation to watch too.

Having come to the cinema theatre after many years, it was hard for them to hide their excitement.

Perhaps because it was the holidays, just like the Han family many other families had come together as a family to watch the movie. It was as if this movie was for the whole nation to watch.

At that moment, Old Madam Han asked Han Zhuoli softly, “How is it? How’s the box office collection in Han Corporation Cinemas?”

“We haven’t tallied the numbers yet. However, Han Corporation Cinemas gave most of the screening schedules to Red Tiger , so you can’t use Han Corporation as the benchmark. However, if the sales from these two days continue, then the box office looks rather promising,” Han Zhuoli explained.

Soon it was time to enter the theatre. Not long after, the theatre was filled with people.

The crowd was bubbling with excitement, they had great expectations due to the good reviews online.

Although Old Mr. Han hadn’t ever been on the battlefield front, he had commanded the army behind the scenes too.

Seeing the battle scenes in the movie, he couldn’t help but feel like he was part of it too. He kept clapping and cheering for it.

After a while, when the movie ended the audience were full of praises for it.

“I had seen the comments online, and even the recommendations from my friends said that Red Tiger was good. I came here with really high expectations, but at the same time, I was mentally prepared to be greatly disappointed due to my high expectations. Yet, I didn’t expect that this movie will completely exceed my expectations. Amazing, it was so satisfying!”

” Fighting Hero still wants to compete with Red Tiger ? I’ll definitely watch it again to contribute to Red Tiger’ s box office.”

Even Old Madam Han excitedly held onto Lu Man’s hand. “Lu Man, you definitely did the right thing accepting this movie! It was filmed really well.”

Old Madam Han was so touched and moved that she rubbed her slightly teary eyes. “More youngsters should watch such a movie. They shouldn’t always think that everything from abroad is better. Our own country is really strong and powerful too, we should feel proud of our own country! It’s so good, it’s really wonderful!”

“All of our countries’ warriors are amazing!” Old Mr. Han was full of praises too.

As the praises and good reviews of Red Tiger circulated among the crowd, more and more people came to watch the movie, and Red Tiger rose to fame.

On a popular movie rating website Pineapple, the rating was as high as 9.5.

Whereas Fighting Hero’s rating had already fallen below 8.0, and it was steadily decreasing even more.

Moreover, the reviews of Fighting Hero also became more and more negative.


The next morning, Lu Man went to Ji Cheng’s work studio.

Surprisingly, everyone was present there, from Ji Cheng to all the staff members.

“Lu Man, why are you here?” Ji Cheng asked, smiling in surprise.

Lu Man bashfully explained, “I’m curious about the box office so I came here to take a look. Is it out?”

“Not yet, we are all still waiting too,” Ji Cheng said anxiously.

No wonder everyone was here too.

Clearly, not only Ji Cheng but everyone else was very nervous too.

At the same time, at Zhang Lun’s work studio, they were also waiting for the box office result of Fighting Hero and Red Tiger.

“Director Zhang, the ticket sales from the first day of our Fighting Hero is out.” Zhang Lun’s assistant Wang Qiu rushed in with the data of the box office.

“How much?” Even Zhang Lun wasn’t calm at all.


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