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Season 4

Episode 91

(Go to work (1)

Cherry then lowered her head, and said, "You know that what happened to Andrew hit him quite hard. He needs some time to calm down."

Selina looked at Cherry. She knew that she hadn't given up Jackson, and that she hadn't given up on their home either.
Selina stared at Cherry and seriously said, "Cherry, please go and find Jackson."

"What?" asked Cherry. She didn't know what Selina meant with that.

"You should go and find Jackson now. I'll stay with Joe tonight and drive him to school tomorrow morning," replied Selina. She hoped that Cherry and Jackson would get back together fast, and that their whole family would be as happy as it had been before.

"But..." wanted to say Cherry, astonished by Selina's wild idea. She didn't know anymore what to say, or what to do.

Joe also overheard their talk. He looked at his Mommy, and said, "Mommy, please go already! I can go to bed by myself, but Aunt Selina, please drive me to school tomorrow morning."

"Be sure that I will; after all, I have nothing else to do."

Cherry looked at Selina and her son, and she suddenly started to miss Jackson very much. She hadn't seen Jackson for just two days, but it seemed to her that she hadn't seen him for five years instead. So she missed him very much, and yearned for his presence.

Selina noticed that Cherry had fallen silent, so she quickly said, "Cherry, don't hesitate anymore, go and find my brother! I know that he's confused, but at this moment, you should be with him. He needs you at his side."

After she heard this, Cherry nodded and decided to go and find her husband.

She looked at her son, and said, "Joe, be a good boy and listen to your Aunt Selina. Remember to get up and go to school on time."

"I know, Mommy, don't worry," replied Joe.

Cherry looked at Selina and felt somehow sorry for troubling her. "Selina, thank you for taking care of Joe tonight," she said.

Selina replied, "That's all right. Just go and find my brother." Cherry then stood up, walked to the door, changed her shoes and left with her bag in her hand.

After she arrived at the military's residential compound, Cherry saw that the lights were on. She quickly got out of the car and then entered the house.

She opened the front door and walked in. Lily had just finished cleaning the kitchen, and she was stunned when she saw that Cherry had suddenly come back.

Lily said, "Mrs. Cherry, you... you're back!"

Cherry asked, "Where's Jackson?"

Lily was still stunned by Cherry's sudden return, and replied, "Up, upstairs."

Cherry then changed into a pair of slippers, and said to Lily, "Did he have dinner yet?"

Lily replied, "Mr. Jackson was having night cups in his own room. A little earlier, he returned home, had some food, and went up to the second floor with wine."

"I see. You should go and rest now, I'll go upstairs," said Cherry, as she headed towards the staircase.

The moment after she went upstairs, she saw that the light in her and Jackson's room was turned on.

Obviously, as Lily had said, Jackson was in there.

Cherry stepped forward and opened the door. She saw that Jackson was sitting at her dressing table, drinking from a glass.

As she slowly walked closer to him she felt very sad, because she wondered why had he become so decadent. She had never seen him like that; in her heart, he had been always as high and mighty as a king was, and she had always thought that decadence wasn't a trait that belonged to him. But now things were different, and he was in quite a bad shape.

When Jackson felt that someone was approaching him, he looked at the door from the corner of his eye. When he saw that it was actually Cherry, his eyes became as wide as saucers, and he thought to himself, 'Why is she here? Am I hallucinating?'

Cherry then walked to him, and as she looked at his face, she couldn't help but to burst out crying. She gazed into his dreamy eyes, and as she smelled the beer in his breath, she wondered why did he had to drink so much.

Cherry sobbed "Jackson" and gently touched Jackson's face with her hand.

When Jackson felt that Cherry was touching him, he knew that it wasn't a dream, and that Cherry had indeed come back and was sitting right in front of him.

Suddenly, Jackson furiously shook off her hand, and asked, "Why did you come back here? Get out! Get out now!"

He then took the glass in his hand and downed it in on gulp.

Cherry boldly moved forward to him. She tightly held Jackson in her arms and buried her head in his chest, she cried, "No, no, no! I won't leave you."

Hearing her cry, Jackson said nothing. Sobbing, Cherry continued to say, "Jackson, don't torture yourself like this! Just promise me this, okay? If you have any problems, you can always tell them to me! I'll always be with you, always, and I'll always be willing to face all of your difficulties by your side!"

After she said this, Jackson felt a warmth spreading all over his body. What she said still had an overwhelming influence over his feelings.

Jackson suddenly called her, "Baby!"

Cherry was astonished by this, because he had finally agreed to talk to her and didn't want her to go away anymore.

Cherry immediately nodded, and replied, "Yes, yes, I'm here."

"Please bring me a pajama, and I also want to take a shower."

With tears still on her cheeks, Cherry happily replied, "Okay, okay."

Jackson then went into the bathroom and took a shower. After he got out, Cherry was already waiting for him with a dry towel, ready to dry his hair.

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