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Season 4

Episode 84

(Brawling at the bar (2)

Rosa grabbed at Jackson's arm, as if they were intimate friends.

She whispered, "Mr. Jackson, I want to stay with you, may I?" Jackson fought the urge to push her away, although she was impolitely holding his arm.

Instead, he turned a furious glare to Rosa and demanded, "Don't - you - ever - touch - me - Again!" Rosa knew from the cold, slow way his words dripped and the sinister look in his eyes that Jackson was outrage. It terrified her so much and she quickly took her hands off Jackson.

Sally had just walked into the bar, and saw the scene between Jackson and Rosa. Mond, who had accompanied her, was looking around. He noticed her speeding off to one corner of the bar.

Mond followed Sally, unaware still why she had taken off. After all, they arrived together, so it was best for him to remain by her. He thought she must have seen some friends and wanted to say Hi to them.

Sally walked up to the table Jackson was sitting at and filled with loathing, yanked Rosa away from him.

Jackson saw Sally and was a bit surprised. Why would she be here? Why would she be pulling Joe's teacher up?

Sally kept her eyes fixed on Rosa, demanding, "Who the hell are you?"

Rosa was frightened at first, thinking it was Cherry who had angrily pulled her away, but when she turned and saw it was Sally, and not Jackson's wife at all, she wasn't afraid anymore.

"Who am I? Who are you? Who do you think you are to do this to me?" Rosa smacked Sally's hand away as she demanded in return.

"You bitch! How dare you to hit on Jackson!" Sally swore.

Rosa wasn't happy hearing Sally refer to Jackson by his first name as if they were close. It was said Jackson had no other lover, only his wife. So, then, who was this woman? She was dressed like any other typical upper-class lady. Who on Earth was she?

"What goes on between Mr. Jackson and I is none of your business! Who are you?" Rosa stared at Sally with hatred. If this woman wanted to fight her over Jackson, she had to win, whatever it cost.

"How dare you stand there, hitting on Jackson, and not know who I am!" Sally had no intentions of hiding her anger.

Anyone trying to get at Jackson would answer to her!

Rosa wanted to refute Sally's words, but she saw someone standing behind Sally, staring at Jackson. That confused Rosa even more and she was at a loss for words.

Jackson saw Mond too. He put his drink down and stood up.

A smile was on Mond's face as he looked at Jackson and said, "Hello, I'm surprised to find you here too, Mr. Jackson."

Mond put emphasis on his last two words, as if that was all he meant to say.
Jackson turned to Sally, said, "Did you two come together?"

"Yes, we passed by and wanted a cup of tea." Sally's voice was soft, almost a purr as spoke to Jackson. She looked around asking, "Did you come alone? Or are you with Derek? Where is Derek, if he came with you?"

Jackson didn't reply, because he was too furious. He just sat back down and started drinking again.

Sally didn't understand why Jackson was behaving this way. Was he angry?

Rosa saw how Jackson ignored Sally and knew he didn't like her.

Rosa sat back down too, leaning closely to Jackson, as if they were intimate friends. She said to Sally, "Now, do you get it? Jackson doesn't want to see you!"

Sally became outraged seeing Rosa's smug expression. This woman thought she was something! Sally couldn't bear Rosa challenging her like this.

Sally grabbed Rosa and yanked her up, shoving her away.

Sally's actions were unexpected, and Rosa fell backwards. Wine bottles that were sitting on the table toppled over, rolled off the table and shattered as they hit the floor.

"I told you, it doesn't matter if you fancy yourself in love with Jackson, you are nothing! Don't you ever think you can flaunt like that in front of me!" Sally said gruffly. She hadn't thought there could be others meddling when she took on Cherry as her deadly enemy. This women may have appeared to be more pure than Cherry, but Sally could tell Rosa was actually more cunning by her actions.

Compared to beating Cherry, tackling this woman might take longer.

Mond rolled his eyes at Rosa, who was sitting on the floor, and then glared angrily at Sally. He said, "Don't fight here! Take it outside."

Mond knew Sally was like a planet revolving around the Sun, so he knew what Sally planned as soon as he saw what was happening. Mond was tired of all the quarreling and fighting between women. So, Mond thought if Sally tackled Rosa somewhere else, away from him, it would that much better.

Sally and Rosa heard Mond. His simple words somehow frightened Rosa more, and she turned to Sally with fear in her eyes.

Sally reminded herself that if she didn't set an example now, there would be more and more women like Rosa, tempting Jackson.

With that, Sally dragged Rosa to her feet and away, saying, "If I don't teach you a lesson today and release my anger, how can I happily continue my life in the city?"


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