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Season 6

Episode 23

(The Audience’s Reactions)

Although the runtime of the movie was more than two hours, it was exceptionally fast-paced. With one climax after another, there was not even a single boring moment in the entire film.

Sitting at the second last with Han Zhouli, Lu Man keenly noticed that no one had even gone for a toilet break during the movie at all.

Almost midway through the movie, she had also heard someone asking, “How long until it ends?”

“Probably another half an hour or so. Why?”

“I want to go to the washroom but I think I will just hold it in. I will go to the toilet onces the movie ends.”

“Don’t hurt your bladder.”

“Don’t worry. I’m afraid that if I leave I will miss out on something amazing.”

Similar conversations happened every now and then.

Moreover, when the movie finished playing and the theatre lights were switched on, everyone was left yearning for more.

Someone in the crowd even cribbed about it. “Why did the movie finish so soon? It’s a little short!”

“It’s not. It already ran for more than two hours. However, because it was so fast-paced, time flew by so fast.”

“I really didn’t expect it to be this good! I really wished it was longer!”

“Originally, I came here to ridicule Red Tiger . I wanted to watch it first before making any comments so that I can honestly diss it with facts.”

“It’s true. They just kept fighting and fighting and fighting throughout the movie and the climaxes never stopped surprising us. The story kept my mind tensed and occupied throughout the movie, not letting me relax at all. I was so engrossed and kept on my feet the entire time. I noticed the time only after it ended. For the very first time in my life, I didn’t even feel tired from sitting too long in the movie theatre.”

“Oh my gosh! I have to get my family and friends watch this movie. It’s just so amazing!”

“Yes, I’m telling them too!”

“This movie is very suitable to bring your parents along too. It just makes me so excited and pumped up.”

At the same time, similar conversations were also ongoing in other cinema theatres.

On several people’s friends’ circles 1 on Weibo and WeChat, recommendations and praises were flowing in for Red Tiger .

“The best film of the year! You’ll definitely regret not watching it!”

“It doesn’t lose out to those Hollywood action films, it’s AWESOME ! Seeing such an excellent produced movie being produced in our country, my heart swells with pride! I’m supporting it!”

” Red Tiger is really super awesome! Even though the storyline isn’t really well-developed and has some flaws, I can see Ji Cheng’s effort and the passion poured in by all the actors. I see hope in the rise of locally produced movies! You definitely have to support such a passionately-produced movie. I have decided to watch it for the second time tomorrow. I’m bringing my parents along.”

Seeing all these praises, their friends who had yet to watch it asked curiously, “Are you speaking the truth? Is it that good?”

“Absolutely! I rarely praise a movie. Red Tiger even made me lose track of time, can you believe it?”

“Really! You have to watch it! It’s so rare for a locally produced movie to have such standards. You definitely have to support this movie, you can really tell that they have poured blood, sweat, and tears into this film. Red Tiger has ignited hope in locally produced movies! Ji Cheng has filmed a movie for us, Chinese people, and it doesn’t try to imitate Hollywood movies. It is a movie that should surge pride in our heart!”

“You have to support it. We have to make sure to show those people who film crappy movies with popular celebrities, thinking to earn money by riding on the popularity of the actors that the audience isn’t idiots!”

“Why is everyone praising Red Tiger . What about Fighting Hero ? Did no one watch it? Doesn’t Fighting Hero have more screenings now?”

“I watched it. I don’t even want to talk about it, it’s hard to explain it in words. The set is pretty grand but where did the investment of hundreds of millions yuan that was claimed to be spent on CGI go? So a hundred million-worth CGI looks this crappy? It’s so damn fake. If I want to see CGI, won’t I just watch Hollywood films? At least theirs is more realistic, you can’t even tell that it’s CGI, why would I want to watch this lousy CGI which looks like it’s only worth 50 cents. As for the storyline? Haha, what storyline, they probably filmed it blind.”


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