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Season 6

Episode 17

(Lu Man Forced Us Into A Dead End)

On the other hand, Zheng Yuanshi and her two friends were also seething in rage. Zheng Yuanshi even called Lu Man. “Lu Man, did you the trending news on Weibo?”

“I saw it and I never imagined that just a promotion post would lure out so many hate comments from people.”

“They are just too much! Isn’t it enough to already insult and mock at school that they had to slander others online too? I’ve already told Pan Xue and Han Leilei, even though it’s just three of us and our words won’t hold much value against theirs, we will also stand up for you,” Zheng Yuanshi said with determination, anger evident in her voice.

“Don’t! Didn’t you see how the netizens don’t hold back at scolding people? Till now, you all have been an ordinary student and never faced such a situation before. If you stand up at this time, you’ll definitely get mocked and scolded harshly by the public. Don’t let those netizens harm you!” Lu Man convinced.

“But aren’t you scared?” Zheng Yuan asked with concern.

“I’m just used to it. After going through it quite a few times, it doesn’t affect me at all. Similarly, if you all had such an experience before then I wouldn’t have stopped from standing up for me. However, some netizens tend to take it too far and it would feel uncomfortable upon reading those hateful comments. So tell Han Leilei and Pan Xue not to say anything at this moment,” Lu Man persuaded, “I understand that you want to help, but they can’t even touch a hair on my head.”

However, Zheng Yuanshi stayed silent on the phone; it was obvious that she was unwilling to give in.

Finding her defiance sweet, Lu Man smiled and said, “Anyway, I still have a lot of confidence in myself. As for the exam grades, I’ll definitely leave them behind, including Zhang Xiaoying. At that time, all those who are badmouthing me right now won’t have the face to post the result. So at that time, regarding exposing the result online, I’ll hand over the task to you guys.”

“You have so much confidence?” Zheng Yuanshi was shocked.

She really admired Lu Man; Zheng Yuanshi didn’t have the courage to even say such words with confidence.

Even if Zheng Yuanshi was really confident in her heart, she would not dare to say it out loud because she would be scared that the results might not be what she expected them to be.

However, her fear clearly indicated that she was still not confident enough!

Hearing her shocked tone, Lu Man said, “I worked very hard and prepared well for the exams, and I also know that I did well in the exams exam, that’s why I am so confident.”

“Haha, I really admire you, you are so clear-headed and determined. Moreover, once you have decided on something, no matter what, you achieve it! I won’t even dare to think of this!” The diffident Zheng Yuanshi said, “Alright, since you’re already so prepared, then we’ll just wait for the results before making any move.”

“Alright.” Lu Man thanked Zheng Yuanshi for her concern and then hung up the phone.

“Lu Man, what do we do now?” Perturbed, Xiao Cheng asked worriedly.

Lu Man calmly opened Weibo and reposted Red Tiger’s promotion post from their official Weibo.

“Our movie has got the prime airing slots only because the theaters are sure about the standard of our movie. It’s not strange for them to give more air time to a high-quality movie. Getting the prime slots is not your birth-right! For the very first time you haven’t gotten the prime slots, if you start scolding, criticizing, bashing people, claiming you are getting unfair treatment, then what about the other high-quality movies which never got the prime slots in the past, isn’t it worse for them? As to how Red Tiger is, I welcome everyone to go to the theaters and confirm. Whether it’s good or bad, you can only tell after you’ve watched it. If Red Tiger’s ratings are not good, the prime showtime slots would also be reduced. Everything depends on what the audience says.”

“Lu Man posted on Weibo!” The publicity team of Fighting Hero rushed to announce.

Seeing Lu Man’s strong riposte, Zhang Lun fumed in rage. “This arrogant brat! Even though she did not specifically name the person, she’s obviously talking about me!”

The publicity team head could only stop Zhang Lun from reacting hastily. “Director Zhang, you can’t start arguing with her now, otherwise, it would be just to her advantage, and would help her promote Red Tiger!”

“Then what can I do? Should I let her continue to be arrogant?” Zhang Lun lashed out at him.

Feeling helpless, the publicity team head sighed. “Lu Man has forced us into a dead end. If we don’t say anything, we are silently admitting that her words are true and would, in turn, appear as a joke. But if we argue back, she would be in the limelight and she would keep reminding people to watch Red Tiger.”


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