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Season 5

Episode 97

(Some People Would Just Say the Grapes Are Sour When They Can’t Have It)

“Gosh, Zhang Xiaoying has only gone to film a television show but turns out that Lu Man has taken on another movie?”

Not only for students in the National Film Academy, but everyone else also felt that acting in a movie was more prestigious than a television show.

As the artists who manage to make it to the silver screen rarely come back to act in television shows again.

Even if they came back for a cameo in a television show, they had much higher pay than the other actors.

The top A-listers actress, Gao Zishan, Dong Qinrong, always starred only in movies. This year, one after another they had announced that they are going to appear on a television show, making the audience go crazy and wild.

Just from their names alone, the audience had already believed that it would definitely be an amazing production.

Although many currently popular young budding male stars and starlets had very high viewership ratings for their television shows, only a handful of them could really get cast in such a big production.

However, Lu Man had debuted with a movie. Not only she had not filmed a television show, but she had also taken on another movie and that too a lead role.

Who said that Lu Man was only lucky the first time, and wouldn’t have such great opportunities in the future again?

Unexpectedly, at that moment, Zhang Xiaoying surprisingly appeared right at the door of the classroom.

She was going to join the production crew tomorrow and today, she had intentionally come back to flaunt it off.

Yet who knew that just as she entered, she would get to know that Lu Man had taken leave off to film a movie!

“Do you guys really have to go so crazy? Ji Cheng is only a B-lister in the country. He might have acted in quite some movies, but he was always the supporting character. How many people would actually watch a movie with him as the lead? It may sound good that she’s filming a movie. It may seem like she’s way up above, but the audience won’t buy it either, it’s pointless to film it. She would only be a joke to others,” Zhuang Tingting said.

Just when Zhang Xiaoying finally felt a little better, Zheng Yuanshi pursed her lips and mocked her. “Hehe, some people would just say the grapes are sour when they can’t have it.”

Yu Jingxian intentionally tried to cause a rift between them. ” Zheng Yuanshi, to think that you guys usually treat Lu Man so well. You guys treat Lu Man as a friend, but what about her? Did you guys even know that she went to shoot a movie?”

Someone like Lu Man who did everything quietly without a word was just like a back-stabber.

“Haha, we knew it about it long ago. Lu Man told us about it the day she applied for leave. Do you think that she would hide it from us? She is just being low-profile, and peacefully shooting her own film. She doesn’t like to flaunt it everywhere, making a huge deal out of it,” Pan Xue said sarcastically.

Having just managed to calm down, Zhang Xiaoying’s face immediately darkened again.

Originally, she was here to collect a ton of envy and admiration from everybody, but who knew that Lu Man snatched it from her, filming a movie now!

How did Lu Man manage to get such good resources!

Seeing that Yu Jingxian was a little tongue-tied and choked by the words, Zhuang Tingting hurriedly continued, “Hehe, she had such a good opportunity, but she didn’t even request some side roles for you guys?”

“Omg, look at what you’re saying.” Han Leilei laughed. “How many roles could there be in a movie? Besides, didn’t you see Weibo? Lu Man was asked at the very last minute. All the characters were already decided, they were just lacking a female lead. How could she get those actors who have already signed a contract to leave so that she could rope us in it? This isn’t a television show where the characters keep on adding and you can stuff a bunch of people in it. Moreover, Zhang Xiaoying had long since been booked as the female lead and has been preparing for it for a long time, I don’t see her asking for roles for you guys too! Even if it’s just acting as a servant, right? Moreover, isn’t this character suitable for you too? You guys are already used to acting like that normally.”

Suddenly, the classroom fell silent.

Han Leilei’s mouth sure was evil!

Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian clenched their jaw in anger. “Who are you calling a servant?”

“I’m referring to you two. Normally, you keep sucking up to Zhang Xiaoying, bootlicking her. Isn’t that all just so she could help you guys out a little? It’s ok, you might not have a chance in this show of hers, but you definitely will have the chance in the next.” Han Leilei said sarcastically.


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