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Season 4

Episode 92

(Go to work (2)

"I can do it by myself," said Jackson, as he took the towel from Cherry's hand. Cherry said nothing, and instead turned around and got into bed.

Both of them were lying in bed, with Cherry tightly holding Jackson in her arms with her face pressed against his chest. She always had a warm feeling spread through her heart whenever she felt his body's heat next to her.

Jackson asked, "Is Joe at home alone?"
"No, Selina is there with him. I asked her to take care of Joe and drive him to school tomorrow morning."

"Aren't you worried about our son?" asked Jackson. He asked that because he knew that for Cherry Joe was the most important person in the world.

She answered him, "Because compared to our son, I worry about you more." She then looked up at him and saw that he even had a stub grown on his chin.

"I'm a grown man. Why should you have to worry about me?" asked Jackson.

Cherry then suddenly threw her arms around his neck, and seriously said, "Jackson, I know why you're sad, but no matter what happened and what you are thinking now, I just want to be with you. That's all."

Jackson looked at her, but said nothing. He was actually happy, because he had always loved and coddled her. She hadn't disappointed him after all, because she did care about him.

Cherry went on to say, "I know that what happened to Grandpa hits you very hard, but you still have a lot of things to do, and you'll exhaust yourself if you keep going on like this. Jackson, please don't drive me away, okay? I just want to be with you."

After he heard this, Jackson reached out his hand and touched her hair. He said, "You silly woman!"

He then kissed her forehead. He loved and missed her so much that it was inconceivable for him to ever leave her.

Cherry looked at him with cheerfulness dancing in her eyes, because he didn't reject or repel her anymore.

"Is everything okay inside the villa?"
asked Jackson. He then added, "I'm kind of busy these days, so I'll have no time to take care of you and our son. Should you have any needs, just tell Derek about them and he will help you sort them out."

Cherry gazed into his eyes, and said, "Everything is okay. We don't need anything there and we're all good, so don't worry." Judging from his words, she knew that he still cared about her and her son, and that he would never abandon them for anything or anyone in the world.

"You little fool, you and our son are the only people that I care about in the whole world. How could I not worry about you?" said Jackson fondly, but not joyfully. He then continued, "Baby, I'm so sorry for what I've done to you."

But Cherry hastily covered his mouth to stop him from talking. She knew what he meant, and she could understand all the things that he had done, so she didn't blame or resent him in any way at all.

"Jackson, don't apologize to me. It's okay, I can understand you." During the past few days she had also been pretty upset, but she had also known that Jackson was also feeling bad. Actually, she believed that Jackson was even sadder than she was, so how could she ever put the blame on him?

Jackson looked at Cheery and suddenly felt lucky to have a wife like her. Cherry was a good wife, she was sensible, and knew to tell the difference between what was right, and what was wrong. Besides, she never thought about herself, and instead always put herself in the other people's shoes. She was so good to him that all of his worries disappeared when she was around him, and with such a good wife at his side, what else was there to be worried about?

Jackson then spoke out a sincere thought. "Baby, you're my blessing!" he said, and even if he had nothing in the world but this woman besides, he thought that he would still feel completely satisfied.

Cherry watched his serious look and knew that he was already in a better mood. She then said, "Then you'll never drive neither me or Joe away! We should always stay together! Always!"

"Okay, I will never do that again. Never!" replied Jackson. After something suddenly flashed in his mind, he said, "I still have something that needs to be handled, so could you and Joe stay in
the villa for another couple of days?"

Cherry nodded, and replied, "Okay, don't be worried; I'll take good care of our son, and you can just do your things. You don't have to worry about us for a second."

Jackson also nodded to her.

Cherry looked at him, and continued, "Oh, I forgot to tell you that we went to my mother's house today. My brother's older company split, and he renamed his new one H King Group. The company is short-staffed, and I want to work there to help my brother."

After he heard this, Jackson thought for a while, and said, "Derek seemed to have told me about this yesterday, but I haven't taken notice of what was going on in the business world. So, what are Mr. and Mrs. Yuwen thinking about this?"

Cherry gently replied, "They all agree with me, and I want to go there because I don't want to stay home alone after Joe goes to school in the morning. You know what kind of person I am, so I want to help my brother." She had already made her decision, but she still wanted to ask for his permission because, after all, he was her husband.



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