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Season 4

Episode 88

(The H King group (2)

"Of course I have! I was the No.1 in the last exam, again," proudly said Joe. He wasn't bragging because he was a real genius, and besides, what they were learning in school was too simple for him to put any effort in it. In other words, he understood everything in his school books the moment after he read them for the first time. The only thing that annoyed him was the Chinese character writing practice, which was a little too boring for him to handle.

"Really now? Our Joe is brilliant, right?" said Elsa smiling. She felt very delighted to see that after all these years, Joe had grown up into a clever and sensitive boy.

He was now not only her daughter's son, but also her grandson, the child whom she wanted to give everything in the world.

"Of course I am! Grandma, how about you make up a math problem for me and see if I can get it right the first time! I'll prove myself with deeds, not words, okay?" said Joe with a smug look all over his face.

"Joe, please keep a low profile now. Grandma and grandpa are your family, and you really don't need to brag about yourself in front of them," said Cherry, further educating her naughty son.

"Okay," answered Joe as he lowered his head. He always had to listen to his Mommy and accept her criticism, because in his heart, his Mommy was the greatest person in the world.

After they walked into the living room, Joe knew that the adults had something to discuss between them, so he went to the study upstairs to play some of his computer games.

Sitting in the living room, Elsa asked Cherry concerned, "Cherry, how is everything going with you nowadays? Wilson told me that you moved back to the villa, but what about Jackson?"

Wilson also looked at Cherry with a worried look on his face. He wanted to know how Cherry was getting along these days, and what was on her mind at the moment.

Cherry then looked at Jacob and then at Elsa. She said, "Jacob, mom, everything's alright, don't worry. Some of Jackson's friends have been helping him these days, and they have been handling everything perfectly well. There's no need for you to worry about anything."

Cherry paused for a moment, and then continued to say, "We moved to the compound because we wanted to take care of Andrew, but now that he passed away... Jackson and I had a talk, and we decided to move back into the villa."

"Jackson's already living in the villa now?" asked Jacob.

Cherry shook her head, and answered him, "No, there's still something that he needs to deal with, but he'll move back to live with us after he finishes with everything."

Jacob didn't say anything anymore, and Elsa just lowered her head, denoting that she somehow understood the situation. Now she knew how hard her daughter's life actually was after Andrew's departure.

While he was staring at Cherry, who was pretending to be strong, Wilson felt uneasy and sad. Why did his sister, a vulnerable woman with a child to care, had to put up with all those things right now? Wilson remembered that when Cherry was pregnant and living abroad alone, he had offered to stay with her so he could take care of her, but she had been very stubborn and hadn't accepted his help. Although she had reunited with Jackson, her life had still remained unchanged, and she was still living in toughness and bitterness. Why was God so unfair to her? What crime did she commit for all of this misfortune? Why did she have to suffer so much?

When she saw that the three of them had fallen silent, Cherry gave a little smile, and said, "Mom, Jacob, Wilson, you don't need to worry about me. I'm alright, really."

After she saw that Cherry put on her brave face for them, Elsa still felt very uneasy, and said, "Cherry, please tell me if you need any help. You know we're always here for you."

"Yes, we're family! There's no need to feel awkward if you want to ask us for help! No matter what trouble you're in, just tell us and we'll find a way out of it! Please don't struggle and put up with everything alone," said Jacob, who also felt morose when he saw Cherry's downcast look.

"Thank you, everyone, I will," replied Cherry. Their comforting words warmed her heart, and she was very grateful that she could count on them and have them by her side.

"Then what are you going to do next?" asked Wilson. He wanted to know what Cherry was actually thinking.

Cherry didn't try to conceal anything from them, and told them her real thoughts. "Maybe I'm going to go and look for a job. I can't stay at home all the time," she said.

"Do you lack money? I'll give you some if you don't have enough," quickly said Elsa.

"No, no, it's not that!" immediately denied Cherry, "I don't lack money, and what I have now is more than enough for me and Joe to be fine for a couple of years, but I'm just thinking that I can't stay at home all day long and just do nothing. I want to do something to fill the day and make myself busy, I want to live a fulfilling life!"

Wilson fell silent; he knew her very much, and wasn't surprised at all by what she said. She had never loafed her life away, because she had always enjoyed working to some extent. All that she wanted to do was to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life for her and her son with her own two hands.

Jacob nodded, and said, "Yes, that's true. You'll get bored if you stay at home day and night."

"Cherry, do you want to work in a company?" suddenly asked Wilson.

As she looked at Wilson, Cherry nodded.
A smile then crept on Wilson's face. "Okay, then you don't have to worry about looking for a job now," said Wilson.

Cherry was shocked. She stared at Wilson and wondered what he meant with his words.

Wilson continued to say, "I owned only part of my company before, the other shareholder was a friend of mine.

Recently, I've made some reorganizing, and picked out some subordinates that I need for my team. Now that I've set up my own company, and changed its name into the H King Group, I still don't have enough employees to fill everything in at the moment, so I was thinking that maybe you could come and help me. What do you say?"

"The H King Group?" Cherry couldn't believe her ears. She had thought that Wilson's company hadn't been doing too well, and that he only had partial control over the business. She had never thought that he would be able to start his own business one day.

"Yes, now your dear brother is the only boss of the H King Group. Come on, come and help me, okay?" said Wilson smiling.


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