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Season 4

Episode 81

(The world of mother and Son (1)

Jackson headed downstairs after a while.

He walked into the dinning room, sat next to Cherry and called to Lily in the kitchen, "Lily, bring me a set of chopsticks, please."

Lily was happy that he came downstairs finally and gladly replied, "Of course, here you are."

Cherry silently continued eating her dinner, even though she knew that Jackson was sitting close to her.

Joe looked from his Mommy to his Daddy and knew from their expression, that they both had something on their minds, so he kept quiet. He was thrilled his Daddy was there for dinner because that meant his Daddy was moving past the sadness.

They finished their dinner in silence and when it was over Jackson went back upstairs again.

Cherry asked her son to go do his homework up in his room, and she would be right up, as soon as she finished helping Lily clear the table.

When she got to Joe's room, Cherry watched Joe doing homework while thinking about what Jackson had said to her. His decision had taken her by surprise, it wasn't something she ever thought he would tell her.

When Joe finished his homework, he looked at his Mommy who was sitting next to him in a trance and asked, "Mommy, is something on your mind?"

Cherry looked at him quickly after she heard his question. And she knew that Joe must see beyond her glazed look. He was very smart after all, and must have sensed that she was deep in thought.

So, she took a deep breath and started, "Joe."

Joe replied, "Yes. Mommy, what is it?" He knew his Mommy had something important to tell him.

Cherry hesitated for a long second, before she finally blurted out, "Maybe...I think we need to move back into the villa tomorrow."

Joe was confused why his Mommy said so, so he asked her, "Why do we have to move out, Mommy?" His thoughts raced through his mind, 'We're happy here.

There are a lot of kids here. I like living here. Why do we need to move out?' Cherry didn't want him to know the real reason. So, instead she explained, "Joe, I don't want to be here anymore. The environment isn't comfortable. So I decided to move back to the villa."

Joe knew his Mommy was sad, and even though she said they needed to move because she disliked the place, he knew it was because his Daddy said something to her. Before dinner, Mommy was upstairs for a long time, and they must have spoken, and now she was telling him they needed to move out tomorrow. Joe was smart enough to figure out it had to be a decision made by both his parents.

Joe didn't tell his Mommy what he was thinking. Instead, he just reached out his hand, and held his Mommy's hand, telling her, "Mommy, actually I know why we need to move, but, I'll follow you wherever you go. I'll stay with you always. Mommy!"

Cherry sighed with happy relief as she said, "Joe." She thought, 'At least I have my son. No matter how sad I am, I have to keep pushing forward. Because, I know he will always be with me.'

Joe remained quietly wrapped in his Mommy's arms. He knew she was quite upset. He knew Mommy and Daddy hadn't gotten along well lately, so he just let her hold him until she was feeling a little better.

Cherry tucked him in and when he fell asleep, she left his room.

When she got to her room, it was empty.

Jackson wasn't there. She wondered if he was in Andrew's room. Over the past few days, Jackson hadn't come to this bedroom. Every night, she went to sleep alone and lay there thinking about Jackson all night. Tonight was her last night here, and her husband was unwilling to be with her even now.

After taking a shower, she sat on the bed, read for a while and then lay down.

She couldn't sleep, tossing and turning. Suddenly, she heard the door open.

She flicked the lamp beside her on, and saw Jackson walking in.

Without a word, Jackson changed into pajamas and climbed into bed.

Cherry couldn't see his face, as he laid there with his back coldly to her.

"Jackson." She called to him, wrapping her arms around his waist, clinging tightly to him.

Jackson said nothing but pushed her arms off his waist.

Cherry was puzzled. Jackson came to sleep with her, but he didn't let her touch him? Was he still rejecting her?

Cherry didn't try to hold him again. She rolled over, squeezing the quilt between her hands as tears rolled down her cheeks. She thought of a sentence she had read, --'The furthest distance in the world is not the way from birth to the end. It is when I am right here with you, but you don't see me at all.'

Jackson lay there awake, hearing her sobbing quietly and knew she was crying.

After a while, he rolled over, put his arms around her and held her closely to him as usual.

Cherry felt Jackson's body heat, but continued to quietly cry.

Jackson felt a piercing in his heart, and a warm sensation spread through him. He wanted to be close to this woman and needed to feel her breath on him. He wanted to be near her all the time. However, he was so full of grief for Andrew that he ignored Cherry. It also tortured him everyday when he rejected Cherry.

Jackson stopped overthinking and murmured in her ear, "Baby, you should sleep now."



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