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Season 6

Episode 24

(Because You Are Mine)

” Fighting Hero lacks a good storyline. It survived only because of the fame of the actors. With famous celebrities, splendid scenery, mesmerizing costumes, it can be said to be a feast for the eyes, however, it’s still very boring.”

“I regret watching Fighting Hero . Those who are yet to watch it, please don’t waste your money on it. If you are so eager to see some special effects, wait for the Hollywood show Attack Force . What the heck did Fighting Hero film? The plot is so f*cking idi*tic.”

“The f*ck! Is Red Tiger really that good? I went to watch Fighting Hero and really couldn’t help falling asleep. I regret it now, if I had known earlier, I would have gone to watch Red Tiger.

Although the internet exploded and comments kept pouring in, praising Red Tiger, Lu Man really did not have the time to see them.

After leaving the movie theatre, Lu Man and Han Zhouli took the lift which directly reached the underground carpark.

After getting in the car, Han Zhuoli kept looking intensely at Lu Man.

Since the screening was at midnight, it was already past two in the morning. The mall had long shut its door and so they could only take this route that went through the underground carpark.

There were very few cars in the parking lot with hardly any people around. It was exceptionally quiet.

Moreover, no one was passing by Han Zhuoli’s car.

Hence, as soon as he got into the car, without any bother, Han Zhuoli stared intensely at Lu Man as if he was completely mesmerized by her.

Fortunately, no one was around otherwise Lu Man would have died out of embarrassment.

“What exactly are you looking at?” Lu Man pushed at him.

“I’m very proud of my girlfriend’s acting talent,” Han Zhuoli said gently, his soft gaze meeting Lu Man’s eyes.

Being praised by Han Zhouli, Lu Man was like a child brimming with happiness upon being praised by her parents and smiled shyly. “Really? I was scared that I did not act well, and you would be disappointed upon watching the movie.”

“I ain’t, you acted very well.” Han Zhuoli leaned over, his nose almost rubbing against hers. “When I saw your performance in the movie, my heart swelled with pride. Although you were by my side as I watched the movie, the Lu Man in the movie was like a completely different person, and exactly like the character designed. And I did not find you out of character just because I am already so familiar and intimate with you.”

At that intense moment, Han Zhuoli removed the snapback from her head and softly put the strands of her hair behind her ear. “While I was watching the movie, I saw you as the female lead character in the movie, and not the Lu Man who was sitting next to me and holding my hand. I was proud throughout the movie. It’s just that after this movie, you will probably become the Goddess of several movie fanatics.”

“Don’t exaggerate so much.” Lu Man felt that Han Zhouli was praising her to the skies. Probably the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and ‘love is blind’ were holding true for Han Zhouli right now.

“It’s not exaggerated at all,” Han Zhuoli said in a serious tone. “You probably couldn’t feel how charismatic you were in the movie.”

Extremely pleased about having Lu Man as his girlfriend, Han Zhuoli said, “But the real world Lu Man is even better, and only I know about it.”

Hearing that, Lu Man kept feeling that his words had a hidden meaning.

She was praised by Han Zhouli until her face was flushed red with embarrassment.

The next moment, Han Zhuoli only moved an inch forward and his lips touched her lips. “No matter how much the fans like you and treat you like a goddess, it’s of no use. Because you are mine.”

Han Corporation had many celebrities under it and regarding such matters, Han Zhuoli’s judgment had always been excellent and accurate.

He was very confident and sure that after this movie, Lu Man would rise to fame and definitely be a goddess of movie fanatics.

His woman would be the goddess in other’s hearts, so how could he not be proud and gloat?

Haha, when He Zhengbai would watch the movie, perhaps he would regret giving up on Lu Man at that time?

That idi*t, he really did not know that he lost an amazing girl!

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