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Season 5

Episode 95

(Serves Lu Qi Right)

The last post was added by the girl in charge of the official Weibo out of her own will.

“Lu Man, I made my own decision,” The girl in charge of the official Weibo, Liu Xinyue, said after sending it out, “I feel that just posting the first part is unfair to you. It’s you who especially rushed down to save us, but you are being scolded by netizens because of Lu Qi’s fake sympathy trick, I can’t stand it.”

“Well said!” Ji Cheng walked over after filming, “You did well, you should tell people about how Lu Man saved the day and let the netizens see how Lu Qi schemes. How shameless can Lu Qi be to post something so outrageous on Weibo only to attack us!”

“She can take the chance to increase her popularity,” Lu Man explained.

“Hehe, it’s a pity we aren’t that popular.” Ji Cheng laughed. “We’ll only be popular after the movie premieres.”

Lu Man did not think that Ji Cheng would be so honest.

“Director Sun posted on Weibo!” Liu Xinyue exclaimed.

At that moment, everyone hurriedly logged on to their Weibo account.

Sun Yiwu: “I’m also a witness for this incident, at first, Ji Cheng found a lot of people, but no one had the time in their schedule for it, and in the end, he found Lu Qi. Initially, Lu Qi agreed very readily and did not have objections against the amount Ji Cheng was going to pay her. As for that, Ji Cheng checked with her multiple times. But the day before was supposed to join the production group, Lu Qi’s mom, who is also her manager, Madam Xia Qingyang, contacted Ji Cheng, saying that Lu Qi was not happy with her pay for the film. She requested her pay for the film to be increased to 3 million yuan. That’s the pay for someone of Qiao Luna’s level. Before we talk about whether Lu Qi’s current position is fitting for that kind of pay, just the act of asking for an increase in pay at the last moment and threatening the director to not join the crew is already too much!”

“Ji Cheng did not have any way to deal with it and came looking for me, asking me if I have anyone suitable candidate since he did not dare to take Lu Qi who went goes back on her words anymore. Who knows if after filming halfway, Lu Qi might have another request. At that time, even if he wanted to find someone else to film, the losses would be even more. So I thought of Lu Man, and after contacting Lu Man, Lu Man agreed without saying anything else, she did not even ask about the pay for the film. it’s just because I brought her into the industry, and cast her in the Greedy Wolf Operation , she always remembered that and wanted to pay me back. This silly girl would help even if she did not get any money.”

“One threatened not joining the production group for a pay hike, while the other was willing to act without getting paid, the difference in morals can clearly be seen. There are really very few people in the entertainment industry who remember to be grateful for the things others have done for them. Moreover, to me, choosing Lu Man to act in the Greedy Wolf Operation was something very small and ordinary, I did not think that she would remember it at all. So as to Lu Qi’s accusations, and the critique that the netizens have towards Lu Man, I cannot stand it anymore, you all need to know the truth.”

The netizens took one look, this was Sun Yiwu!

One of the top directors in the country.

Such a renowned, reputed director had already spoken out, and as it could be clearly seen, the things were really not like what Lu Qi said.

“If it’s like that, it serves Lu Qi right.”

“Such a cunning person, Lu Qi doesn’t deserve to even get show offers.”

“I had been a fan of Lu Qi in the past, and it’s a good thing I stopped being a fan a long time ago. Now, whenever I go out, I don’t dare to say that I was her fan before, otherwise, everyone will look down on me disdainfully.”

“Asking for 3 million yuan? Who gave her the right to be on the same level as our Luna.”

“She’s just a flop now, even giving her 500 thousand yuan is already good enough.”

“The person above is too polite, it’s already good to give her a show to film, she can still pick and choose. It serves her right that she was only popular for a short time before she became a flop. She should not think about being popular again.”

In an instant, all the netizens ran over to Lu Qi’s Weibo to scold her.

After thinking for a while, Ji Cheng also posted. “Lu Man only brought a manager and an assistant to the set. Our filming environment is especially tough, but Lu Man never complained about it before, and does her job very well, she’s comparable to many of the industry’s older actors.”


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