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Season 4

Episode 90

(His innermost thought and Feelings (2)

Cherry smiled cheerfully as she listened to Wilson's words. Judging from them she could tell that Wilson had fallen in love with Selina for some time already.

"Wilson, Selina is a very nice girl, and I think that she is definitely your Miss Right. You've always told me that you wanted to take good care of me, and now I clearly know that you said that because you regarded me as your little sister, instead of your sweetheart. For Selina, things are different, because you two love and appreciate each other.

It's true love, and that's why you get along so well with each other. When you're together, both of you feel relaxed and comfortable, and Selina treats you well because she loves you, because you play an important role in her heart. You also have a good impression on her, and obviously you want to always be close to her. I reckon she must have played an important role in your heart too, am I right?" said Cherry.

Wilson nodded after he listened to Cherry's words, and he had to admit that he indeed loved Selina. His entire mind was filled with Selina's face at that moment, and he couldn't hide his true feelings from himself any longer.

When she saw him nodding, Cherry reached out her hand and grabbed Wilson's arm. She then said, "Wilson, go and chase her, because she deserves your love. I want Selina to be happy, and also you to be happy."

Wilson then turned his head and looked into Cherry's eyes. She provided him a great deal of encouragement.

"I know what I have to do then," said Wilson. He became very confident thanks to Cherry, and because his beloved little sister had given him all of her best wishes and blessing, he had been renewed with fresh energy.

It was already late in the evening when Cherry and her son headed back home from Wilson's house. After they arrived, Cherry cooked a quick and simple meal for them to eat.

While they were eating their dinner in the dining room, Cherry's phone rang. After she checked it, she saw Selina's name on the screen.

Cherry answered, "Hello, Selina." "Cherry, where are you now?" said Selina in an anxious manner.

"I'm at home. What's the matter? Is there anything wrong?" quickly asked Cherry, also worried. She was afraid that something bad had happened when she heard Selina's anxious voice.

"No, there's nothing wrong. I just arrived at the residential compound to see you, but Lily told me that you and Joe moved back to the villa. What the hell is going on?" asked Selina.

After she heard Selina's words, Cherry suddenly realized that she hadn't informed Selina that she had moved out of the residential compound, so she had no idea of what was happening.

"I'm really sorry, Selina. We were in so much of a hurry that I forgot to tell you all about it. We moved yesterday and today…" but before Cherry could finish her words, she was interrupted by Selina again.

"Cherry, where are you and Joe now? Are you in Jackson's villa?" asked Selina.

She thought to herself, 'If Cherry and Joe moved out, they had to move back there. Although Jackson also has an apartment, that's somehow small for them to live in.'

"Yes, we're here," replied Cherry. "Cherry, wait for me, I'll be there in a minute," said Selina, and after she said this, she suddenly hung up the phone.

Cherry was in a daze when she heard that the call had been suddenly disconnected, and she put aside the phone on the table.

"Mommy, was that Auntie Selina?" asked Joe, as he curiously looked at his mother.

"Yes, Selina will come here soon," said Cherry.

"Mommy, why don't you prepare some more food, so that we can have dinner together with Auntie Selina?" suggested Joe.

"Good idea! Go on with what you have in your plate and I'll do some more cooking," said Cherry, as she gently patted her son's head.

Half an hour later, Joe heard someone ringing the doorbell, and he immediately realized that Selina had arrived. He then quickly went to open the door for her.

"Good evening, Auntie Selina!" cheerfully said Joe as he opened the door.

"Evening, Joe. Where's your mom?" anxiously asked Selina.

"She's in the kitchen, cooking dinner for you. Come on in and have dinner together with us," said Joe seriously, as he looked into Selina's eyes.

Selina was touched when she heard Joe's warm words, and she couldn't like the little man in front of her more. She then held his arm, and said, "I would really appreciate that! Come now, let's go and find your Mommy together," said Selina.

After they walked to the dining room, Cherry had also come out of the kitchen with two plates of cooked food in her hands.

"Selina, you've arrived in the nick of time! I just finished cooking dinner for you. Come on, sit down and eat!"

"Yes! I'm already too hungry," said Selina. She was very delighted to see the delicious plates of food laid out in front of her on the table.

After they finished eating, all of them went to the living room together. Joe started to play his games on his iPad, while Cherry and Selina sat on the sofa and chatted.

"Cherry, can you tell me what the hell is going on? How come you and Joe moved out? Was that Jackson's idea?

Wasn't it nice living in the residential compound?" asked Selina. She was very eager to get the answers to her questions, because she just couldn't understand why they had moved out of there so all of a sudden.

"Selina, it's also nice for us to live here, because this also used to be our home, " said Cherry in a calm manner.

"But I don't understand! Even if you wanted to move back here in the first place, Jackson should be here with you too. Why is he still living in the residential compound while you and Joe are living out here? What happened between you and Jackson? Did you quarrel with him again?" asked Selina.

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