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Season 6

Episode 21

(Mortifying for Him)

Suddenly, someone commented in favor of Lu Man. “Everyone, please don’t get misled. Let’s lay this matter out first and talk about it. This matter wasn’t started because of Lu Man. From the start, Qiao Luna was inappropriate with her comments. She is free to promote Fighting Hero and suck up to Zhang Lun, but she just had to diss Red Tiger in order to suck up to Zhang Lun, and her dissing triggered Red Tiger’s team to retaliate. Lu Man originally comes from a PR background, and it just so happens that she’s the female lead in Red Tiger too. Being a PR professional as well as the female lead, Lu Man definitely have to help Red Tiger fight back. Even if she doesn’t make a move on her own, the Red Tiger team will definitely ask her to help out too. They have a Public Relations expert on their side, so why would they not seek her help?”

“And because Lu Man made a move, Qiao Luna dragged some of her friends in the industry to point their fingers at Lu Man and blame her instead. It’s not that Lu Man is trying to stir up trouble. Lu Man’s only disadvantage is that she is a newbie in the entertainment industry and she doesn’t have any good friends in the industry who would speak up for her. Also, she doesn’t have as many fans as Qiao Luna. Moreover, there are a bunch of directors and artists who are trying to curry favor with Zhang Lun and hence have started to turn against Lu Man as if is to blame for all this ruckus. However, thinking about it carefully, from start to end, has Lu Man attacked anyone before? No. Unlike Qiao Luna, she didn’t single out someone and diss them. From the start to end, she was only promoting her own movie and rebutting any suspicions against the movie. Now, does she not even have the right to rebut? Just because you are questioning her, she’s not allowed to make a good rebuttal?”

“Finally someone is standing up for Lu Man and laying all the truths out!” Lu Man’s fans said emotionally.

“Support! I really hate those people who add a phrase of ‘I dislike people dissing each other’ right after you’ve dissed someone. Since you know that your words will make others dislike you, why would you still say it? Since you are saying it anyway, then you have to let others fight back, right? Adding such a phrase means that only you can diss others. If others don’t like it, they can’t diss you back, right? Saying such a thing is so f*king stupid!”

Seeing these comments warmed Lu Man’s heart. She quickly liked that comment and expressed her gratitude. “Thank you, everyone, for your support.”

“I will definitely support!”

“We will definitely watch Red Tiger !”

“That’s right! I’ve already bought the tickets!”

“We are members of the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury in City B. Those who can afford have bought the tickets already. We are teaming up to watch it many times.”

Seeing all these events, Old Mrs. Han was pleased and said, “Finally, there are some reasonable people on the internet.”

Right after that Old Mrs. Han ordered Han Zhuofeng. “Quick, rally up all your classmates and get them to support Red Tiger ! Don’t let them watch Fighting Hero !”

Old Mrs. Han really bore a lot of grudges!

Rather unwilling, Han Zhuofeng whimpered. “This is very embarrassing for me! Can’t they just fight with their own ability?”

“How does this relate to not using their skills? It’s your sister-in-law’s movie, isn’t it right of you to get people to support it? How much could those couple of tickets from your classmates contribute, anyway? This is just called supporting a family member, get it?” Old Mrs. Han glared harshly at Han Zhoufeng.

Displeased with him, Old Mr. Han pursed his lips too. “Look, that sly Zhang Lun would definitely do something sneaky too! If the box office doesn’t turn out as expected, he would buy entire screenings just to boost the sales. We’re just asking you to get your classmates to support, that’s all! Yet, look at you just pushing and hesitating so much.”

Finally, Han Zhuofeng was defeated. “I got it. I’ll rally up my classmates later.”

Thinking from his point of view, as the school hunk of the National Film Academy, advertising for Red Tiger and getting his classmates to support it, would really be mortifying for him!

While Han Zhuofeng was still grumbling to himself mentally, Han Zhuoli declared with pride. “Later, I’ll give tickets to all the employees of Han Corporation and have them watch it.”

“Good good good.” Extremely pleased, Old Mrs. Han nodded her head furiously.


When it was about 11 at night, Han Zhuoli followed Lu Man to the cinema theatre.


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